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Trump Budget to Propose 'Savage' Cuts to Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security While Hiking Pentagon and Wall Funds

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/02/10/trump-budget-propose-savage-cuts-medicare-medicaid-and-social-security-while-hiking


Whenever I see the Trump poseur hefting his scrawl I see a geo’logical’ seismographic signature of an L wave hitting a fault line. “Logical” in human terms definitely does not apply to the lala land of parasitic exploitation of the neoconservative/neoliberal cadre.


Smash and grab folks, smash and grab. That’s the way it will be for the foreseeable future in Trumps DC, whether that’s for another nine months, or another four years.
Oh, and dear democrats, the ACA shouldn’t have been so easy to undermine and destroy. Nice job Obama. Great work Nancy. This is what happens when you do things half assed.


In the near future, US citizens in concentration camps and torture centers might fondly recall the good old days when the fascists merely slashed and gutted social security and medicare. Guts might be spilling from corpses piled high in neoliberal slaughterhouses, not merely from gutted social programs.


Methinks Orangeman speaks with forked tongue.


We are left to wonder just what the sociopolitical landscape of the USA may have looked like today if only the democratic leadership had the testicular fortitude in 2009 to pass an all encompassing single payer healthcare system.
It would have become the new third rail of American politics. And it of course would have made a Trump presidency impossible.
Ah, hindsight…
I remember writing back in 2012 that the only difference between electing Obama or Romney was fascism in 10 years as opposed to fascism in five. It looks like I was pretty close, as we re elected Obama, and now it looks like fascism in 9 years.


Slash Rump not society. Time to take one for the team, Ashhole.


How Melania could sleep with this monster is way beyond me.



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I just read a report from CBS about Coffeyville Ks. Jailing people for unpaid medical bills. Didn’t the head of CBS say “ Trump is bad for America but he is sure good for CBS.” When they were giving Trump billions of dollars of free air time. I guess now all of those tear jerking stories about poor people going to jail is good for CBS too. Of course M4A is not a solution that CBS would consider. Anyone who is not a millionaire who is not for Bernie is a moron.


The final constitutional wall against turning this nation into an elected (yet to be demonstrated) monarchy is the House of Representatives’ control over budget. Hearings will show how well our representatives hold the door against this emerging budget.

If your representative is in the majority party, call and email.

If your representative is in the minority party, calls and emails will be less effective. And I would suggest postcards–slews of them-- because hard copies are difficult to ignore. Staffers still have to count and record them.

If you want to support a representative who does NOT represent you, again use postcards. Phone calls and emails from outside the district will be ignored. Letters will NOT be opened because of anthrax protocols established years back.

Come to think of it, postcards from outside the district will probably get tossed as well. Sounds like an opportunity for a political mail-forwarding service.


I’m sure their arrangement is like some of those car wash places.



The quote was from Les Moonves, chairman and CEO of CBS at the time. And yes, it’s as apt now as it was then. Corporate media feeds on suffering and strife as much as corporations engender it. The profit motive, unbridled.


If it increases military spending the Democrats will support it!


Melania is a vicious, Eastern European version of the femme fatale synthbot from the great movie, Ex Machina. She has no soul or conscience.
Hopefully, she will do to her owner what the synthbot did to its abusive master in the movie.


If it’s a Trump troll, it will respond to an article about Trump being a god damned liar who is intent on cutting social programs…by only slagging the Dems and saying nothing bad about Trump.


Ever wonder about the paradox that while the Democrats opposes everything Trump, Trump nonetheless has been able to pass every major legislation he wants? And it’s never been a case of winning solely of votes along partisan lines either - he’s always had bi-partisan support. The Democrats have mounted no meaningful opposition to Trump. (Russiagate = dud; impeachment = dud. And it was known ahead of time that they would fail, at least by those outside the propaganda bubble.)

I would argue, who the Democrats fear most is not the ever growing fascistic Trump, but the FDR-ish Bernie Sanders.


The United States of America is only a few decades behind the Soviet Union in collapsing as a union.

  • Stratospherically high per capita defense spending (Can’t eat, drive on or get clean water from those weapons).
  • Starvation or elimination of societal supports and infrastructure (Education, Healthcare, Housing).
  • Authoritarianism (Congressional oversight ignored in plain daylight).
  • Propogandizing media outlets (Fox News, OAN, VoA).
  • Military parades (coming soon).
  • States already competing with each other over corporate tax giveaways to get corporation to move there.

The question really is: which state will be the first to cecede from the American Union? California? Texas? Oregon?

Putin has been a master at destabilizing the US, while locking in his stability in Russia.


Putin has nothing to do with the political rot in the USA.


I note Buttigieg has declared himself 'The ‘Austerity Candidate’. Meaning: Cuts to social security, medicaid, medicare, food assistance. school lunches etc etc. Anything but raise taxes on his billionaire campaign funders and reduce slop to the MICC. Sounds like Trump and Petey have both decided the deplorables are expendable.