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Trump Bulldozes Environmental Laws to Pave Way for 'Xenophobic' Border Wall


Trump Bulldozes Environmental Laws to Pave Way for 'Xenophobic' Border Wall

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The Trump administration has already taken aim at a number of Obama-era environmental rules that protect the public water supply and safeguard children from dangerous pollutants at the behest of Big Oil. Now, he is trampling the environment to make good on one of his central campaign promises: a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.


They have no respect for OUR laws!!!


Or any laws for that matter…


I think you have to look at migration in a different light, it is how a lot of things survive. This is just another example. A wall is not going to fix anything.


Like the Berlin Wall, this is an abomination unworthy of a country which says it believes in freedom and democracy. We can only see the people who are doing this as traitors to our nation & to the people of the world. They are hypocrites of the first order who cheered their savior Reagan when he said he brought down the Berlin Wall but now they line up to build their own. I think they are very much in the vein of the communist dictators who wanted to control the people in their country and limit their freedom. This is a call to war for those opposed to fascism.


It is a wall both real and symbolic of fascist, racist, amerika!
“Home of the free” what a load of B.S.


I was thinking more along the lines of a waste of resources that could be put to use and make the wall irrelevant. Exactly right though on the Berlin Wall or the Israel/Gaza wall that has been condemned by the International court and United Nations.


Anyone must be a moron to think that a border wall will keep people from entering this country. No more evidence of trump paranoia exists than the idea of a border wall. An immeasurably stupid idea born of immeasurable stupidity. My god. When will the Congress wake up and get rid of this disgusting, despicable man and his servile lackies Pence and Ryan?


Every construction project touched by Trump has seen huge cost overruns and rampant corruption. Prepare for the biggest scam boondoggle you ever saw which will be shut down halfway through once the fast easy money gets scarfed up. A Trump specialty… outrageous cost overruns, payoffs and corruption.


Reuters sez: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced on Tuesday that it would waive a number of environmental regulations “in order to expedite building security-related barriers and roads along the nation’s border with Mexico near San Diego.”

It’s heartening to know the Gestapo has veto power over Environment. I feel safer already.


Johnson sez: “Last week, the House approved a spending package that included $1.6 billion of funding for Trump’s border wall …”

Must be the Mexican House; no less an authority than Der Pumpkinfuhrer said Mexico would pay for it. Wonder how much that is in pesos?


Not sure if The Wall is for keeping foreigners out, or the rest of us IN. Or, maybe it’s a strategic blockade to prevent arms and supplies and fresh recruits from coming up from the south when Civil War II begins.


Well Sarah Huckabee Sanders assured us all just today that the President only tells the truth, so it would seem that all of it must be in pesos.


Actually the Berlin wall was,meant to keep people inside the worker’s paradise and not to block other’s from coming in. The Trump wall is meant to protect the US from countless illegal immigrants that are flowing over the border right now. Anyone who wants to leave is still free to do so. For some reason nobody does.


Never make a developer president. They spend their whole lives spending time and money on environmental reviews. So with a chance to waive these reviews as president what do you expect. Supposedly the wall came about because Trump’s advisors were having trouble getting him to pay attention to the immigration issue so they said tell everybody you will build a wall. Trump was able to remember that and he put into a speech and got a big response. Clearly the idea is completely stupid. There already is a 700 miles of fence which is pretty impressive in places, there is no net immigration across the border, about half of undocumented immigrants are here after overstaying visas, and such a wall would have serious environmental consequences. To keep this useless expensive project going and waive environmental reviews would be viewed almost as criminal to just about all people except Republicans who would mindlessly chant “build the wall!” Their other mindless favorite chants include “Drill baby drill,” and “Lock her up.” One has to wonder if they even need the frontal lobes of their brains.


Trump disease: Narcissistic personality disorder is a mental disorder in which the sufferers have an inflated sense of their own importance and a lack of empathy. They generally suffer from low self-esteem and feelings of inferiority, but have displays of arrogance and vanity.

Is he not competent enough to be Prez of the USA?


Trump is using Homeland Security money to build his wall so he doesn’t need Congress to approve the funds. We are paying for it, like it or not.


Only a small fraction of people are crossing the border compared to 20 years ago. There is no net immigration of undocumented immigrants, at least as many leave as are coming across. And about half of undocumented immigrants do not cross the border illegally but come here legally and overstay their visas. The Berlin Wall at least a real purpose as who would not want to flee East Berlin . This wall lacks any purpose. There is already 700 mile of fence, there all kind electronic detection devices on the border and drones overhead, and a large number of agents hired to stopped people coming across. I think only about 15% or so make it, the rest are turned back. Many tunnels have built to avoid the fence. If this stupid wall is ever built certainly tunnels will be constructed to go under it. It is a total waste of taxpayer money, an environmental threat, and a symbol that opposes American ideals.


When did DHS take over the role of the Department of the Interior?


I think he needs a lot more than Homeland Security money to complete it. The Homeland Security money will probably be used to fight lawsuits and deal with massive protests along the border which would seem to be a sure thing take place.