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Trump Called to Denounce Post-Election 'Outbreak of Hate'


Trump Called to Denounce Post-Election 'Outbreak of Hate'

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

In what is being described as a "national outbreak of hate," the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) said Tuesday that in the 10 days following the election of Donald Trump, there were 867 documented hate incidents, such as graffiti, verbal harassment, and in some cases physical violence.


He’ll get right on that.


Yeah I am sure this is a high priority.


You mean alt-right don’t you?


Actually, this sort of thing has been going on against our poor for the past 20 years – especially against our homeless poor. Why start caring about it now?


The majority of those who voted for Obama were white. By contrast, Hispanics have strongly voted Republican since the 1980s. Things are more complicated than our simplistic black/white discussion can grasp.

Decades of research have shown that most voting choices come down to economic issues. Not skin color.


stop calling them alt-right. they are outright white supremacist NAZIS! that is who they are and that is the salute they give to their demagogue leader, the president-elect.


Why say you are from Canada when you are probably a Trumper.


Yes, people vote with their pocketbooks if they vote at all.


Only 20? Also most homeless people today actually work! Why not care about it? In order to enact anything, we have to figure out what we stand for, and live life in integrity. Remember also, that this isn’t necessarily all about race, it’s about corruption and the injustice of a crashed banking system that took down the economy. It’s about neoliberalism, relaxation of regulations and no consequences for the elites who caused it, plus a society that is not paying attention. Do some people still care? Of course!


To add: It’s the middle class and even poor people who help others much more than the rich. Sometimes having money changes people, and they lack empathy; something that actually helps us to be human.


What do YOU do for the poor you constantly mention?


You obviously don’t get out much. Managers at WalMart make " six figures " and some of them are wommens, even. And, Democrats, too, " oh nos ". The fact that they run stores with " the others " as employees and asst mgrs makes them tired of this divide and disrupt strategy among white supremacists in the Republican Party. And, that’s where the haters reside now. The SPLC ( former contributor ) is actually conservative in their reporting. There are 30-35 million self-identified white supremacists in the United States. Or, put another way, ( assuming they vote ) 50% of the total of all Trump voters. Let’s face it; if you’re a Trump voter, there’s a 50/50 chance you’re a white supremacist. " If the hood fits, wear it with pride and just come out " of your white house with the white picket fence, America.


They actually worship money. It’s the House of Greed.


You seem to know an awful lot about the “hooded” ones.


You have to be close to your friends and even closer to your enemies.


Yeah, they’re only in it for the money, like all those greedy climate scientists.

Crawl back under that white sheet of yours, you moron.


Asking Trumplestiltskin to denounce hate is like asking Exxon to denounce oil


And they don’t like anti Semites either. Sheeesh.


Heh, sure do.