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Trump Buddy LePage Praises GOP Nominee's "Authoritarian Power"


Trump Buddy LePage Praises GOP Nominee's "Authoritarian Power"

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

Maine Gov. Paul LePage, a Tea Party Republican who serves as a frightening example of what a Donald Trump presidency could look like, on Tuesday said the United States might need someone like the GOP nominee to show "authoritarian power" and "bring back the rule of law."


The Samantha Bee piece wasn't bad until the end where she blames the LePage governorship on the presence of Independent "spoilers" who "pulled votes away" from the "uninspiring" Democratic challenger. Perhaps the reason was the fact that the Democrat was a "poor public speaker who performed badly in debates" was more of the reason why he lost while the presence of a "spoiler" had little to nothing to do with it?

Not too subtle HRC messaging there Samantha Bee... If the Democrats wanted a candidate that would've actually inspired people to vote, they should've stuck with Sanders. But no... We're now faced with a very real possibility that we're going to end up with a Trump presidency because the Neocons thought it was better to lose with HRC than win with an actual Progressive.


?!?!?!?!?! Aren't "authoritarianism" and "rule of law" opposites of each other?

Yup, confirmed; LePage is an absolute idiot! The Quebecois/Mainah-Acadian people need to totally disown him.


Just remember that its not millennials or third party candidates/supporters that have blood on their hands when LePage or Trump succeed, it is the Democratic Party that values the billion corporate dollars it gets each year over fielding progressive candidates.

The Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) formation in 1985 set the Party on the fast track to proving that it could be more Republican than the Republicans, thereby pushing the GOP rapidly rightward as the Democratic Party became a billion dollar organization that is now getting more Repoublican endorsements than the Republicans are..

The percentage of US voters identifying as Democrats has been declining since 1960, with the biggest declines during Bill Clinton's and Obama's first terms, while the percentage of US voters identifying as Greens has increased since Bill Clinton was elected.

Take your pick...the DPA or GOP domestic anachronisms or the Green Party, active in dozens of nations...a global party in a global era.


The spoiler effect is a reality in first-past-the-post electoral systems.

Oddly, in both the US and Canada, the spoiler effect always spoils the left, and never the right - which say a lot about the inability of left to engage in strategic, concerted, solidarity-based actions - something that the left can hardly be considered "leftist" without.

The solution is to get rid of the first-past-the-post electoral systems. But we will never achieve the political power to do that until the left abandons this peculiarly North American narcissistic hippie-individualism which has no place in electoral organizing to achieve a result.


But I will tell you one thing, as the head of state, is he going to protect our nation and fight the debt or is he going to go after interns? That's the bottom line."

In Trump's case I truly believe he will go after the interns - at least the female interns. Because he believes that when your famous you can do anything. And who's more famous than the President of the United States? And THAT'S the bottom line!


With either first man (dude ?) Bill Clinton or POTUS Trump likely to occupy the White House in three months DC interns are one job that will become much more dangerous in 2017 irrespective of who wins in November.

Are interns unionized, so they can implement a buddy system or get bodyguards ?

Vote Green to save the interns !


I really, really feel sorry for the people of Maine.
They have long, cold, hard winters and LaPage as their governor.
Poor bastards.


He's either illiterate or paradoxical.


“A man is known by the company he keeps”
― Aesop

Which says all we need to know about these two douchebags.


No comment, but I love that screen name.


Your analogy is right on. I have been a bernie bot since I first heard him speaking on the Thom Hartmann Radio Show. The DNC blew it big but then they have dramatically exposed the slow rotting corruption of campaign financing that is boring the public support from both parties. Politicos in the pay of corporate interests are not and cannot be responsive to the actual people who cast the votes.
In reality DT has never has had a chance. Unlike Sanders his populism is not built on strength of purpose but on fear of others and our uncertain future and his temperament is as far from being anything but an awkward figurehead as one can get.


Samantha Bee is spot on on her scathing ridicule of moronic politicians. Even if she supports HRC her humor is one of two kinds I actually like. The other being utterly black humor the darker the better; "Dr. Strangelove" still is the pinnacle of darkness. Too bad Clinton's such a money grubbing hawk, or I might actually support her. But alas I'll go green because we don't need more wars and exploitation of the Earth, sorry folks, that's the way I see it.


Maine is still a great vacation state but their governor is a disaster. I guess the members of the CD staff in Portland must know that as well as anyone,


I agree with your point about first-past-the-post electoral systems. LePage won with less than 40% of the vote.

