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Trump 'Cannot Obstruct Justice' Because He's President, Trump Lawyer Says


Trump 'Cannot Obstruct Justice' Because He's President, Trump Lawyer Says

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Citing many examples that disprove it, critics denounced this interpretation of the law as "baloney"


Trump channeling Nixon? This just might be some good news, for a change, because like Nixon, it looks like Trump may be getting desperate.


It took the downfall of members of Nixon’s inner circle to enable Nixon’s exit.

Lets hope Muller is able to push out a lot of Trump’s inner circle to pave the way for Trump’s exit.


They may as well say “He can have anyone he wants Murdered because he’s the president”.


“Dowd claimed that he—not the president—authored the tweet”

Normally a lawyer would direct his client to avoid saying things that would get himself in trouble, instead of saying them for his client and putting his client’s name to the words.


“The articles of impeachment against Nixon included obstruction, but he resigned before the process was complete.”

This fact may serve as an indication of how much has changed when it becomes obvious that the Democrats will not pursue impeachment, possibly no matter how bad things get.


But the question is, after Trump’s exit, who? We have a deep state problem, not their footmen.


Fuck Trump. The asshole needs to resign in disgrace. Otherwise We The People, will storm the White House and remove him and his ilk. Torches and pitchforks are going off the shelves, quicker than tar and feathers. Fucking dick. Incompetent mother fucker…


If all goes well, Pence, Sessions, and several others will go down. And Ryan would be up next. The cesspool is very deep.


DJT does not have anywhere near the intelligence that Nixon had, which makes him more dangerous than tricky dicky. Both are victims of their lack of self worth and acquired hubris to compensate for their shortcomings, which make for sick and insane empty suits. Dowd is no John Dean and neither is Cowboy Cobb.


has every right to express his view of any case," Dowd said

Like everyone else, drumpf can express his views. That’s what the 1st Amendment is all about. Also, like everyone else, if drumpf interferes with a criminal investigation, he has overstepped his 1st Amendment rights and is now knee deep in illegal territory. Using his power to protect criminals is not allowed. It would be like a politician using his power to make sure that drug cartels are not investigated or in any way interfered with.


I voted for Nixon twice. This crew of New York mafia is nothing like Nixon. I fault Nixon for Kent and Ohio state and the Viet Nam mess, but compared to today’s opposition research that borders on treason? Our top law guy is a two-bit crook.


Trumps lawyer Dowd is a total moron just like Trump.

Now, he’s been implicated in the swirling cesspool of corruption that surrounds all of these mental defectives.

Will somebody Please dig a hole big enough for all of them.


I kind of admire you for willingly admitting to all of us that you voted for Nixon twice.

Him and his sidekick Zero, I mean Spiro, did their best to stifle my ability to free speech and thousands of others on the campus of the University of Maryland in the spring of 1970. After killing those kids at Kent State, the National Guardsmen at our campus were restricted to rubber bullets.

I guess you could say he learned something from his mistakes.

Too much power is given to Presidents.

Legislation must be enacted to limit what one person can do, without others approval.

And not by 51 votes as they’re doing now.

Our current situation proves this.

A “Bad President’s” ascension to the position must be equally matched in time with his removal for the abuse of the office.

One person must never be more important than 330 million.


Yes. Except when they offend the Deep State / MIC in which case they are removed from office. The parallels with Nixon and Watergate are apropos. Nixon was removed in effect via CIA coup, chiefly for opening up détente with Russia and China; and Trump they are attempting to remove for daring to pursue peace with Russia. Nixon was pretty corrupt, and certainly covered up Watergate, but the break-in itself appears to have been a deliberately bungled CIA operation intended to be linked with CREEP (Committee to Re-Elect the President). They correctly figured Nixon would do everything he could to cover it up and he did, so he would have been impeached on obstruction had he not resigned. The same fate could await Trump, although the current Republican Party is far more corrupt than in Nixon’s time, so they may not impeach him regardless of what he does.


Despotic Donnie is simply channeling his inner megalomaniac.