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Trump Calls CNN's Jim Acosta 'Rude, Terrible Person' as Mayhem Breaks Out at Post-Midterm Presser


off topic a bit… but… inquiring minds want to know: what’s with the eye makeup? or the lack of makeup around his eyes and the orange everywhere else? or is that just where he puts his shades on when he’s under the tanner…? This is important!


Is he wrong? So far i have not seen anyone capable of dethroning him.
The only real authority is derived from obedience, and as far as i can tell, most of the American power structure obeys his every whim regardless of any preexisting laws.
Sure, some may whine and “#resist” when there are cameras around, but i have yet to see anyone in power disobey his orders and keep their job.
Kings are only kings because no one is willing or able to say otherwise.


Cutting Trump down to size is going to be fun.

Expensive, but fun.


It’s worse than that –
See: Operation Mockingbird and its companion programs put in plan in 1943 by Cord Meyer
later CIA – carried out by Phil Graham/Washington Post. Both Phil and Katherine members of
Council on Foreign Relations which pushed for formation of CIA to succeed the wartime OSS.
Paperclip/200,000 ex-Nazis used to found the CIA, funneled into the FBI and other government
agencies and to “hot” spots around the world to ensure the rise of the Fourth Reich.
And, Gladio, which was a program to only permit the rise of the right wing to control governments
over which the US had influence and control at the end of WWII – Italy, France, Germany, Japan.
(I’d also add UK and Greece.) In Italy, US actually resurrected the Mafia in order to ensure that
the program would be carried out efficiently.

These are only three CIA programs where there were likely hundreds if not a thousand.
If you have the stomach for it, look at MKULTRA/Monarch. Most of the files were destroyed on
orders of Richard Helms/Dir. on his retirement, but there is enough there to understand that children
were used to run drugs, for homosexual prostitution, and for spying/Espionage for blackmail.
This was funded by Congress with taxpayer dollars, of course. The concept of disassociation is
very useful in these programs which were originally being experimented with by Nazis and turned
over to the CIA. These new personalities, unknown to the host, can actually be programmed for
photographic memory and foreign language. You can’t have both secrecy and a democracy.