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Trump, Choices, and Qualifications


Trump, Choices, and Qualifications

Christopher Brauchli

I’m glad you like adverbs-I adore them. They are the only qualifications I really much respect.
— Henry James, Letter to Miss Edwards


Since Trump must know he is totally unqualified to be president (he does have a lot of experience in hiring) apparently he is looking not to stand out by appointing equally unqualified people. With all these appointees who will be able to disagree with the view that the federal government doesn't work. Yes, after a year or two of this the conservatives will be able to claim they were right all along about failings of big government. And those unfortunate people living in states with a conservative governor it will be a double whammy because their state government will not work so well either.


Is there nothing more worrisome about Donald Trump than the fact that he may engage in adultery or need a chaperone?

The guy's nuts. His appointees are awful. Yet the Democratic Party has failed to provide an electoral alternative or even to follow democratic processes, and third parties have either not garnered a vote or not succeeded in having their votes counted.

Let us focus a bit. We will have to move outside of the electoral process and apparently quite apart from any Democratic Party reform, should that happen.


In other words, Brauchli has a problem with 'fake news' unless he's the one inventing it out of nothing. ::rolls eyes::


Lib, you seem to have a comprehension problem. Brauchli's musings are certainly not fake news.


You forgot to point out the lies.



This piece gets cattier and cattier all the way through. Mr. Brauchli starts with a good quotation but seems to have little of value to say beyond that. Some things really are better left unsaid..


So who will be Drumpf's Solicitor General for Teenage Sex Slaves?