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Trump Calls Legally Protected Whistleblowing a 'Racket' as Fired Scientist Rips President's Failed Covid-19 Response

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/18/trump-calls-legally-protected-whistleblowing-racket-fired-scientist-rips-presidents


Meanwhile the homicidal sociopath in the WH is rallying his equally homicidal sociopathic base (complete with “Hang Fauci” signs) while the Senate psychopathic arsonist “leader” carries on the destruction of the Union. Deliberately. With malice and forethought.

Can you imagine another 4 years of these few examples??:


Long Island Protest Praised by Trump Featured Anti-Vaxxer Call to “Hang Fauci”






Big Oil Takes $1.9 Billion in CARES Act Tax Breaks Intended for Small Businesses


Trump Is Using COVID-19 As An Excuse To Let Polluters Destroy The Earth

The Secretive Police Commission The Justice Department Doesn’t Want You To Notice



tRump thinks non-supporters should just die… it would make his re-election easier, and he wouldn’t have to lie so much


“We don’t yet have a national strategy to fully respond to this pandemic.”

Have to disagree with this statement, we have a strategy, it just sucks.
Squeeze workers until their bankrupt and thrown into the streets - They’ll take any shit job at any wage with no benefits after their living under a bridge.
Test as few people as you can - So few citizens will know how bad it is, so they’ll go back to work and salvage Trumps reelection.
Ignore healthcare experts to accomplish the above goals.
Loot the treasury for your rich friends and corporate sponsors - ensuring the economy tanks for the workers and small businesses, so the above goal is accomplished.
Lie, lie, and lie some more to accomplish the above goal.
Continue to be the laughing stock for the entire world.
What a country. The Gilded Age 2.0


This multi-year horror flick that has been showing daily before our eyes should be the real Clear and Present Danger. I urge attack ads be developed along that theme starting soon and showing up until the election. People need to be awakened as to what the proper functioning of government is and educated as to how Trump, facilitated by the criminally corrupt and complicit Republican lawbreakers (a term that should be used in said ads), has assailed and is assailing the People’s and the Nation’s security at seemingly every turn. We may disagree with the Lincoln Project’s members’ politics, but we should welcome it as a useful ally that knows how to irk the hell out of IQ45. All hands on deck.


Trump, and his voters, summarily dismiss all science as a conspiracy to get grant money as if it was some sort of welfare scam. Their favorite pastime is using the exotic weapons developed for the defense department, who funds 80% of all science in America, on defenseless people worldwide to justify purchasing more of those weapons, (an actual extremely cruel and evil corporate welfare scam).


The stragedy (sic) seems to be to sexually excite (yes that is the reactionary energy core to which I refer - in contrast to actual thinking ) those who bought the paranoia inducements until they become so violent that the rationale for a militarized shut down deflects attention from the incompetence and failures of the Trump company regarding the pandemic, economy, education, health system etc.

In the mean time, there sem to be two wells from which trump activity is drawn 1) military 2) media algorithm driven ‘game plans’, having cherry picked from game theory. In other words, it it absolute stasis in terms of human/living principles. The latter is by nature in constant change. Ironically at a time when we are seeing earth changes entering exponential dynamics in feedback loops and extinction domino patterns, we see the unveiling of hundreds, indeed thousands of years of corruption based on the dead aspects of materialism. The system is now so dependent on death, contraction, feedback loops and disintegration that it’s patterns are cannibalistic. Despite the concentration of its destructive power, this is also beginning to reveal - equally - many, but as yet not all of the living and dead components that have been shunted out of media, extracted from in “supply chains” (note the choice of terminology - which, indeed, could be ANYTHING - like for example “connections”, which they are by nature, but the thinking is anathema to system of divide and conquer.

May divide and conquer be permanently laid to rest. And that rest is up to the rest of us.


… and all hands on the deck that Trump is stacking!!

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Prosecuting whistle-blowers didn’t begin with Trump.

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For me it just adds to the surreality to see Dr Bright letting everyone know the inside account: exactly how negligent mass homicide of unthinkable proportions got rolling… but it doesn’t seem to budge the “deadlock” clamped down on us. It just keeps rolling. Another name for street-Nazis to vilify.

So a bunch of nurses were forced by shortages to rush into death – such a beautiful thing! – so what?


It’s crystal clear Fred Trump taught his kids that cheating in life is the way to success.


Are there any checks and balances left?

It seems the answer is no.

As someone who is literally losing sleep over the u.s. march into full blown authoritarianism/totalitarianism/fascism (not sure what the exact term would be, let’s just say it is horrific), I am deeply conflicted about the current “election cycle”.

And it is a cycle of rinse/repeat/rinse/repeat but we are now in a the part of the cycle where collapse of all systems may be imminent.

In her book The Origins of Totalitarianism , Hannah Arendt said the difference between totalitarianism and fascism is “the difference between zero and one.”

“If you lived in a totalitarian country (assuming you were allowed to live) you would give anything to live anywhere else.” (quote from blog *Broke-ass Stuart)

It seems that we are moving into totalitarianism. I would give just about anything to be able to live in another country right now----like New Zealand or Canada.

Question for all those here who are not voting “blue”: are you finding peace with this?

Are you attempting to move into a form of detachment, “letting go”---- the route of buddhism?

I despise the DNC, neoliberal dems . . biden.

Words cannot describe my hatred (yes hatred) of trump and willfully ignorant republicans (and democrats).

Here is an interview with Kyle Kulinski and Krystal Ball responding to Biden vote shamers:


They did not address the potential of full blown totalitarianism—at warp speed with trump et al. in control. They did not address the possibility that they (Krystal Ball and Kyle Kulinski) could be censored or jailed for their programs some day-----soon.

I am not kidding. We are in very, very dark times politically, socially and environmentally.

Are we safer from this by “voting—gag/choke---- blue”?

I can’t imagine another country coming to our aid for regime change! (lol)

Wondering what thoughts are by fellow common dreamers regarding this and who to vote for this fall. I know some have just suggested focusing on local elections but we don’t have time for the type of change that is bottom up/grass roots at this point (in my opinion).

Scared and conflicted in the upper midwest-------


Here is the story of Frederick Trump and Mary Anne Macleod and the narc in chief, Donald as seen through the eyes/soul of singer songwriter Karine Polwart.

I’ve posted this before but here it is again in case you missed it.

Very powerful performance by singer songwriter Karine Polwart on the day before trump’s inauguration:


The Karine Polwart Trio were the first act to take to the stage at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall to start the festival as part of the Opening Concert, the first piece they played was composed specially for the event and is called “I Burn But I Am Not Consumed"

Release date:

20 January 2017


dump calls Obama grossly incompetent. You just have to laugh:



Obama could be Trump’s role model on dealing with government whistle blowers. Not pretty.


The Fuhrer demands complete obedience and loyalty from his Public Servants.


Even if he doesn’t know who they are:

“I don’t know this guy, never met him,”


We know the list. The one with all trump’s failures. Starting with the cheating on wives and conspiring with the handler Cohen, to potentially ripping off peoples social security and healthcare.
If we have put up with this much exploitation thus far we will put up with much more. “America, you are dead to me”, unless you rise against the trump regime.


As the Dems and media piously gasbag about whistleblowing they continue to hound Assange and unctuously bleat that Snowden should have “followed the proper channels.”


Not only is he still in office, but is also being allowed to run for a second term.
Collectively, we are insane.