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Trump 'Blatantly Backs Gerrymandering' in Call for GOP to Fight New PA Maps


Trump 'Blatantly Backs Gerrymandering' in Call for GOP to Fight New PA Maps

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Shortly after the Pennsylvania Supreme Court on Monday issued a new congressional map that eliminates the state GOP's partisan gerrymander, President Donald Trump implored Republicans to challenge the new district lines, arguing that the original map—which the state's highest court said "clearly" violates the constitution—"was correct."


In an odd way djt may be the best thing that ever happened to America, the flaws are coming out in spades for “we the people” to correct. From gerrymandering to gun laws and beyond. We can see clearly now all of the ripe abuses brought on by the corrupt system and fight back. We can fight back to what is Constitutional. Country over party.


My take on the election of Donald Trump is use by backers of Citizens United (predatory corporate interests that have designed a collapse to benefit their intensified predation) to make his mouth[piece] a grater of all human communications and his cabal the builders of ‘holding pens’.

The term ‘neo-feudalism’, increasingly raised, is probably one of the most salient baselines in recognizing what We The People are protecting against. Amazing to take in retrospect the poisoning and rape of the planet by these bludgeoning monsters.
Chris Hedges nailed it yesterday


My question is since SCOTUS said they would not intercede in the matter, could the Repugs still take their case to federal district court and up to the appellate court, if they so chose? I hope not, but I don’t know enough facts on what tricks the Repugs may still have in their bag.


“Country over party.” ???
I don’t understand. What do you mean?

Stop speaking gibberish.


gerrymandering (present participle)
manipulate the boundaries of (an electoral constituency) so as to favor one party or class.
The effort to achieve a result by manipulating the boundaries of an electoral constituency:
“a total freedom to gerrymander the results they want.”

Historically it was a strategy for corrupt political parties to cheat their way into being elected as the majority. party in specific districts when without gerrymandering they did not have the majority of voters within the original map districts. Historically both parties have used gerrymandering, so there is no holier than thou position historically. But undoubtedly it would the Trumpenstein monster Republicans that would impose gerrymandering to win over districts in the new ways the draw up district boundary lines.


I get what you are saying Ditton. Because in the end there is no Republican or Democrat, there is only haves and have nots. They divide and conquer the people so easily, and they start with this false choice between two parties, both with allegience to the same masters…the haves. Once you realize that it all is a smoke screen and that is and always has been the rich against everyone else, everything begins to make a lot more sense.


I totally agree and Hedges did indeed nail it yesterday.


One thing I have learned is that there is always another way for these fascists. If there isn’t, they make one. They are absolutely relentless, and keep pushing. They never give up and they test the boundaries constantly seeking advantage. It is one of the things that make them so formidable.


:slight_smile: surely you jest…


Thanks :slight_smile:


Not that I expect either the D or the R wing of the capitalist party to take up the cause on our behalf, adding greatly to our curent number of representatives (435, set when the US population was less than a third of what it is today) would make both gerrymandering and bribery—er, campaign financing—much more difficult and expensive.


Yes. The political spectrum isn’t left to right, it’s top to bottom.


The fate of American democracy was sealed with the implementation of the Patriot Act and the NDAA. Both documents are designed to dismantle/override the US Constitution and were pushed through Congress with the help of Democrats. Without the Constitution We the People are subject to the despotism of government. Fascism in the US didn’t start with 45. He and his henchmen are just the blatant face of unadulterated fascism…


The fate of U.S. Democracy was sealed with the original U.S. Constitution which created a bourgeois republic based on the triple ideology of patriarchy, white supremacy and property ownership. Since then, the triple ideology is made more concrete by the day and the U.S. has degenerated into a global capitalist empire that is more violent than any empire the World has ever seen.


I agree, and from my perspective overt, fascism in the US, started with the coup in November, 1963 and with the subsequent illegal war in Vietnam that murdered 58,000 American soldiers ( not to mention an estimated 2 million Vietnamese) for a fascist lie and the fascists responsible never indicted for war crimes. But of course, that would mean indicting, for war crimes, all but two Senators that voted for the Gulf of Tonkin lie.


I think that making about people i.e. “the rich”, instead of about a society and system i.e. capitalism, is to dangerously bark up entirely the wrong tree.

If you read the enormous volume of work by Marx and Marxist writers after him, they write about systems, and working class resistance to the system, not the individuals who are merely doing what humans are compelled to do by that system.


Gerrymandering is one of the most insidious attacks on democracy. It is a pure power play which does not respect fairness or justice. It demoralizes the populace which is manipulated and gives us an imbalanced government which has been proven to take us further into corruption. The republicans have specialized in this during their revolution which has lasted since 1980. Democrats are capable of this kind of thing as well but they seem to have been the victims of the most recent efforts. This needs to stop. Anyway supporting this is an enemy of democracy and the best interests of the people of this country. This is the time to end the neo-liberal revolution of 1980-2018.


In the last election, Pennsylvanians voted for Democratic house candidates, in aggregate, over Republicans ones 54% to 46% - even with the Trump coat-tail effect - it is normally more like 60-40 Democrat. Yet, the Pennsylvania US House delegation for the last three congresses has been 13 Republicans and only 5 Democrats. That’s the power of gerrymandering.

Yet, even with this re-drawn map, the Democrats will probably only gain 2 seats, or 3 if the (indistinguishable-from-Republican) Connor Lamb manages to pull off a win in the 18th district in the March special election. And, the congressional delegation will still not reflect the voters.

So what are the Republicans complaining about?


And guess which ideological hand, going back to Marx, makes empowering the “bottom” i.e. the working class who must sell their sweat for a pittance, their raison d’etre?

So, rather than reject the concept of the political left, maybe the problem is that the US’s uniquely bad political system locks out the left?