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Trump Burned To the Ground

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/further/2020/01/09/trump-burned-ground


Any act of any size against the putrid perp of injustice is welcome and this one is also good for a chuckle or two.


Hi Mary_Grayese:
It’s amazing how quickly Trump has made and himself and America into a joke on the world stage. In fact Congress seems to be helping with that too. And another horror–BORDON is going BK? So did Enron and all these people lost their pensions—the news story said that Borden might not be able to pay the pensions------so—NOBODY in Congress fixed this since the last corporation of Enron rolling over on its own employees? : 0


I’m a bit confused by this post.

Populism can’t be right wing? A right winger like Trump can’t pretend to be a populist on the lines of helping the little people get healthcare and better paying jobs? Sure on that account it is a FAKE populism, but nonetheless Trump has certainly opted for a populist orientation in his propaganda or his direct outreach for a populist hate platform.

And in regard to this creation of art that was destroyed. The artist represented Trump as a con man, right? Represented Trump as being a poser of any progressive populism but rather being a demon.

Seems to me the author of this post, and others celebrating the destruction of this art are a bit confused at best, and at worst refuse to acknowledge the rather clear intent of the artist.


Thinking of tRump in any capacity puts a damper on my day. I’m with the arsonist


With all due respect that kind of narrow thinking is rather Trumpist.

Is that a wave on the now-burned statue, or a Nazi salute?

" the statue bore a ghastly, vacant likeness to the actual living monstrosity;"
Yes, it does seem so. And “two faced,” eh?

i consider the arson a part of the art piece… it is thematically appropriate after all.

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No respect for the artist I see. Pretty clucking bad logic since the artist had nothing to do with torching his own piece.

So bizarre the complete lack of recognition by some on this thread to the INTENT of the artist and how those torching it could have been doing so in support of Trump.

Ever consider that?


Think…“Joe McCarthy”.

An autocrat can be ‘popular’. Is, then, deferral to the autocrat ‘populism’? As I think back on the McCarthy ‘era’, I see so many parallels with Trump.

I did like the picture of the ‘statue’, however. This work belonged in a museum.

Perhaps the artist should spent less energy and time in the future constructing a ‘Burning Man’ portrait of Trump every year and then invite it’s public immolation, accompanied by celebratory music and dance. I’d do it myself, however my artistic skills are far more limited. I hope the artist is following this thread.

I did some looking into this and tried to post a comment with some links, but somehow it never got posted (I clucked it up, probably).

So, this sculpture was commissioned by an American and constructed by the artist/architect Tomaz Schlegl. It was intended as a “liberty statue” along the line of our Lady Liberty in New York Harbor (apparently there are many such statues in European nations). The use of Trump’s likeness represented the long way we have descended from liberty as a promise to huddled masses yearning to breathe free to a Trumpian world in which liberty means being able to do whatever the hell you want without restraint or consequences (you know, free markets), or even a Constitution.

The statue was loved by some; loathed by others. At one point in the controversy, Tomaz Schlegl suggested a Halloween party culminating in burning the sculpture.

So, there’s a lot more depth to the story than Abbey Z. provided, and I wanted to add some of that in support of your desire for a little more depth to this discussion. I thought your argument was given short shrift and deserved better.

Interestingly, it all reminded me of an incident in the Bay Area in 1987, when I lived down there. U2 came to town to give a concert in a plaza in downtown San Francisco, and, during the show, Bono tagged a sculpture with spray paint. Outrage ensued! How could one artist so callously violate another? Only heathens mar or destroy art! Then, in response, the sculptor wrote a strong response in which he fully supported Bono’s actions. To him, it was art upon art. Took me some moments to pick up my jaw.

With that in mind, I just searched for Tomaz Schlegl’s response to the torching of the Trump liberty statue, but found nothing. I know what I think, but I wonder what he thinks?


It’s obvious this was not a pro-Trump creation. That could be discerned just from reading Abbey’s post.

Appreciate your post very much. Good work on your research.

