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Trump Celebrates Himself on July 4th

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/07/04/trump-celebrates-himself-july-4th

Hopefully we see either a miserably low public turnout, or a massive, noisy display full of protest against our demented leader.


This year, CODEPINK is challenging Trump and his policies by flying the internationally famous Trump Baby Balloon on the National Mall on July 4, and having a “Trump is a Big Baby Festival.”


Wellllllllllll I think that the DUMP should hold this festival on Labor Day so we can celebrate all those workers who are employed by the Armament Industry and those that make prothesis for all the soldiers who have lost body parts and while we are at it throw in the casket makers as well


The picture of a tank (a frickin’ tank in the age of nukes and air superiority) accompanying the article melds perfectly with the moron running this goon show. Both are depressing relics of the past. Trump is King George redux and tanks belong in a museum.

Have another balloon suggestion for the protest to stick it in Trump’s arse. A hybrid of a dog bone and boot spurs.


The utter lack of humility, wisdom, integrity, honor, empathy, and intelligence in this odious, cretinous, pathetic excuse for a human being inspires nothing but contempt, loathing, astonishment, and anger at every action his malignant mind and regime vomit forth on our worlds peoples and planet! He isn’t worth spit!

The lack of legions of courageous people of integrity in high places challenging in no uncertain terms the evil morons words and actions runs a very close second! Notably the “opposition” party “leadership”. That lack must be filled by millions of people in the streets opposing this criminal madness!

Every moronic, pathological word spoken by this hideous gasbag is an affront to life on Earth itself…


I’d like to see a protester group with anti-trump banners, sit in the ticket seats and refuse to move. The taxpayers are footing the bill and can sit where ever they want.


We just do not know how to do protests - the Scots do! We should emulate their courage and determination!
Celebrate tyranny and terrorism, pathological lies and malignant narcissism on “Independence Day” 2019 under the “orange jobby”!

Great photos of Scots telling their truth!


I’ve just heard from the Statue!

'The Green Lady Speaks"

It’s your birthday, America
Two hundredth forty -third
That’s not so long in nation years—
historically—I’ve heard.

I am a bit distressed, you know,
and in fact, I’m yearning:
The National eagle’s head, you know,
from Peace to Arrows—keep turning!

For goodness sake–243,
I’d think by now—surely----
more peaceful you would be!
But—you’re just more surly!

Who am I? You might be asking;
standing in the Harbor:
“Liberty Enlightening The World!”
Work—is getting harder!

"Statue of Liberty, " named too.
I’m now an old broad.
People—you are warring too much!
And that’s truly just odd!

THOSE, the People are not happy!
Exported war rages!
And immigrants are living where???
In jails and in cages!

In Washington D. C. —OH MY!
Tanks and war toys they see!
But I’M the Mother of Exiles,
You can’t do this to me!!!

And you know, if you keep bombing—
where will all be living?
NO friends left in the world—perhaps:
That’s so unforgiving!

Though I’m glad you made it this far,
I’m getting nervous----------eeeeeeee!
SCARED of being melt down
into drones and bullets ----YUCKY!

Have some respect for Green Ladies,
and your own nation—YES!
PEACE and SANITY—that sounds great!
The Birthday Gift that’s blessed! **** : )


My new favorite term via the Scots for the interminable abomination Head-of-Hate is “clackwanker.”


Hi Emphyrio:
O ----did Trump just bomb So Cal or was that an earthquake…hmmmm a holiday earthquake felt here and even without the rockets red glare-----a long 20 seconds
of shaking at 10: 34---- from Los Angeles all the way to Mexico! I guess it was the Earth, who was shaking and saying NO MORE WARS! . News just said a 6.4 quake but it was a nice fun rocking and nothing broke where I am : )


Don’t sugar coat it. Tell us what you really think of our Fearful Leader.


I hope the cameras are focused on trumps face as the trump baby balloon comes into view and ruins his parade.
I think that Code Pink got permission to fly this balloon. Won’t be surprised if whoever signed off on the permit gets fired.

But we were not offered tickets. Any protest will likely be subdued.

Red, white and bullshtt

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Your stardust is a Star Burst! A thousand hearts for your poem and your endless efforts for peace.
*Love and Hugs!
Mr. & Mrs. Minitrue


Not even “our demented ‘leader’” (Fuhrer in German), but our first obvious, overt, and insane EMPEROR.


“Pentagon officers refuse to provide information on the costs of the planes, tanks and other military equipment and are “hiding out and hoping it all blows over.”

No need to hide, generals. This is the logical result of empire building since WWII, a nonstop surge of military might and bullying all you warmongers promoted with hardly a word of protest. Not one of you stepped up and said no to the Iraq invasion when Cheney and
Rumsfeld concocted the Office of Special Plans to drum up phony intelligence because the CIA wasn’t providing the needed cover. Hundreds of thousands of people died because of your bloodthirst or cowardice.

So don’t go acting all bothered by the dumbass and his ugly show. You’re embarrassed because he’s pulling back the curtain on the reality of it all. That’s why elites hate Trump. Not only is he a crude rep for their class, every once in a while Trump stumbles on an idea that betrays their interests and gives away the game. Like tariffs and summits with Kim Jong Un and Putin. How ya gonna keep spiking those defense budgets if the only problem is an enemy with not a single fighter jet, ship or even a standing army. Sooner or later even the biggest jingoistic yayhoo is gonna catch on. Of course, after retiring, you also don’t want any interruption of that golden pipeline (lined with stock options) to lobbyist for the MIC. Those stars on your starched and pressed uniform don’t mean a thing to me. I’m interested in people who treat others humanely and chooses war and destruction only as a last and unavoidable option.


A blatant misuse of taxpayer money. Add it the long list of impeachable offenses.


Your comments are soooooo true. They made me laugh… but at the same time it is sad that someone so hideous, odious and pathetic lives in OUR house… 1600 Pennsylvania


Every day, my wife and I say we need a Trump-free day. Every day he does something which fires us up again. He keeps finding new and better ways to drive us to despair. We’re down here in the Antipodes and, even then, feel we’re too close to this twerp and his sycophants. Shudder! If he weren’t so seriously dangerous we could at least just laugh but, deep down in your guts you just know he’s nuts.