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Trump Brings on Billionaire Bruiser Carl Icahn to Gut Government Regulations


Trump Brings on Billionaire Bruiser Carl Icahn to Gut Government Regulations

Nika Knight, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump has selected yet another billionaire for his cabinet: infamous corporate raider Carl Icahn will advise Trump on his sweeping plans to dismantle government regulations, it was announced late Wednesday.


"while failing to acknowledge regulatory benefits, which include
preventing consumer rip-offs, protecting the air and water, making our
food and water safer, and much more."

Ah, who needs any of that stuff?

Here we go, Reagan's Golden Shower Trickle Down economics--the war against the middle class and poor at full throttle, balls to the walls.


Another example of the successful grift that Dump pulled on his marks. Carl Ichan is a real life Gordon Gecko.


Absent our federal and state governments to protect us, we will simply need to enforce the regulations ourselves. We will use, let's just say, direct means to force compliance. They will be far more effective than just paperwork, permits, citations, and fines.


Dilbert from 26 years ago...
I guess Donald Trump is now officially a God just like Ronald Reagan.


I can see it now:
"Excuse me flight attendant - I don't think that this plane is safe to fly"
Right before the TSA goons come and drag you off the plane for making threats against the American Empire.


If Trump voters don't push back on this Trump appointment there will be no shadow of doubt how brain dead they are.

Icahn was the foremost icon (no pun intended) of corporate raiding during the 80s that took control of viable manufacturing operations, broke them up, fired the workforce and gave offshoring the critical mass needed to doom the rust belt.

Read Connie Bruck's 1988 THE PREDATORS BALL for details and also to see the list of the other 1980s predators who are likely to receive key Trump appointments, one of whom is likely to be king of fraud Michael Milkin who attempted to bribe Bruck not to write the book.


Trump promised to do away with regulations during his campaign so this looks like one campaign promise that he intends to fulfill. This is one on the things that his supporters believe will lead to more and better jobs. Before the first Earth Day and the environmental laws that were subsequently passed there was no way to defend against pollution except for individuals to sue. The Democrats have fought to force and strengthen environmental laws for years against Republican opposition. Trump and Icahn will not simply be able to do away with environmental regulations. Attorneys general in a number of liberal states are ready to go to court to make sure that the agencies enforce the regulations on the books. Environmental organizations will surely do the same. They have had many successes in the past. This will be long hard fight but to protect our air and water from being polluted it must be won. One of the most important things for citizens to do is to contribute money to environmental organizations that are willing to take the Trump administration to court to protect the environment.


Many state government are going to protect us. But I fear not all of them. I have confidence in my state but I can think of some states where I would be really concerned.


Or...the spawn of the Devil, along with his following of demons...


Every posting everywhere that I have read about how to counter Trump could not be further from the mark. Indeed, those postings play right into the plans for elitist control because their focus is wholly misdirected as they fail to see Trump for what he is, namely, a symptom or a harbinger, not a result or some kind of endgame for a phase of America's history. Not that he isn't dangerous for surely he is. But if not Trump it would be someone else. Nope, the real threat is the ongoing, accelerating impact of the technological revolution that daily is eliminating jobs that will never come back, including, for example, lawn care service providers, checkout clerks in retail stores, driverless trucks, vehicle insurers and those who depend on them like repair shops, just to start. Within two decades hundreds of thousands of people in these occupations--maybe millions--will be out of work, replaced by robots or printed circuits, and what will become of them and the rest of us? The upset and civil unrest we are witnessing in the aftermath of our election is minuscule compared to what awaits our society. And no opposition political movement to rid ourselves of this fate will ever be realized, which means our future is not only wholly problematic (uncertain), but likely murderously violent. Nicotine, diet soda, junk food, all effective but too slow. Nuclear war too messy and wasteful, and not sufficiently selective. What's in your wallet? What will you do to endure? It's coming. Bet on it.


The right wing Trump voter/supporter morons STILL believe that old fable that by giving corporations more tax breaks, gutting regulations,etc. they will actually get a nice big fat bonus and or raise. Will they ever learn?


Or we can rely on the goodness of the corporations to do it for us.:joy:


Many Trumpeters I talk to believe that billionaires have so much money (compared to the mere multimillionaires who have previously occupied the oval office) that they do not need to extort us and corrupt the system, despite billionaires' track records serially confirming the opposite. Most made their billions via corruption and extorting us.

Trump voters' naivete will surely be tested when the Trump billionaires prate ship sails January 20.


Trump must be digging very deep in the swamp to dredge up these creatures.


Don't you think it is time for regular disruptive "meetups" in these billionaires' neighborhoods, or better at their corporate offices, favorite restaurants, etc.

Peaceful of course, however the havoc and misery these greedy jerks intentionally project on millions for their own benefit is nothing of the sort.

Depriving them of their high priced creature comforts seems like a just cause.


" The real threat is ongoing".

I agree. Trump is not the disease, he is a symptom of the disease. The only antidote to this miasma is to not eradicate the symptoms but to eradicate the disease itself so it cannot occur again.


While definitely no Trump man, it is important we do not fall headlong into the trap of completely opposing the revision of regulations. When we rabidly jump on that bandwagon, we too become guilty of inaccuracies, and even the same corruptions we accuse the Big Orange of.
Clearly, if we got down to specifics, we could find useless, counterproductive regulations that do not benefit the public while costing taxpayers and corporations a lot of money. When we discover these, why not welcome removing those false regulatory burdens?
But of course, we will also find many regulations that do benefit the public. The removal of these laws must be challenged vigorously!
Unfortunately, because America has been ruled for decades by a corporatocracy that staffs agencies with corporate yes-people, ensuring regulation functions poorly and wastefully, we should recognize that the problem is a lot deeper than just a Trump phenomenon. Our regulatory system is an undermined system - that's ground zero.
Until we enforce our democratic rights to have accountable and transparent regulation, the debacle will continue with regulation run by corporate warriors at our expense. And until the laws are in place that make it pay massively to exercise undemocratic rule (fines & jail time), we are a long way from democratic reality. Since it is almost impossible to access the accurate information that indicts the authoritarian regime, it is clear where we need to start.
In summary - it is accurate to claim regulation is both useless and useful. It depends on the specific regulation.
Be intelligent- be accurate and demand democracy.


Don't forget boycotts of their products.


"Reuters reports that Icahn will be a "special advisor," and not a government employee." Why would he work for gov't at low wages when he can advise and charge millions?