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Trump Budget Horrifies Majority of Voters, Poll Finds


Trump Budget Horrifies Majority of Voters, Poll Finds

Nika Knight, staff writer

Most Americans don't want Elmo to get fired.

They also don't want enormous funding cuts to medical research, after-school and summer programs, new road and transit projects, climate change research, and a program to help low income people heat their homes.


These topics are just what we know, so far. Trump will try to punish the citizens even more with cuts to Social Security and Medicare. But, he will run to his hole in Florida in an hour or so...it's Friday!


Page and Gilens Sept 2014:

"Our analysis suggests that Majorities of the American Public actually have little influence over the Policies Our Government adopts (and if) policymaking is dominated by Powerful Business Organizations and a small number of Affluent Americans, America's claims to being a Democratic Society are seriously threatened."


Anyone tired of all this winning yet?


His voters think he is wonderful


Reality t.v. now defines real life characters.

If you could call this down graded version of living life.


That's why I don't watch much TV, but I agree this nonsense of theater committed by both sides is missing the point of every day lives. Thank you for your reply. There's a new paperback about how populism surged after the recession. The recession caused people to dig in their heels about their values. Except the people who caused it ( the banksters, bug business etc) were never put on trial. So..... the mob psych behind this takes the anger out on other causes because the mob is still present.


Yes, and Wall Street never went on trial.


The book is called The Populist Explosion.


Trump probably thinks like a real estate developer which he is. When these people want to build projects they go for the maximum amount of units knowing that the agency that has to approve their proposal will cut it back some. What they really are going for is less then what they originally ask for but they know how much the project can be cut back so they can still make a profit.


Where were all these people who disapprove of Trump's shit - particularly in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin - during the election?


They were dreaming about the used car that they were about to buy from this guy, the magic car that would transport them back to the Fifties.


He entered office with support from about 25% of the voting age population and it's almost certain that he has lost more support than he has gained since that time. I think Trump supporters are far more complex than many on the left seem to think they are, but the ones who voted for him for populist and economic reasons won't last much longer. The ironic thing is that those fighting him on this stuff are saving many of his supporters from hell, and them not experiencing what he wants to do will shield them from objective reality.


Haven't been a t.v. watcher since the early 70's. But the drama around inconsequentials that suffices for reality on the screens of many and enacted every day in the halls of power does not miss my notice.


That election really did not offer any better choice, a known career politician who seemed most concerned with building her wealth, or a outsider with a new hope for a change.
Either way, it's all about the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer, or going to prison.


I agree with your observation that "Trump supporters are far more complex than many on the left seem to think they are."

That said, I think there is a fairly simple contextual point about the entire election that bears remembering: The populace at large, including the segment of it that votes, wanted significant change.

The Republicans provided a "change candidate," and the Democrats did not.


I teach American history and the current unit includes learning about Johnson's "Great Society" programs - the high point for federal government involvement in solutions to social and economic woes that includes programs like Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, Clean Air and Water legislation, support for public education, consumer protections, Civil Rights Act, Voting Rights Act, ended immigration quotas, etc. etc. etc. Certainly the Great Society programs had their flaws, but many are still around today, a testament to their effectiveness and popularity.

One of my students said: "Wow, the Great Society is the exact opposite of what Trump wants to do."


It is reassuring to know that wide margins of us disapprove of virtually everything Trump wants to do. Now we need to remain active to defeat his hideous budget, just as we were able to stop his healthcare 'reform'.


I don't see 1950's folks being ok with a Russian (so-called) First Lady, or much of anything else about Trump.


Some were "voting their hopes, not their fears", which felt good I suppose.