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Trump Calls It "Sad" Women Harrassed by Roger Ailes Not More Appreciative


Trump Calls It "Sad" Women Harrassed by Roger Ailes Not More Appreciative

Common Dreams staff

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Sunday morning described the numerous female employees at Fox News who accused Roger Ailes of sexual harrassment in the workplace as "complaining" and explained how that makes him "sad" because really the company's top executive actually "helped" "some of those women" and he's a "very good person" and a close personal friend.


Trump along with Ailes, Murdoch and probably their friends all have a history of abuse of women. Women need to vote to make sure Trump never gets to the White House.


Why do sex offenders, crooks, militarists, oligarchs and serial killers identify as conservatives?


Sheldon Adelson and his various business enterprises makes them all look like a bunch of pikers. He’s funding this years’ banana republic barn dance. Complete, of course, with double helpings of b.s. for the flat earth crowd.


So, what Trump is suggesting here is that if Ailes was helpful to these women then
he was entitled to sexual favors from them?

Can we presume then that Trump would supply sexual favors for Ailes if he got some
help from him?


Ahhhh, “lude” behavior? That should be lewd. Common Dreams, if you keep this up you are going to resemble Salon.


My fantasy is that they would be awarded all of that $40 million he got from the buyout. Ailes is scum. Also, this piece shows that if you are friends with Trumpo the Klown he will make excuses for you no matter what you have done.


Adelson wants the US to give a blank check to Israel. In contrast soon the news will report Trump’s connections and massive investments in Russia. Either way we are on the edge of some very nasty off-shore events. I prefer Clinton to the rest but she can’t give the farm away to Israel.


I was going to say, “Keep talking, Donald, the more you say the more you’re hanging yourself”. The trouble is that isn’t working; that even with him saying these things, he is gaining a lot of support from so many poor dumb lost souls. So another strategy has to be found to counter this neanderthal. We indeed are living in some strange times.


The Ailes comments start at 16:48. Now, Trump does probably imply they were not telling the truth, but basically says ‘I find it sad’ and does not say they are lying and does not say those women should be more appreciative! So, I’m calling BS on this headline CD!

As bad as Trump is, CD, you have got to pick your fights and be 100% on it. If you do the kind of stuff in this article, you are going to be in ‘boy cried wolf’ territory, and you’re too important for that. Thanks.


“…she can’t give the farm away to Israel” who’s going to stop her?


Ailes should be prosecuted for poisoning over half the US population, we have a lot of ‘cult’ deprogramming to accomplish in a short amount of time or we all go ‘south’, if not from our wasting the environment it will be terrible choices from the white/right. It’s just amazing what awipes can phk up.


I don’t know, why? (It sounds like the set-up to a joke)


To conservative’s victims, its not funny.


You are asserting that Trump stands opposite to Clinton on Israel. Nothing can be further from the truth.


Says the pervert of the other pervert.


I think the structure of the intersection of capital and conservative (and lib/dem) politics is streamlined for those who emit said qualities; it incentivizes the militarism, oligarchy, patriarchy, or merely just being OK with these “horrible but inevitable, unchangeable realities”. It seems the job positions to keep the political machine humming at a comfortable status quo all require having experience in making seedy capitalist deals, screwing over everyday people, being sexually repressed and thus violent, capable of sharking through hoards of like-minded, greedy lobbyists and political lackeys, but most importantly, being able to string together vapid yet authoritative monologues that can either rile up a crowd with carefully crafted changes in pitch, volume, and cadence, or deflect glaringly present evidence of felonious wrongdoing on your part-- even in the face of federal investigators, and cameras and microphones. When did it all go wrong? When politicians began being televised and so attracted plastic looking/thinking people? It’s a wonder any sane person seeks a career in U.S. politics, but I guess the drugs, power, and money must keep them going, going crazy.


We can protest Hillary after she is in the White House. We don’t have to elect Trump and they whine and cry as he destroys us.


And so many men like Trump think, “What’s the big deal?”

They have ZERO understanding of what sexual harassment means and feels like.

Many joke that they wish women “sexually harassed them” more often.


“Why do sex offenders, crooks, militarists, oligarchs and serial killers identify as conservatives?”

If you read George Lakoff’s essay posted here 2 days ago you’d get plenty of insight into that question.

I dated a local guy who’s no doubt a big Trump fan. His personality is a lot like Trump’s and in his family home, nothing OTHER than Fox “news” is always on T.V.

When he had an injury he had his hand out for government help in paying his hospital costs but you should hear him if anyone who doesn’t look like him (white male) tries to get benefits of that nature!

The Conservative is raised to “only worry about yourself” and “mind your own business.” IF they had any empathy to start this life journey with, it would be radically knocked out of them from the constant messaging that’s based exclusively on self-interest… even when it’s at someone else’s direct expense.

These men think they ARE superior to women. They would rather a society where women had to ask men permission for everything from what to wear, if they can go out and with whom, what time they will be back, what they will cook for dinner, and anything remotely controlled with birth control (or not bearing a child conceived in one of these “oh so holy” unions) topping the list of controls.

Since women ARE objects to men like Trump and Ailes, the idea that a woman would object to their annoying, obnoxious, inappropriate sexual come-ons doesn’t even flash on their radar.