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Trump Budget Offers Stark Vision We Cannot Afford to Ignore


Trump Budget Offers Stark Vision We Cannot Afford to Ignore

Robert Greenstein

A President’s budget reflects his vision for America. From that perspective, President Trump’s vision is stark, with the most affluent individuals and powerful corporations accumulating more wealth — and wielding more power, and facing fewer limits, to treat workers and consumers as they choose — while tens of millions of struggling Americans must reduce their already modest standards of living.


Perhaps, Bleak Corrupt Vision - or Subversion - We Cannot Ignore might serve as well.

Either way unless the great masses of Americans of good conscience, moral compass, and wisdom wake-up and demand in no uncertain terms honest, truthful, representation rather than overt theft, and have a genuine opposition party to trumps corrupt destructive “vision” and pathology, we are pretty well done as a free republic and nation OF, BY, and FOR the people - that is become a sick joke in all its aspects…


It is obvious that Trump at this point has become the willing tool of the Corporate Fascist Elites. They allow him to bloviate on Twitter and he allows them to do all the work he hates to do anyways. They will use him to loot the entire system blind. When they are done, they will use him as the absolute perfect fall guy. Then as the people turn their wrath on the Orange nightmare, they will go behind closed doors and laugh their asses off.

Just my prediction…but I think a damn good one.


If the working classes cannot have any representation from this government, it is time to overthrow it.

Perpetrating a massive fraud on the American people as was done in the Tax Cut Scam Bill, is a declaration of war against the working classes and demands a stern response.

This budget is the next frontal attack on the masses and we must load our cannons to return fire.


The working classes have always had the option to overthrow a government they don’t like at the voting booth. Whether or not they choose to implement this option in an intelligent manner is another matter.