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Trump Blasts "So-Called Judge" as DHS Submits by Halting Muslim Ban

But encouraging to learn they are. What’s discouraging is that the “professionals” ever began to implement the order.


It’s a matter of citizens with standing (suffering identifiable harm from the order) bringing complaints. Note that it was universities in WA and MI that brought the successful actions, regarding students stopped from returning to class.

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It’s also discouraging that Yates was fired, apparently for knowing the law.

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Trump regime and R’Con extremist criminals take notice! The force of the people and truth will not be denied for long!
R’Con repressive and/or extremist legislation now being considered (or passed) in many states will be opposed by the people/voters and overturned by the courts…eventually!

As a political appointee, Yates would have been replaced at any moment, and certainly would have been fired as soon as Sessions was confirmed. I’m just glad she took the stand, made the point, and brought the first official resistance to the order.


Published on Feb 3, 2017
A federal judge has ruled that the rules of participation in presidential debates are unfair. ‘Level the Playing Field’ won a recent legal case against the Federal Election Commission, who they successfully argued had used unfair criteria to decide which presidential candidates were allowed to participate in the debates. RT America correspondent Ashlee Banks has the story.


Jerry Falwell Jr. Asked to Lead Trump Higher Education Task Force

Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr., one of the nation’s most prominent evangelical Christian leaders, has been asked to head a White House task force on reforming the U.S. higher education system, the Virginia college told NBC News on Tuesday night.

More here: http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/jerry-falwell-jr-asked-lead-trump-education-task-force-n715116

Admittedly a bit off topic …
Unless the topic is “More Of Our So-Called President’s Destructive Behavior”


Our part time ‘So-called President’, part time ‘Real Estate Developer’, full time ‘King-in-his-own-Mind’, is approaching a point of no return. He is poking for a fight, from everyone. I do hope he gets his own private little war, with only one casualty.


2020 is a long way away in some ways. Given the chaos Trump has created in just 2 weeks, it seems doubtful he will last that long, whether is impeached or just quits because he doesn’t get his way all the time. With his thin skin and brazen contempt for ‘so called laws and judges’ I really don’t see him lasting that long.

Yet that leaves us with Pence, and he could certainly be re-elected if there is no one ‘good’ to vote for.

Now that’s good news! But will MSM even report it? Oh, maybe they won’t have to. A new higher court judge appointed by His Orangeness will probably overturn it.

The main reason Trump won is a lot of Americans agreed with him. They don’t like the rise of multiculturalism in the US and they they don’t like Islam and and fear Muslims. They also don’t trust the media, they don’t trust academics, and they don’t trust politicians. They believe that those people they regard as the elite have abandoned them. They disregard automation as being the main cause of their losing jobs and believe the main cause is jobs lost to China and Mexico. They don’t believe in climate change or if they do, they don’t believe that humans are the main cause. They are angry that they have lost jobs because of affirmative action. They associate African Americans with violence and think the government has paid too much attention to the needs of African Americans and not enough to the needs of whites. They don’t like Obamacare. More than anything they do not like non-whites immigrating to the US and believe everyone who came here illegally should be deported back to where they came from.

I think the main reason Trump won is that people wanted change. I think Bernie would have won in a landslide if he had been allowed to win the nomination, because he also represented change, the type of change most people really want. The reason Trump is our president is that the powers that be insisted on Hillary Clinton, who personifies the status quo and is one of the most hated people in the United States, as the Democratic candidate.


Yes, in my dreams, would love to see Delirium Tremens evicted and frog marched out of our house in a straight-jacket and committed to a home for the mentally insane before he ends up killing is all!

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Err, how many opportunities have there been?

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I was hoping to see a number of F.J’s all at once yell out, “Trumps a lying tin pot dictator!,” regarding this case. Sorry, I thought it would have been obvious.:wink:

It’s been studied that the “Conservative”-like mindset does not respond to Facts, so much, as Emotion.

This is one reason Corporate Talk Radio has been such an effective Propaganda Tool.

To say nothing of “Fire and Brimstone”.

They knew that Bernie had both, and didn’t want him anywhere near the mic, if they could help it.

Martin had it, and they surely kept him away from the mic, permanently. (…and JFK, and Bobby, and Marley etc.)


Nixon wasn’t actually impeached; Congress blessed him with a ‘come-to-Jesus-moment’ and tricky dick realized he wasn’t quite tricky enough so he resigned.

I think the majority of people were satisfied with the status quo, that is one reason that Hillary got several million more votes than Bernie and almost three million more than Trump, who won of course in the electoral college. The majority of Americans live in metropolitan areas and in general they were fairly pleased with the way things were going under Obama. Both Trump and Sanders got their main support in rural areas where people certainly did want change, although it is mindless not to have some idea of what kind of change you want. Simply wanting change for the sake of change is just plain stupid. But I think in general the type of change voted for was sort of a return to the society similar to the 1950s before the civil rights legislation, before the hippies, and before the influx of millions of Hispanics. And with a lot of good paying factory jobs as well. Many people still do not accept the changes that have taken place over the last 50 years. In a way, what they want is to put change in reverse.

So, where should one start, with the “pilgrims” or with the “Mayflower” contingent?

(I am not claiming that you support the idea of deporting all non-whites).


It seems that your so-called President, Herr Twittler, has forgotten the lesson learned by the British monarchy in 1649, the French monarchy in 1793, the Russian monarchy in 1917 and Adolf Hitler in 1945.

The King is not the Law.