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Trump Can Prove He’s Not a Putin Puppet by Blowing Up the World


Trump Can Prove He’s Not a Putin Puppet by Blowing Up the World

Norman Solomon

Four weeks into Donald Trump’s presidency, New York Times columnist Paul Krugman


Obama did not get along with Putin very well and (surprise!) we had no nuclear war. We KNOW Trump has business ties with Russian Oligarchs (Putin is highly likely included with that group). Trump has lied about it and refuses to release any pertinent information regarding loans to Russia or ? Does Putin have evidence of our Man Without Morals President? There are so many questions. Some on the left seem unconcerned over a possible Siberian Candidate. To my way of thinking, it is one of many, many concerns. The world is full of dangers. That does not mean, however, that we should look away.


Before the election, I was told by "progressives" that a vote for Clinton is a vote for nuclear war with Russia.

Now I'm being told that looking into Trump's Russian associations will lead to nuclear war with Russia.

That includes even wanting to see his taxes, of course, because those might reveal connections to Russia.

Is there anything that won't lead to war with Russia?


We can speculate all day so let's try to get to the truth. Get these investigations going and see what we can find out.


You refused to impeach Bush for massive war crimes and blatant lies, you cheered when Obama covered up the crimes of the Bush administration, and now you want to impeach Trump over financial shenanigans and some alleged connection to Russia that OF COURSE can't be publicly proven for fear of revealing the workings of the noble CIA? This desperation to be seen as "patriotic" is embarrassing.

And how sad is it that allegedly enlightened people can still think that a sex scandal is of such import that a President would commit treason out of fear of some fetish being revealed? Puritanical, tabloid drivel.


THANK YOU NORMAN SOLOMON! The drumbeats of war with Russia resound from the farthest subterranean level of the deep state. (I can't believe I'm about to utter these words...) It may turn out that Trump shares some ground with JFK, who took on the deep state over Russia and unfortunately lost.

Is Trump the profile in courage that Jack Kennedy was? I doubt it; it's more likely he doesn't understand what's going on, but even a broken clock is right at least once a day. It is common sense as well as good business sense to know that detente is actually a reasonable suggestion, considering the nuclear capabilities of both countries. My problem with Trump's detente is that although he won't wage military war, he will wage war on workers and the environment in his pursuit of a profit.

Whatever happens, it won't require assassinating him; Trump could easily be removed through impeachment by his own Party--before the midterm elections.


I think this is a sensible article. Solomon didn't say there should be no study of ties. But truth be told, Trumps day to day business in Russia and all across the globe are probably more telling than his connections to Putin. And he is saying that Trump has no clue about ordinary manly virtues like thinking things through, playing chess moves ahead, concern for global impacts. It's about his profit and his ego. He could be goaded to do stupid things.

He's also saying don't hook into a pattern that for America has been SO DESTRUCTIVE in the past; that of RED BAITING. It may feel "good" to do it to Trump, but it's still not right. And it obscures more important issues.


Or he could do like Clinton did with whitewater, appoint a special prosecutor to investigate so he could get on with the business of the country.


Excellent piece Mr. Solomon, it takes courage to write this piece in the present climate of opinion. But you are in good company, Prof. Stephen Cohen, Robert Parry, Gareth Porter, Daniel Lazare, and others.


Opening talks with them that don't lead to sanctions and getting NATO off their border could be a start.


The fact that Solomon seem to be in the vocal minority on this issues really makes me think nuclear war is even more inevitable. I am shocked that so many people are caught up in the anti-Russian fervor. I am no fan of Russia but constantly calling that Trump is weak on Russia could have disastrous effects. Trump is a thin-skinned manchild and I fear that in trying to save face from all these Deep State people calling him "weak" he will send the NATO troops that are currently on the border to Russia into the country. And if that happens, WWIII here we go.


Just the mention of Clinton sends shivers of disgust !


yeah thanks Norm- if he decides to use your suggested method, we'll now who to blame


Maybe, for the sake of world peace, putin should ask trump to release his taxes.


Or he could answer many questions by just releasing his taxes.


Russia is not Red.


Exellent article by Normon Solomon! The only thing I'd dispute is that MoveOn is in any way progressive. They resemble nothing so much as a front for the Democratic party (or worse).


Thank you Mr. Solomon, for a sane and reality-based article. I abhor the actions so far of Trump, Bannon, Sessions, et al, but I think the Russia business is greatly overblown. The Democratic Party
needed no assistance, from Russia or anyone else, to lose this past election. Neoliberals are having a very difficult time admitting how out of touch they have been with the electorate.

We progressives need to be very wary of jumping on the anti-Russia bandwagon. It's not Russia, it's the U.S.! It is the only area in which Trump has shown some degree of sanity!


Great post, Janet. You said exactly what I was trying to say! Thank you!


You know that. I know that. Janet knows that. However, the average American hears "Red" when they hear "Russia". It takes a long time to overcome generations of propaganda and bullsh*t.