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Trump Campaign Manager Lays Blame on Melania for Plagiarized Speech


Trump Campaign Manager Lays Blame on Melania for Plagiarized Speech

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

Though the evening was rife with bombast, bigotry, and blunders, the episode dominating national headlines following the Republican National Convention's (RNC) opening night was Melania Trump's alleged plagiarism of a speech given in 2008 by future First Lady Michelle Obama.


When asked if the speech was vetted by any campaign officials, Manafort responded, "Sure, people looked at the speech, but frankly, this was her vision of what she wanted to communicate about her husband.

As if any of these speeches are written by those delivering them and are not poured over by numerous sets of eyes ahead of time. This is either a case of woeful ineptitude on the part of the campaign management or it is an act of self-sabotage from within the campaign management. Either way, it's quite entertaining.


Grounds for divorce, Melania!!


I'm sure she read what was put in front of her. Now she'll be made to pay for someone else's FU.


Sooner or later, someone will cough up a marked up, edited copy, denoting the plagiarized lines. A staffer will be sacrificed, and we'll move on. Yeah, it's unprofessional, but consider the source. Melania wasn't sitting at a drone control panel. Or at least, she won't be. We can only hope.


Does anyone else think that there have been too many 'mistakes' by the Drumpf campaign for there to not be an overt effort to lose the election? At the other end, I sometimes think that there are undercover Democrats inside the RNC trying to sabotage Drumpf on any level they can. Can the RNC/Drumpf really be this stupid/inept (I know, probably a rhetorical question!)?


RoyceGW...I hit the wrong reply link!


She had a good delivery though.

"Its not what you say but how you say it".


Not as a defense to Melania, BUT........Ghostwriter controversy[edit]

Clinton has been criticized for not giving credit to a ghostwriter in connection with It Takes a Village. The majority of the book was reportedly written by ghostwriter Barbara Feinman.[12] When the book was first announced in April 1995, The New York Times reported publisher Simon & Schuster as saying "The book will actually be written by Barbara Feinman, a journalism professor at Georgetown University in Washington. Ms. Feinman will conduct a series of interviews with Mrs. Clinton, who will help edit the resulting text."[13]

Feinman spent seven months on the project and was paid $120,000 for her work.[14] Feinman, however, was not mentioned anywhere in the book. Clinton's acknowledgment section began: "It takes a village to bring a book into the world, as everyone who has written one knows. Many people have helped me to complete this one, sometimes without even knowing it. They are so numerous that I will not even attempt to acknowledge them individually, for fear that I might leave one out."[15] During her promotional tour for the book, Clinton said, "I actually wrote the book ... I had to write my own book because I want to stand by every word."[2] Clinton stated that Feinman assisted in interviews and did some editorial drafting of "connecting paragraphs", while Clinton herself wrote the final manuscript in longhand.[2]



The Donald Trump spectacle is a sideshow strictly for distracting the moronic and perpetually flummoxed American public trapped in the endless media hallucination that is their imperial slave camp. He will never be President, it's simply not part of the plan. CommonDreams will happily waste your time on this Entertainment Tonight-level crap, though. "Melania is a plagiarist, hur hur hur..."

What is part of the plan come November is Hillary, Michelle Flournoy and Victoria Nuland pushing Russia ever closer to nuclear war at the behest of bankers and arms merchants:


Well at least MT reads a teleprompter with more animation than her sugar daddy...high school and university students can face expulsion for plagiarism...at the very least, receive a failing grade.

And as for Manafort's explanation...wait for it...YOU'RE FIRED!


"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"


I thought the same thing. I wonder if Michelle Obama is flattered. Or I wonder if they had the same writers?!


Then Melania should have either prefaced or stated at the end of her speech that she has to give credit to Michelle Obama who spoke these words before her (Melania)...just like footnotes in any treatise...written or spoken. Or, simply say, "in the words of First Lady Michelle Obama...." In any case, Melania's speech reflects the whole tone and tenor of the Trump circus show thus far...and it appears that it will inflate with more and more bombast and BS from here on out.


At least she is giving him some promises to keep


The kabuki theater of US presidential election started about a year ago. The good cop Sanders has done his part by herding the troops from the left. The bad cop Trump will do the same from the right.

Anyone still believes "we the people" are in control of this drama? The scripts were written 8 years ago, folks. Don't spoil it by taking it for real and with your arcane practices like voting with conscience.


Can you imagine the payback if Melania makes into the whitehouse?


Well at least we know where the buck stops now.


Now he has to live up to her expectations


This whole thing feels like a red herring to me... once again steering the discussion away from what actually matters so that we can bicker over whose boilerplate was actually authentic...