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Trump Blasted for Naming 'War Criminal' and Iran-Contra Convict Elliott Abrams as Iran Envoy

the extremist advocacy for trump and co by many, including you, and attacking people who see him as an existential threat is myopic crap.
Attacking Sanders, Chomsky, or blather about “vote shaming” and “true colors” and Bernie’s entire life was a fraud is incredible arrogance and stupidity - denigrating without any spelled-out agenda on the how to change are what trolls and either fools and those with an alternative agenda do.
Keep the BS deflections, we all know Hill was a threat and shite candidate and war criminal - all the other “Democrats” lumped together by trump supporter shills don’t alter that.
There is zero agenda spelled-out how to effect revolutionary change or elect progressive left reps to our broken system - just tearing-down and blaming dems we know were corrupt and warmongers and all the other failures and betrayals we have seen will in any way be fixed by 4 more years of trump and the republicons - that is astonishing You advocate nothing except that the Dems and Bernie are scum not worthy any consideration - and that trump really isn’t so bad or another 4 years will be a fuckin disaster!

I used to think there was some intelligent design behind the destructive comments - I am now bored and honestly know 4 morte years and we are proper fucked, and will remain silent no longer.


Next up, Steven Miller will be running the National Daycare Center, (yes I know no such animal exists).
Thanks CD for providing a true photo of Abrams, not one with a phony smile.


Maybe war with Iran is going to be the “October Surprise” Trump is going to come up with thinking he can use this as a way of staying in office. I know this seems like an extreme possibility but Trump is an extremely stupid, desperate psychopath who will try anything. And why is anyone surprised that one odious, sleazy corrupt, criminal piece of shit like Trump would install another corrupt, convicted criminal piece of shit like Abrams in such a position?


Donnie boy must have gotten the call from Tel Aviv. Line up change is in order. Iran must fall!


Yeah, but what do you really think?

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Contrast this criminal Elliot Abrams and all the other criminals –
including Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court – that Trump has
been graciously accorded thru collusion by DP …

with the total rejection of Obama’s pick - Merrick Garland/moderate-liberal –
by not even allowing a Hearing for 293 days – which also created a total
rejection of even Obama’s right to pick a nominee for the Supreme Court.

Where was the DP – where was their voice for the people?


I think the fallout from an “October surprise” War with Iran would be a surprise to Trump and the Reich. At this point it would disgust all but his most basic base, and would facilitate a huge voter turnout against him, the Military, and his GOP enablers.
I think attempting to create enough chaos to declare Martial Law and “suspend” (or control the elections using his Storm Troopers) is more likely. Maybe another (9/11 type false flag?)


Your allegiance to a 2-party farce is what got you Trump. Own it.

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Is there any reason to believe that this murdering war-monger would not be welcome in a Biden administration? His career of ‘service’ promoting Amerikan imperialism-at-the-end-of-a-gun served neo-cons of both parties.

If Biden would come out and denounce Abrams and everything he stands for, and open the possibility of turning him over to the ICC, he just might earn my vote.


" My allegiance" “Own it”? . Typical BS diversions that say nothing about your allegiances and agenda - we are living in a two-party manipulated system like it or not - I do not - You have read enough of my beliefs to know that attack is crap!
The corruption of the duopoly and MSM, and electoral college are central and must change that to change utterly the rot of government as it has existed. Just blathering how bad Bernie and Noam are is futile BS - the HOW is the issue which you and others ignore! trump trolls supporters? Maybe…


Thank you, yes, and how do we support Israel’s nuclear capabilities, but allow their neighbors no nuclear defenses? No one should have these weapons, but if your regional neighbor, hostile to your existence, has them, how are you not going to think you need them? And who is the US, the only country that has ever used weapons of mass destruction against civilian populations, to decide who can have them and who cannot?


More proof Republicans are the embodiment of stupidity and death; not that we need more proof.


Need a mute button for buffoons like the buffoon you replied to. You know someone’s a useful pawn idiot when they’re against Bernie.


This man is the architect of Ronald Reagan’s Dirty Wars. He is evil. Stephen Miller is his ideological stepson. (They are of the same religious faith, and I wonder how that faith informs their criminal acts.) The corporate MSM give him a free ride in their coverage. He should be serving life for war crimes.

But I’m sure TrumpTowerofBullshit and a host of other fascist shills and trolls on these boards will find a way to blame Elliot Abrahms on the Democrats.


THANK YOU EMPHYRIO! I’ve been trying to call out these Trump SHILLS for awhile now but felt like a lone voice in the wind. These trolls are operatives for sure!

“I used to think there was some intelligent design behind the destructive comments - I am now bored and honestly know 4 morte years and we are proper fucked, and will remain silent no longer.”

Boredom is the last emotion on my mind when reading the shite these anti-Democrat (as in a member of the Democratic Party) trolls spew; the incessant slamming of Democrats has me enraged at those f–kers.
I have called for the staff at Common Dreams to suspend TrumpTowerof Babel’s account. That shill does NOTHING but spin every single political article, no matter how clearly it reports REPUBLICAN MALFEASANCE into an anti-Democratic screed. They must be on the fascists payroll.


Steve, we don’t have time for the finer points of backstabbing the opposition right now.

The time for silently accepting divisive voices is past =- I am too bored and too actually angry with their line of trashing genuine people like Bernie and Noam Chomsky.- I also see the DP as a corrupt tool of the status quo that must be changed, replaced or smashed! I see 4 more years of trump as an existential threat. Art the same time we must redouble efforts to elect progressive/left candidates of integrity and honor.



!00% agreed. The trashing of Chomsky is proof to me at least some of them are fascist trolls working for the enemy.
Another indicator is when they write the “Democrat Party” which is a well known slur against the Democratic Party, and something one finds only coming for hard right elements.