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Trump Budget Makes America Land of No Opportunity


Trump Budget Makes America Land of No Opportunity

Leo Gerard

A few hundred billion cut here, a few hundred billion slashed there, and the Trump budget proposal adds up to real crushed opportunity.

The spending plan slices a pound of flesh from everyone, well, everyone who isn’t a millionaire or billionaire. For the rich, it promises massive tax breaks.


Trump’s budget (and the modified republican version that will follow) is nothing less than european style Austerity Measures being imposed on America. Cuts to social programs and payments (tax cuts) to the rich.


Yes, with the EU adopting the same one stop bribing station model that has characterized the US Congress for decades, its no surprise Britains voted to Brexit the EU.

As much as the US loves to tout enterpreneurship, the Trump/GOP austerity will further suppress innovation and eneterpreneurship.


Don’t they ever get tired of printing those booklets?


" Trump’s $4.1 trillion budget redefines America."

I would argue it does not redefine as define what America has always been a military dictatorship ( Trump is mulling thousands of new troops to Afghanistan). If you do not believe me; ask yourself: doesn’t the proposed budget by Trump corroborate my statement? The only thing that never gets cut is the trillion $ military budget!


Trump’s color blind supporters continue to fail to acknowledge that all the trickle down since Saint Ron occupied the throne has been yellow.


Ronnie Raygun, had his ‘Trickle Down’ theory of how to benefit the wealthy.

Donnie Drumpf has a bit different approach. He is robbing the poor and middle classes, and taking that plunder and ‘Mainlinig the Millionaires.’

Insanity? Absolutely.

Can every American take steps to stop this insanity? Absolutely.

We, the People, are the last vestige of the ‘Checks and Balances’ system that oversees our government.

As Bernie Sanders said the entire time that he campaigned for President, “Real change never takes place from the top down, or in the lIving rooms of wealthy campaign contributors. It always occurs from the bottom on up, when millions of people say, ‘enough is enough’ and become engaged in the fight for justice.”

A few of us listened to this man and did what he asked.

Many did not, and instead chose to support liars and extremely wealthy candidates who wanted more for themselves than for the people they feigned representing.

Stand up and say, ‘enough is enough.’

Now, is the time.


Excellent post.


At a certain point it might be more accurate for them to put a sign up on all incoming international flights saying to them “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here”.


People of this country must stop being slaves—the people of this country are the owners and we have a right to the wealth of the country we own-----Right now the evidence is glaring —right in front of our eyes the elite are trying to steal more wealth for themselves.–DO THESE PEOPLE HAVE NO SHAME!—Children go hungry so Donald can buy another golf course.

WATER ,LAND,RESOURCES-these belong to all the people-----people in the richest land in the world should not be homeless,hungry,or forced to struggle each day wondering if they can pay their bills. Stop buying into the BS rules set by the rich. SUPPORT THE COMMONS!


Our austerity will be worse than the European variety, because we will still be throwing more and more money down the military rathole. No austerity for them!


Best article I’ve ever read


Of those who voted for Trump, the majority of the upper tier are brain and heart dead. Of the lower tier, most have zero education of any meaning.