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Trump Blasts Into a New Frontier...for War

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/05/13/trump-blasts-new-frontierfor-war

Just wait till the cannon fodder discover that the AF choice for camoflage uniforms in 2021 (yes, in the USAF) is to make them invisible to the rest of society from the start so that by the time they are veterans, they will have been disappeared from the start. institutionalized “there ain’t no there there”. Just ask veterans already been there done that - save for a few years of propagandized two steps before they got disappeared. Manufacturing consent to be lemmings marching into the abyss. You cannot make this $#!t up.


With a completely corrupt MORON as president this is what we get.(sort of)!

I understand how the US came to have five (and counting!) separate branches of military service, but at some point we’ll have to have a conversation about merging them–for cost-saving purposes, if for no other reason. Simplifying chain of command and logistics would seem to be both desireable and feasible. Of course, a reduction in the number of senior officers and consolidating a great many personal fiefdoms would be fought bitterly, but that mustn’t be a reason not to try.

Ultimately, the goal of closing down most (if not all!) of the US’s overseas bases and repatriating the troops must be at the root of any efforts at military reform.

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for that we need Bernie (with the chip removed from his brain)

As awful as the scumbag is, he’s the only modern POTUS who hasn’t started a war (killed off a rather lot of US citizens though…)

YET! Trump has both Iran and Venezuela on his wars radar screen.