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Trump Cancels North Korea Summit, Citing 'Open Hostility'


Trump Cancels North Korea Summit, Citing 'Open Hostility'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Citing "tremendous anger" and "open hostility" in Pyongyang's most recent public statement, President Donald Trump on Thursday cancelled the planned summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un that was set to take place next month.

"You talk about your nuclear capabilities, but ours are so massive and powerful that I pray to God they will never have to be used," Trump wrote in a letter to Kim.

Read the full letter:


“…that I pray to God they will never have to be used.”

Your so-called “god” has nothing to do with it.


I was wondering which one of them was gonna flinch first.


I’m sure The Donald was referring to his own “tremendous anger” and his own “open hostility”—the man’s every utterance is a textbook example of projection.

But now, maybe DPRK and ROK can continue their dialogue without interference.


This a good thingy.
North and South Korea make peace on their own with Russia and China backing them up. South Korea tells Amerika to get the Amerika troops out and begins trade talks with North Korea, China, and Russia.

Works for me.


The open hostility is Bolton’s and his. The Koreas will proceed to make peace without him but with the protection and assistance of Russia and China. Trump’s presence was irrelvant theater though he could have used the opportunity to “claim a victory” – if he only had a brain . . .


Along with opening the 39th, Europe, Latin America and Canada and Australia would be better trading partners for the Korean peninsula. You know, fellow democracies.


It’s hard to negotiate peace with North Korea. When you have a bunch of Madmen in the Whitehouse.

The prospects for peace diplomacy between the US and North Korea took a sudden hit after President Donald Trump issued an extraordinary threat to Kim Jong Un. It was in effect a death threat.

Trump warned last week that if the North Korean leader does not comply with Washington’s demands for complete denuclearization, then Kim would “end up like Gaddafi”. Trump added that North Korea would be “decimated” if it did not give up its nuclear weapons.

Arguably, Trump’s rhetoric of violence towards another state is a violation of international law and the United Nations charter.

It was not the time first time the American president has engaged in criminal intimidation of the northeast Asian nation. Last September, he told the United Nations general assembly that North Korea would be “totally destroyed”.


Latin America’s a democracy? Who knew?


We knew it all along that the US is not interested in peace anywhere. But Oh what a prick Trump really is. Actually the Koreans should have pulled out of the summit but he once again shows the world the prick that he is.


Yes, while there have been parliamentary chicanery from the right in a few countries and resulting setbacks, they are all representative democracies imperfect as all democracies are. Maybe you need to review some history to remember what non-democratic Latin America looked like.

No single-party or effectively single-party states and “presidents for life” there like China and Russia.

China and Russia are not friends of anyone who calles themselves a leftist. Unless, of course they are part of this growing red-brown fascist left.


Yeah exactly, god’s are man’s creatures they don’texist outside of us.


I think that means Trump praying to himself. Or perhaps a pile of money.


If there were really a god, and Trump and fellow “Christians” really believed in this creature, they wouldn’t even contemplate using weapons of any kind. But being violent and hateful and destructive are all human attributes, and that is why we always do what we claim to find unthinkably evil in the name of a god we invent in our own image.


No surprise here. Obviously the military industrial complex is set against peace on any terms - Pence, Pompeo and Bolton were all against the detente, and all have a hand in this outcome. The only trick was to create a scenario where the US could claim NK were at fault - however implausibly. Patriots will believe the claim uncritically, as they believe the US is stuffed with virtue and everyone else is evil. That was all that mattered.


My grasp of history is okay (as is my grasp of geography—Latin America isn’t a country).

I have no enemies in China or Russia, just a few here at home.


That’s interesting, Yunzer. With that wording, you seem to be endorsing the Clintonite, pro-WWIII Russophobia narrative. Seems sloppier than your usual standard. The whole “red-brown alliance” sure looks like cooked-up agitprop, without even the semblance of a factual basis.


Again, Dump shows that he is not ready for the big time.


Yes, this is a perfect example of the psychology of projection. The “open hostility” has mostly been coming from Trump and his belligerent henchmen who are all a bunch of war freaks. This is not the first administration that knows nothing about how to create peace. Diplomacy requires more than issuing threats and ultimatums, but this simple fact is lost on Trump.


Why is it other presidents can negotiate with North Korea and Trump can’t? Maybe Trump is only willing to negotiate with White leaders of other countries? Maybe he is only willing to negotiate with countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark?