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Trump Budget Brings Harsh Cuts to Indian Country


Trump Budget Brings Harsh Cuts to Indian Country

Mark Trahant

Remember the sequester? Ah, the good old days. The new Trump Administration budget is short on details, but clear on direction. And we do know two things. First: If enacted, this budget would shrink the federal government to a much smaller size. Except for the military and the Veterans Administration. And, second, this budget guarantees chaos ahead.


This is another ASSAULT against Native Americans...
First they were IGNORED/ by BOTH the demoRATS (Clinton/Obama, etc)
and the REpubliTHUGS.....regarding the Dakota Pipe Line
only Bernie Sanders stood up and said no...

Now we have the 2nd assault...
This will continue until we stand up lLOUDLY and FIGHT BACK...


Not 'only' Bernie stood with the Native Americans. Jill Stein stood with the Sioux in protesting the bulldozing of their ancestors sacred burial sites, and nearly was arrested.

What other 'politicians' can say as much?