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It’s not uncommon at all for right wing demagogues being referred to as populists seeking support and thus power from their base base demographic of those who are seeking some enemy of “the other” based on their utter ignorance.

I think I made all of the distinctions necessary in my post to make my point.

Trump was a FAKE populist in regard to FAKING a progressive populism in regard to healthcare and job creation.

Sanders was and is a true populist in regard to such progressive populism.

Trump is certainly a populist. A populist is someone whose policies are meant to appeal to the common man (i.e. the masses), normally in a way that is not economically/fiscally prudent. Trump’s policies (like border control, America-first, etc.) are certainly populist in nature. They appeal to American citizens feeling disenfranchised by immigrants. I disagree with the logic and it’s not economically/fiscally prudent, but it would certainly be defined as populist nonetheless. Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are two populists on the left, with economically/fiscally unsustainable ideas, but they are ones that appeal to the masses.

On this article, two things:

  1. Why include this quote: Hence one comment: “He (or they) just killed the devil walking on earth. It was the right decision.”
    I’m sorry. I’m no Trump supporter. Never was. Never will be. I think he’s a terrible president (as most are). But he is not the “devil walking on earth.” It’s disgraceful to prop up that comment. There are many leaders alive today who deserve that claim. Kim Jong-Un, Bashar al-Assad, Nicolas Maduro, Rodrigo Duterte, Omar al-Bashir (and many other African dictactors). These are truly despicable people who have directly caused the death and misery of countless people. Putting Trump in the same category as them (indirectly by propping up that quote) is not a good look.
  2. At the same time, I of course have no problem with people building a wooden statue of a political figure and burning it. In America, that would be protected by free speech. We are forever lucky to have our specific free speech law, one that does not exist in many Western democracies and that many leftists, especially college students, are hoping to erode by “protecting us” against “hate speech.”

Burning at the Stake would be far too kind a punishment for Tweetle-Dumb.  He should be placed in stocks on the front lawn of the White House to be harassed & laughed at for the remainder of his life.

Be calm anxious world. Once Elaine Chao leaves the Trump stable, Trump is gone like yesterday’s dirty diaper.

Populism is typically defined as a generally emotional approach by some public personality who appeals to the “ordinary” man who feels disenfranchised by some elite hegemony. Think Mao and Adolf Hitler. So, Yes, Trumpski is an extreme populist. He also relies on what in Fascism studies is known as the “cult of personality.” Think David Koresh or Jim Jones and Jonestown. Of course it’s bizarre that Trumpski’s cult followers will complain about a mythical conspiracy theory involving Clinton economic corruption which they expect will be fixed by a man with actual history of economic corruption. But, again, as cultists, they ignore reality, devoted instead to The Gospel of Trumpski. That is the great magnetism of populism.

There is a valid criticism to be made of both Bill and Hillary Clinton in regard to their corruption as it relates to their devastating promotion of the economics of neoliberalism that has been devastating for so many millions in this country.

One doesn’t have to be a Trump cultist to recognize that Corporate State Democrats have for 40 years worked alongside Republicans to service large corporations and the super wealthy. Trump cultists of course wouldn’t make that accurate analysis because they believe that Trump is a populist that actually wants to “drain the swamp” of corruption, just like they can’t make the analysis that Trump is not a legitimate critic of FAKE news as it relates to the corporate captured MSM. He of course is a byproduct of that same captured media and wouldn’t be President without having been promoted through that same MSM.

Corporate State Democrats together with the GOP are a dark force. The DLC’s Bill Clinton paved the way to that ruling oligarchy. The DNC and Corporate State Democrats are one in the same as the power center of the Democratic Party. Yes there are truly progressive Democrats and I’m not painting them with that same criticism.

The very same ruling oligarchy that will not allow, no matter what, Bernie Sanders to become the nominee. Corporate State Democrats like Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, et al would rather have Trump in office than Sanders and would very likely vote Trump against Sanders if by some miracle Sanders actually became the nominee.