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Trump Blasts "So-Called Judge" as DHS Submits by Halting Muslim Ban


Trump Blasts "So-Called Judge" as DHS Submits by Halting Muslim Ban

Jon Queally, staff writer

Even as President Donald Trump lashed out at a federal court ruling issued Friday by labeling the federal judge who ordered it a "so-called judge," the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) on Saturday morning said it was suspending all enforcement of the controversial executive order on immigration that sparked outrage nationwide.


The AG in Washington State filing to overturn Trump's executive, travel ban order and the Judge's ruling in his favor, has to be one hell of a blow to DT's ego! We know Trump will not let this order stand, even if his anger foments a Constitutional crisis, but it seems to me, that may be a good thing as that would make a strong case for impeachment.


This "so called" ( by Trump ) Federal Judge is actually working in the Public Interest, unlike some other "so called" Departments.


It was clear during the campaign from the start that Trump was speaking as if there was no Congress or courts. He ran as a dictator. I know the gridlock in Washington is very frustrating but do we really want things to move faster by having a dictatorship? It can't get anymore un-American than that but apparently tens of millions of Americans would prefer a dictator because they voted for him.


New meme: "So-called President"

;-D "Heil to the so-called chief!"


The GOP refusing to allow a vote on Merrick Garland was just the first in a series of failure of electeds to fullfill responsibilities essential to a functioning democracy. It worked so well that it will be the rule, not the exception as long as we are stuck with King D. and the GOP controlled Congress.

Note that Judge Robart was appointed by Dubya, not some commie, pinko, terrorist loving Democrat, so King D, and his gunners (Conway and Spicer for example) will have a harder time blaming the Clintons and Obamas for this ruling, although they will certainly make every effort to do so.


It is a sad and frightening day when we have to wait and see if the DHS and the State Dept. will honor a ruling or not.


This is what happens when you "elect" someone who didn't pay attention in civics class in school.


Eggs Actly, {apologies to R. Crumb) The more constitutional no-no's he makes the better the chances our timid Congress can start the impeachment process.


Why is it that only one federal judge had the guts to stand up to the Tin Pot Dictator?


Have any other judges had a case requiring such a decision?


One federal judge so far... It always starts with one, and courage is contagious.


"So-called" judge is really rich, coming from a "so-called" president


Yes, impeachment. I understand that agents are sending them back anyway because he called the judges so called judges. This so called president needs not only to be impeached but to put in an insanassylum.


There have been several I understand, but officials are still sticking to the ban. He is above the law.


Our congress is timid. At least when Noxon was impeached, they were not so much.


His only classes probably were in how to make money and how to assault women.


Heard a guy ( from the South) saying that he was gearing to vote for him in 2020 and he was telling his friends to do so also.


Most of Trump's supporters buy his attack on facts and will therefore vote for him in 2020. We can publish and broadcast 100 facts a day that contradict Trump and most of his base will consider us as siding with the enemy, since Trump has succeeded in making facts as threatening an enemy as all of the other enemies Trump has identified.

Short of the Democrats running somebody who is not simply a lesser evil and whom voters actually want to vote for, or a third party candidate at least equal to Ross Perot, Trump will have an easy ride to re-election in 2020.


The blame for Trump's election belongs squarely with both the Republican and Democratic leadership for putting up two of the shittiest candidates in US history. For decades both parties have scared the bejeezus out of their bases about the other Party, while making it next to impossible for alternative parties to rise. These two Parties own the voting public, whom they've convinced that the only democratic duty a citizen has is to vote (either Democratic or Republican) every 2 years. For my entire lifetime, candidates have become less and less interesting, innovative, independent, intelligent, and knowledgeable about actual solutions. Democrats and Republicans in lockstep are responsible for the election of Donald Trump, not the voters (who actually voted for Clinton).