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Trump Campaign Equivocates on Climate as Debate Fallout Continues


Trump Campaign Equivocates on Climate as Debate Fallout Continues

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Among Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's many debate gaffes Monday night, one of the most blatant was his claim that he never said climate change was a hoax.

At the Hofstra University debate, Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton challenged Trump's stance on the environment stating, "Donald thinks that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. I think it's real." Trump quickly interrupted her with "I did not, I do not say that."


Come on guys, Trump needs more of that progressive support. CD is treating him unfairly. He's not so bad. Killary is worse. You know your lines. Come to his defense.


Ok, Kellyanne - so cycles of climate change are naturally occurring. Explain that to us. How do these natural processes work? What factors cause the climate to change? What are the sources of information for your response?


The Toronto Star said Trump set a new lying record saying a lie every 2.65 minutes over 90 minutes. This smashed his old record for lying of a lie every 3.25 minutes. In all he had 34 lies. I think the new record is going to be hard to top. But he will have a chance soon in the next debate. Saying he never called climate change a hoax was probably one of his biggest whoopers. Nevertheless, in only a little over 40 days he may be able to claim that he won an election for president thanks to Jill Stein and her band of loyal followers.


It's too bad the Toronto Star wasn't counting the lies that Hillary told.
In reviewing the debate transcript I found at least 40 lies that Hillary told.
Most of Hillary's lies are by omission and not commission so they're harder to spot.
Her latest lie is the 1000+ work related emails she sent and received from then CIA director Petraeus while she was the Secretary of State.
Hillary has told us repeatedly that she turned over every email "that could possibly be work related."
That turns out to be another of her lies.


This might be beating the horse to death by now, but if Clinton loses to Trump, it will not be the fault of Stein nor those who voted for her

It is the responsibility of a candidate to win a citizen's vote. So far, Clinton has done virtually nothing to court the votes of progressives.

It has nothing to do with loyalty. It has everything to do with choice.


Trump needs every bit of your help. Don't give up.


If Stein gets 1-2% percent of the vote and Trimp wins, you're right, the failure will be Clintons. And the country's.


I am doing my part! I will vote my conscious and if a racist, authoritarian man who wants to start a nationwide stop-and-frisk police campaign gets elected, so what? At least can say "I told you so" to the untrue progressives.


Clinton's problem is Clinton. She was as exciting as cold porridge last night and couldn't convince a thirsty man to drink a cup of water. It's just painful to watch. I guess the good news is that she didn't use her Pokémon go line. Even my 80 year old mum who is in the tank for hillary emailed last night and said "is that as good as it gets". Democrats you have a lemon and theirs no hiding it.


How about thanks to the DNC for ignoring the mood of the electorate and forcing a gawd-awful candidate like Clinton down our throats. The sooner folks wake up to the fact that the Republican and Democratic Parties do not own us or our votes, the better.

It's not the folks who vote Stein that should concern Clinton, it's half the population who won't bother to vote at all in large part because of the very flawed candidates hoisted upon us by the two major parties in this election and past ones.

Clinton may know her facts and figures and is able to keep her story straight, but her whole candidacy is a lie. Does anyone actually believe Clinton will improve conditions for the 99%, even a little bit?

I agree 100% with @LngTymListnr1stTymCallr.

She did everything in her power to squelch the left during the primaries. And even now when she desperately needs our votes, the best she can do is appear less hawkish. Give me a break.

I'm withdrawing my consent to be governed like this, and so should we all.


Yeah, right up there on the same level as: Climate Change is a Hoax.


At this point I think she should let the "progressives" wander the political wilderness where they belong. This is about people in the real world, not about thumb suckers.


You are a thirsty man. There is a cup of tepid water. No, you will not drink it. Waiting for the ice cubes.


They are not loyal to Stein. They are loyal to the defeat of Clinton, the only thing to which they are loyal. Stein is only a cover.