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Trump Campaign Hit By Sudden Outbreak of Accountability


Trump Campaign Hit By Sudden Outbreak of Accountability

Better Late Than Never Dept: The arrest of Corey Lewandowski, Drumpf's chief henchman/aka campaign manager, for battery assault on a reporter is the latest, splashiest sign that the once-and-future baffoon is at long last being called out on the mountain of bullshit he's strewn on the campaign trail. After months of his skating by with bluffs, denials and non-sequitors, much of America seems to have resolved it's time - ya think? - to stand up against hate.


If Cruz is worse and we won't vote for Hillary, maybe instead of attacking him, progressives should make a deal with Trump, our likely next President. To give him our support in exchange for a progressive SCOTUS appointment.


In the end, CD will probably endorse Hillary if she gets the nomination, unfortunately. Maybe we'll be surprised. Let's hope so, because Hillary is definitely a bridge too far ...


Seriously, has any progressive approached Trump to make a deal for our support in return for a progressive SCOTUS appointment? He is after all, the great negotiator.


Trump attack-dog Corey Lewandowski and Doug Niedermeyer of Animal House are twins in every regard - both Lewandowski - ex-cop fascist - and Neidermeyer - ROTC film fascist - are cut from the same cloth, physically and politically.......the resemblance is startling......


So do you support Trump?


You are kidding, right?


Not as far as Trump.


You are, of course, kidding, right?


To dump Trump is like dumping trash. Childishly obvious! To crow about it is indicative of insanity. .
The real question those regarding themselves as American' have to ask is how such trash got where it has got in their ludicrously named identity. .
US democrats, the people, are the most murderous neo-Nazis the world has ever experienced.
Just read the history.


The writer of this piece fails to acknowledge is that, other than Bernie's youth base, Trump has by far the most avid and dedicated support base of any candidate.
i am still under the impression that this incident was staged by the Breitbart people at the behest of the Republican Party. They have tried everything else to force the Donald out of the race, to no avail. This incident will probably roll off Trumps back like so much water on a duck, leaving the GOP with the prospect of at least having Trump on the ticket, and most likely having him out front.
Reince Prebus is staring into the abyss this morning. He knows in his heart of hearts that, while the people that support Cruz and Kasich will vote for whatever dreadful candidate the party tells them to, he also has to face the fact that Trump supporters will never vote for a guy named Cruz. Just watch, Reince, and the rest of the party powerbrokers are about to say uncle and throw in the towel on the 2016 race for POTUS, and begin a concentrated effort to keep the senate and as many state houses as they can.