We'd be much better off with a run-off system in which the winner actually achieved a majority.

My only quarrel with your analysis is the idea that there actually is a "left" in American politics.


If Trump does lose the election as many are now currently predicting,, the country's troubles with him are far from over, His recent utterances are on the theme of election fraud, He is likely to claim that the election was stolen from him and he will challenge the legitimacy of an HRC regime just as he used the " birther" concept to attack the legitimacy of Obama.

I don't think his much spoken of "temperament" has a component in it that will allow him to graciously concede defeat the way every other losing candidate has. He has said several times that he is a "winner,' that winning is what he does, and that anything less is inconceivable and unthinkable.

Is it even possible to imagine Trump making the generic election loser speech) "The American have spoken and made their choice and, while I am thankful for all of you who supported me, it is now time for us to remember that we are all Americans, put aside our differences, and unite to move this country forward," I should have been a political speechwriter.

He is unlikely to be able to accept a loss, even a landslide loss should that unlikely outcome occur. A squeaker loss, an Al Gore-Junior Bush style popular vote win but with an Electoral College loss is not something he is going to be a good sport about. He doesn't do "go quietly." He has the capacity to be a thorn in the national side for as long as he can keep public attention, and all those who are enthusiastic about him now will buy into his "pretender to the presidency" position and won't lay off the "she shouldn't in the Oval Office, she should be in jail" yammering. The birther thing nearly completely undermined the Obama presidency, and the Trump grudge against Hillary and against everyone particularly Republicans who supported HRC out of fear and loathing of him will, it looks to me, be far worse.

What's that supposed ancient Chinese curse "may you live in interesting times."


I would never have believed that there could have been a governor more repugnant than Gov Dipstick of Texas. Thank you, Maine, for electing a total and complete a-hole to show Texans how it's done.


So what you're saying is that the people who voted for the independents would have voted for LePage or wouldn't have voted if the spoiler hadn't been in the race. Otherwise you can't argue that the Democrat would have won if they had voted Democratic instead of Independent. That is one of the beauties of mathematics. It is very difficult to argue with it.


Let's hope they're satisfied with that.


That's not what I'm saying at all. What I'm saying is that the very concept of "spoilers" in an election is a red herring meant to scare people into voting for the lessor of two evils rather than voting their conscience. Did you notice in the year that LePage was originally elected, there were three other Independents on the ballot while during his re-election, there was only one who conveniently pulled away "8 points from the Democrat" and none from the Republican?

Do you think that was an accident?

Of course it wasn't. The same thing is happening here in Vermont's Governor's race.

Vermont's Governor's race is has Republican Phil Scott against Democrat Sue Minter. The Independent in the race is Bill "Spaceman" Lee of the Liberty Union Party. In the statewide primary held on August 9th, Phil Scott won his primary with 27,669 votes, Minter won her primary with 35,979 votes, and Bill Lee won his primary with 6 votes. Yet, when it came time for the debates, Phil Scott insisted that Bill Lee has an equal seat at the debate table. Why does a guy with no campaign fund, and less than 10 votes in the primary get a seat at the table?

In 2014, (Vermont Governors serve 2-year terms), it was Democrat Peter Shumlin verses Republican Scott Milne. The Independent in this race was the Libertarian Party's Dan Feliciano. Shumlin won the election 46.36% to Milne's 45.1%. The Libertarian "spoiler" took 4.36% of the vote, presumably from the Republicans. This year, the Libertarians aren't even running a candidate, although two years ago, Bill Lee also ran for governor but at that point he wasn't invited to any debates. This year, watch as Bill Lee pulls just enough votes away from Sue Minter to hand the victory to Phil Scott.

Here, it's the Libertarian Party that's deliberately playing the role of the spoiler. Whenever the powers that be want to weaken or punish a Republican candidate they don't like, a Libertarian will come out of the woodwork to pull votes away from them so that their neo-liberal Democrat can win. (I strongly suspect that's what Gary Johnson is doing given his piss-poor live performances and corporate cash.)

It's all a game to the two-Party duopoly in order to keep them in power. The Greens aren't playing their game which is why they're so scared of us, why there's been an active media blackout and why they won't include anyone under 30 in the polls.

This is why I'm saying that NOW is the best time to vote Green. Johnson is already serving as the Republican spoiler this election cycle, which leaves the field wide open for Jill Stein and the Green Party to make a REAL impact on November 8th.