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Trump Bringing Familiar Politics of Division to Pennsylvania Coal Country

Trump Bringing Familiar Politics of Division to Pennsylvania Coal Country

Jamie Longazel

This week—on Thursday August 2—President Trump will host a rally for U.S. Senate Candidate Lou Barletta in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania. Barletta, a Trump loyalist, was one of the first people in Congress to endorse Trump’s presidential bid and has voted to the president’s liking 97.7% of the time.

Barletta is challenging incumbent Democratic Senator Bob Casey, who comes from Pennsylvania political royalty, in a race that will surely draw comparisons to the Trump/Clinton battle for Pennsylvania in 2016.

As a new resident of Pennsylvania, I have been surprised to find that many in the working class here are skeptical of any benefits this administration says they are sharing as a result of the Tax “Giveaway to the Rich” Bill.

Voting for either of the two halves of the Uni-Party is a hard habit to break for any life-longer, especially those who are poorly educated, unable to access the truth from media, or those that are heavily influenced by family and friends.

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Yes, but nobody should be voting for any other reason than strategic or tactical. We are is a far, far worse place right now because of so many people on the left thinking that voting is intended to be an act of personal catharsis, or some kind of self-righteous one-person protest that nobody will hear.

We are in a far, far worse place right now because of decades of lesser-evilism, which resulted in None Of The Above being the runaway winner in 2016.

With the understanding that the system is rigged against any meaningful public participation, I’ll continue to vote for the candidates who most closely reflect my principles. If that seems like “self-righteous protest” or “personal catharsis” to you, maybe you need to re-evaluate your strategy and/or tactics.


Thank you G for saying that voting for a Democrat in the next election is not a forgone conclusion.


Nor is it a moral imperative.
Nor is it a guarantor of relief for the 99%.


As I’ve stated in another reply a big part of the reason Trump has such a loyal base among white, working class voters is that HE TURNS UP AND TALKS TO THEM.

Obama won many of these same voters TWICE by using what method? Oh yeah, going out to meet them and listen.

Clueless Democrats blame it on racism or misogyny but remain blind to the fact that their arrogance and open disdain for the same white, working class voters that used to be the bedrock of the party is what turned a lot of people off, including me.