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Trump Booed at Davos After Tirade About 'Mean, Vicious, Fake' Media


Trump Booed at Davos After Tirade About 'Mean, Vicious, Fake' Media

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Shortly following a relatively tempered speech (by his standards) at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland on Friday, President Donald Trump veered from the script during a brief question-and-answer session, launching into a tirade against the "vicious" and "fake" press—a rant for which he was promptly booed by some attendees.


Trump is such a fucking imbecile. His con artist act may play well with millions of brain addled US citizens, but to the rest of the world he is nothing but a laughing stock, albeit a dangerous one with his tiny brain and his tiny hands controlling a button bigger than the one Kim Jong Un has. An amoeba has more intelligence than Trump.


US$5 to the first one to throw a shoe. Double for a direct hit.


Sorry, Don, we’re just not into you,


Yeah, right, trump’s attempted firing early-on of Special Council Mueller, just reported/exposed by WAPO and the NYT is called “fake news” by the fake prez…trump’s constant blathering about “fake news” that isn’t, and is repeatedly proven not, displays his ignorance and stupidity - similar to the boy who cried “wolf!” who was never believed again…until the shite hit the fan - what a tool…


Of course the word FAKE is Trump’s favorite and the only one he can spout on cue. He is the epitome of psychological projection. FAKE president. FAKE brain. FAKE billionaire. FAKE marriage. FAKE genius. FAKE human. FAKE christian. Everything about Trump is FAKE.


Nobody loves me, everybody hates me, guess I’ll go eat worms.


In the meantime, back in the States, the heroic press mostly continue to kiss his ass. All the while he abuses and calls them names. Some kind of sick masochist shit.


As long as the majority of the tv and print media is owned by corporate interests, that will not change.


I was wondering if you and your buddy were awake yet… Psssst, there’s a story about your other buddy, Sleazy Sean Hannity that you haven’t commented on yet. Better get going and earn your rubles.


Yo! Donny’s stirring up the concrete for those itty bitty booties lined up by the rest of the gang for the quick trip to the bottom of the river, ya know - out beyond the wetlands in Joisey. OOOOhh, Donnys making like real smart kinda bein absent in those parts 'cause the break watah down there is gettin ready to get tall - pretty fffin quick.


“Fake news” is simply licence to his imbecile followers to ignore anything bad about him. If it’s good, the media got it right, if it’s bad, they’re ‘fake media’. Hitler and his henchmen as well as Stalin called it the Luegenpresse. (lying press). Great role models…


Trump as always was talking to his base. Millions of Americans believe the press is a liberal conspiracy and agree with Trump. The people at the Davos meeting must be dumbfounded on how Trump ever go elected. One clue is fake news posts on Facebook and fake news tweets on Twitter by Russians and Americans. If you want to see fake news look in social media, not the press.


Well-said. I would just like to add that he is a douche-nozzle of titanic proportions. But we know this.


Trump is following Hitler’s playbook, this is obvious, and terrifying. He’s not just to be regarded as some stupid oaf, as he is dangerous to the nth degree.

And to those calling him a mere puppet? That is a dangerous dismissal of the power that Trump himself holds.


Yeah, you said it.

He’s Mafioso, hes Mr. Bigly.




Yea, this isn’t Sesame Street. He’s not the Cookie Monster or Oscar the Grouch. Anyone who goes to the website of the Southern Poverty Law Center should be able to see that there is a strong white nationalist movement in this country and that among the 17 candidates in the Republican primary Trump was the only one who reflected their views. It took awhile for them to really trust him but eventually they did. For a long time for some weird reason Trump has imagined himself running for president. Rather than acting like a politician in the primary he just acted like himself which just happened to be the type of person the white nationalist wanted. A strong male authoritarian figure who did not hide his racism.


But, unfortunately, his base believes everything that he says. Consequently, they neither accept or believe truth any more. He is magnifying the suspicion and paranoia that already controls their thinking, and directs their actions. The World watches in fear and disbelief, as an already dangerous and powerful nation rapidly becomes unhinged.


They troll us. They bait us. They are experts. They are “master baiters”.