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Trump Booed for Reminding GOP of Bush's 9/11 Failure and Iraq War Lies


Trump Booed for Reminding GOP of Bush's 9/11 Failure and Iraq War Lies

Jon Queally, staff writer

The loudest boos of the Republican presidential debate in South Carolina on Saturday night came as billionaire real estate mogul and media personality Donald Trump reminded the audience that President George W. Bush, in fact, did not "keep us safe" on 9/11 and that when talking about the 2003 invasion of Iraq it's important to remember that the central premise used by his administration was a lie.

"Obviously the war in Iraq was a big, fat mistake, all right?” said Trump. "George Bush made a mistake, we can make mistakes. But that one was a beauty."


Any time Trump distorts the truth no one bats an eye ... now, he finally makes an accurate statement and the Grand Old Posse goes batsh*t crazy. Greatest country in the world, yeah right.


Yes the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan were crimes. And no one was held accountable.
Another crime was the lack of an investigation and the destruction of evidence of the (allegedly) worst terrorist attack on US soil, 9/11. Who was GWB protecting by finally allowing only a crippled investigation?
All of the war criminals (Kissinger, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Cheney, and Obama should be held accountable for their crimes.


Well Jeb and Rubio are trying to elevate George W. to great heights, while Hillary is trying to turn Obama into a Messiah.


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How about Bushy acting like a first grader "my daddy is the best in the world". I guess we have to thank Donny for that one. Guess what Jeb, Americans don't want a royal family, even one as exemplary as the war loving Bushies!


I got the impression that Trump was backing off his statement about Bush lying on the Sunday morning talk shows but his statement during the debate was clear.


I'd just like to remind Mr. Trump that 911 was George W. Bush's greatest success.



Oh Common Dreamers it begins! Like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes of certain destruction, JEB! begins his ascent to the Republican nomination and is assisted by "The Donald" in doing so. Oh JEB!, do a NIxon and promise to "bring us together".

Family motto: (with apologies to Rene' Descart) "We spend other people's money, therefore we win"

As for the Bush Dynasty, may I recommend a family theme song:

The Surfin' Bird--Give it a listen, then have a Coke (the kind you drink not the kind you snort or smoke!) and a smile!


For all his faults, Trump spoke the truth about Iraq and 9/11. When Jeb cried like a little baby about Trump attacking his family, he showed his true colors. It is way past time that the Bush crime family should be exposed and the fact that a fellow Republican is doing it on a national stage is good.

When Trump was asked about all the boos, I thought he had a great answer when he said the debate audience was full handpicked lobbyists and Jeb supporters. True or not....great answer!


Well thanks for posting that video C.D.. Very funny watching the clown show.


definitely accelerated the surveillance and military machine


Jeb sounds like the perfect guy to take us into WW3 with Russia and China. His father killed hundreds of thousands in Iraq. His brother killed up to a million Iraq's. And how many Billions is Jeb going to murder if he becomes President.


Finally some truth telling from the political class. Don't hear hear Bernie or Hillary talking like this.


The fascist, Bush crime family goes clear back to Prescott Bush, so remember they think like criminals and psychopaths with no conscience, so when Jeb says his Dim Son brother kept us safe he is speaking from personal considerations and from his nihilistic perspective, he means his brother kept the BUSH CRIME FAMILY SAFE!


There's a lot of neocon denial out there about the utter disaster their policies have been. And that doesn't include only what Bush did.


"You want the truth, you can't handle the truth."


My wife is rather liberal, in that she demanded that I watch the Republicans just to see what they say. Love makes one humble-said Sigmund Freud, and whatever, so I watched.

The Donald launched into Republican conspiracy theory land when he said that the audience was packed with Bushies and they were coached beforehand so that they were all willing to boo whenever the dog whistle was blown. Well, maybe half of the audience was in fact well-coached. Reminds me of Igor (Marty Feldman) saying the name "Frau Blucher" one more time just to hear the horses scream on cue in "Young Frankenstein".

The real story here is that two Republicans want to win so badly that they'll finally drag the really scary skeletons out of the closet.

Was George W. Bush an alcoholic and a bumbler in the White House, with essentially Republican idiots for military advisors? Meh. Was Israel in fact tracking the 9/11 hijackers for days before they took action, but not telling the U.S.?


Last night was the first time I ever watched a republican debate.
There were about two minuets of what Trump said where I thought he was doing a Bernie Sanders imitation.
Too bad the rest of what he said made no sense.


Good report, Jon, on the GOP debate, which I didn't watch. I'm glad someone watched it for this review.

Forgive me, but I laughed my way through Jeb Lund's remarks. His analysis is funny! Comically true!

Shared some of the report with my wife, incl Trump's criticisms and Lund's analysis; this is a Valentine's Day gift to readers!