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Trump Brings US and Iran to Brink of War With Crisis He CreatedCreated

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/06/21/trump-brings-us-and-iran-brink-war-crisis-he-createdcreated


Excellent and comprehensive commentary from Professor Cole - as usual.
The malignant warmonger pressure brought by bolton and pompeo coupled with trump’s lack of experience and ignorance creates a very dangerous mix. The subversive influence of Israel (and saudis), on US government players to foment war and divert attention from their actions including Israeli’s illegal colonization/annexation of the Occupied Territories, and saudi war crimes in Yemen, are also part of this very dangerous toxic brew.

Any claims that all Iranian actions and/or responses are “unprovoked” are of course rubbish, including the unproven perpetrators “attacks” on tankers, as the “sanctions” put in place after the US reneged and withdrew from the 6 nation deal (P5+1) with Iran are a de fact act of economic war.
The Iranian people (as well as wider world and US taxpayers) bear the brunt of such calculated devious, often hidden, moves and blatant lies, to “justify” the agenda to isolate, demonize, and destabilize the Persian nation.


“Europe cannot stop the U.S. sanctions, since they are third-party sanctions and European firms who do business both in the U.S. and in Iran will be fined billions of dollars for their dealings with Tehran.”

I really do not see why. If the EU would simply UNITE with China, Russia, Venezuela and Turkey and everyone else who is F***ing Sick and Tired of Amerika’s heavy-handed dealings and say “NO, we are NOT playing along or paying any fines, and furthermore if you try to impose them, we will make YOUR economy scream”, the bully will do what ALL bullies always do - the bully will FOLD. I think it really is just that simple. I’m also pretty sure they would all agree that it is well past time to do just that. It is also becoming obvious that such unified defiance is the only thing that has any chance of working. So what are they waiting for?


From the article:

“Unfortunately, Iran will provoke again…”

…asserts Prof. Cole, with no more proof than has Pompeo. But fear not, as provocations to war are easy for the US to manufacture on demand.

The US has been waging war against Iran for over a year and is now threatening to ratchet up the whole illegal operation. The Iranian people’s continued victimization by US war criminals could not be allowed to continue without some sort of response. I’m sure Iran welcomed the legal justification to shoot down a military asset worth more than a F-35. They are sending a message that the US better think twice about starting something that will not end well for anybody. Too bad there is no one in this administration who can read the message.


I think the U.S should not be hypocritically asserting that the distance from the coast of other countries that sets the boundary of their respective territorial waters is less than the distance the U.S. claims for itself.

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The U.S. press almost never interviews non-U.S. world leaders, especially those to whom Washington is hostile. It is almost as though when it comes to national security reporting, American news outlets go into war propaganda mode.

I got a chuckle from that “almost as though”… Sometimes appearances are deceiving, but some of those who seem to be acting exactly like war-mongers actually are war-mongers.

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In this version of the game that has been playing for at least 66 years, we put sanctions on Iran.
Iran is pissed. And Iran wants to hit back. Likely by curtailing oil shipments.
We are the spoiled child that whines and stomps their feet when they don’t get what we want.

A different and interesting take on this story is on MOA. Bernhard’s not always right, but does seem to have an inside source on these type of subjects, and has almost always, a better track record than the usual writers.


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Yeah, with the United States of America “Drone Assassination Program” in play, the Iranians would have to be total morons to not shoot down American drones within 100 miles of Iranian territory.