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Trump Called Single Payer a 'Curse.' Sanders Delivered the Perfect Response


Trump Called Single Payer a 'Curse.' Sanders Delivered the Perfect Response

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Just a day after Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) introduced the Medicare for All Act of 2017, President Donald Trump—who strongly supported the Republican Party's plan to strip health insurance from tens of millions of Americans—took aim at the proposed legislation on Twitter, calling single payer a "curse on the U.S.


The Donald, the Rethugricans, and the DINOS are The Curse, along with the MIC, and the Oligarchs …their greed uber alles prevents spending for the good of the nation and its people.


Well, now that Trump tweeted about it, maybe the mainstream media will have to report on it. So far - zilch - like it didn’t happen.


The government hardly functions. Ran by a child man sociopath.
Who are all these people who want that same organization to have anything to do with there health care. Why should it be anyone’s responsible but yourself to take care of yourself?


The name “Trump” is now, and will remain the most destructive “Curse” the United States of America has ever witnessed.

Trump will continue to curse us all until the day he is terminated as President of the United States.

Let’s all pray that day is coming soon.

Oh yeah, I forgot to include the Democratic Party Establishment in that curse as well.


Yet again Bernie Sanders shows his quality! He is a tireless leader of vision and courage who pushes the people to stand-up and fight for what we believe is right - a stark contrast to the DINO DLC establishment sellout wing of the Dem Party - the Clinton’s, Obama, et al, and their sycophants, that remain silent on the critical issues facing us all to continue their service to big-money, the MICC war machine, financial/wall st/banker usury and abusive corrupt corporate power.

The best HRC can come-up with is a soon-to-be-bargain-bin book of excuses, rubbish, and blaming others for her own lack of character - and Obama, where is he? Look for him on the Goldman-Sachs lecture circuit soon…

I have written before the Dem Party is a mechanism made-up of people - a mechanism is not good or evil, its people are, and given the current political realities in America the viable alternative to the hideous criminal destructive trump regime in its entirety and its R’Con bagger supporters, is the kind of leadership Sanders has been providing and - realistically - a taken-over fully reformed party mechanism…


Because I don’t know how to pave a road so I prefer to get together with many people to provide for that.
Because I want the food I eat to be free from poisons so I prefer to get together with many people to make that happen.
Because I want the water I drink to not be full of raw sewage so I prefer to get together with many people to ensure that.
Because I want the pilots that fly the planes I’m on to have a known set of credentials and an air traffic control system that minimizes my risk of crashing so I prefer to get together with many people to make that happen.
Because I want the community I live in to have nice parks and recreational facilities so I prefer to get together with many people to have those created and maintained.
Because I want research in how to prevent cancer to move forward as rapidly as possible even if I can’t do that research myself so I prefer to get together with many people to provide for that.
Because I want as much of a guarantee as possible that my friends and family can receive medical treatment regardless of whether they fall on hard times or not so I prefer to get together with many people to do that.
Because I believe that by everyone having a healthy, fulfilled, and productive life raises us all together I prefer to get together with people to move toward that ideal.


Excellent. Very well said!


The gov’t “hardly functions” because it has so many millionaires and businessmen in Congress and other seats of power, and big business bribes these politicians. Single payer isn’t the same as socialized medicine. The only thing socialized is the cost, and I’m sure any first world nation can do that. By your logic, why should we have firemen, police, postal service, etc? The problem is you can’t get the best health care system for human beings when you base it on profits (and even non-profits in America are run like profit insurance companies). Empirical data shows that gov’t intervention–via single payer, socialized medicine, or a mixture of private/public systems–results in the best outcomes in regards to costs and benefits.


Ask that question to all of the babies born, all of the victims of violence, war, natural tragedies, an ask every elderly person losing their abilities to see, think, or simply move their bodies as they want to.


Are the Republicans really going to allow this bill to pass putting Trump in a position to veto it? Last I heard the Republicans as still want to repeal the ACA. They only missed by one vote in the Senate. That means they are only vote away from repeal and 20 million people losing their healthcare coverage.


The Hedonistic Orange Clown sayeth: “Single Payer is a curse.” His minions fall to their knees and shout his curse to the skies.

But nobody ever asked ‘why is it a curse?’ They probably knew that he wouldn’t have a clue


A curse? I still can’t believe blue collar people like Trump, especially those benefiting from the ACA or medicare. When your leader says that a system which will lower health care costs and provide universal coverage is a curse, you should know he’s either rich and out of touch and/or bought out by special interests.


Yes! Exactly. Sometimes I wonder what planet Republicans and Libertarians live on.


Bernie Sanders is what leadership looks like. Now we must demand it of the rest of the elected officials and including those who signed on to the bill. And we need to educate our mis-informed fellow citizens. Isn’t it interesting that HRC’s divisive book arrives at the same time? MSM is all over her book but not too much on Medicare for All. Perhaps it is just a planned coincidence.


Because it is the humane and compassionate way of living.


A curse, a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm or punishment on someone or something. I don’t think there is anything supernatural about healthcare. It might take a supernatural act to get it though.


Yes, and another thing. The more we help our fellow Americans out in this way, the less likely they are going to be to want to go out and go on a shooting rampage, which seems to be happening more and more lately. And by the same token, maybe we should expand that idea to the world. The more we help other people around the world, the less likely they are going to be to want to commit acts of terrorism, such as the attack on a subway in London this morning. Maybe instead of spending so much time and energy and money on dropping bombs on all those bad guys in places like the Middle East, we should be helping them rebuild their cities (now that we have helped destroy them) and help feeding them so they don’t starve to death. Maybe if we used this idea all over the world, make our military forces into helping forces, maybe we could work to eliminate all this violence we are experiencing…


Sanders makes the obvious response. Hillary has a book to sell, which says that she’ll not be a candidate again.
Does that explain her silence on this critical issue?


That planet appears to have a poisonous atmosphere.