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Trump Chooses 'Proud Climate Change Denier' for Interior Secretary


Trump Chooses 'Proud Climate Change Denier' for Interior Secretary

Nika Knight, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump will nominate Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.), a committed climate change denier, for Secretary of the Interior, sources confirmed to CNBC on Friday.


After the probing questions about the environment and climate change during the debates, we should have known this was coming...oh wait, there weren't any questions like that.


IMHO, all these appointments have been made by the extreme right, with Mike Pence as point man.


For decades scientists and concerned citizens have talked about thinnning of the ozone layer, and while there certainly is the use of more green energy including hybrids and solar, people still cling to oil and gas industries like a string on a balloon. Maybe because of the military uses or possibly the uses of products that are made with oil?
It would be interesting to hear from some scientists or those that know them.


May this 'anti-establishment' caricature from Hades ignite a tidal wave of organizing and resistance.

Contact and work with one of these or start a local grass roots organization:


It's increasingly sad that there are even debates. Nature is not a political football.


I wanted to add something positive: Some buses in our area will be all electric.


Hey, here's something interesting: In Denmark , people have been driving hybrid or all electric cars since the early 2000's. Also the mayor of Copenhagen apparently rides a bicycle to work not only for exercise but to help the environment.
And:;Since Americans have been driving cars with longer commutes to work, some studies show a connection to obesity.


Not to rain on your parade, but unless some special arrangement is in place you electric buses will be some combination of natural gas, coal and nuclear powered buses, with a small sliver of renewables thrown in for good measure. Unless, like I say, the bus system has installed solar or other resources to charge the buses or has purchased renewable-only electricity to charge them. Let's hope for the latter, but I'm not holding my breath.

Either way, at least the non-carbon pollution was moved out of town (probably). It doesn't matter where the carbon is emitted though.


Because of the far higher efficiency of electric power systems, electric buses and other vehicles still emit somewhat less CO2 than an IC engine vehicle for the general US mix of electric sources. Nuclear is, of course as CO2 free as wind of hydro; a superior occupational safety record too.


It seems to me that except for Ben Carson, these picks have all the earmarks of a 'list' given to trump by some far right wing think tank. I can't imagine trump even knowing anything about these people. I am still anxiously awaiting who they pick for secretary of state.


Ben Carson seems to be the only outlier.


Odd that a House Rep. from Washington would be so pro-oil. Washington has no oil or gas resources, only hydropower, wind, solar in the dry sunny central parts, and presumably with its volcanism, lots of geothermal, right?


You have to account for the carbon emitted mining and processing nuclear fuel and then dealing with the waste stream afterward, so nuclear is only carbon-free during the production of elecricity (the same is true of wind and solar, but their carbon content is miniscule in the manufacturing phase, compared to nuclear).

As for the safety record, I'm not sure those living near TMI, or who used to live in Chernobyl and Fukushima would agree. And in terms of occupational safety, I doubt if they are safer than wind or hydro (but it's ambiguous whether you were asserting that); possible it's true versus coal. Natural gas has a lower employee per megawatt profile, so I would expect it to have a pretty good occupational safety record.

On top of that, you have nuclear proliferation risks associated with having any fission products around.

You are correct that electricity is more efficient (though you to need account for system resource mix and transmission and distribution system losses when making this assessment) and that overall carbon emissions are lower than for a diesel, but that's not the same as being carbon-free, which is the common perception of having an all-electric bus.


And Uranium mining is further injustice toward the First Nations:


Washington State has the coveted Olympic National Park and Old Growth Rainforest that GWB tried to log but was stopped dead in his admin's tracks. There are also several other pristine forests all along the Western Washington coastline and east to the Cascade mountain range. Weyerhauser and Georgia (Koch Bothers) Pacific have both left huge scars all over the state with their clear-cut logging activities. Billions of board feet are just sitting there unscathed and like Sirens, calling out to CMR's corporate pals. There is also Mt Rainier National Park and Forest that is protected. Bear in mind that this homophobic hag (and a bible-thumping evangelized Christian) is also vice chair of T-dump's transition team who, unlike many of her fellow Rep-rats who, during the campaign, scurried to separate themselves from T-dump, figuratively had her nose up T-dumps you-know-what throughout. The only constituencies in the state that CMR represents are the millionaire class farmers/ranchers, logging companies, and any other corporate concern who pay to play. There are two major deep water ports in the state at Tacoma and Seattle where battles have been and are currently being waged to stop crude oil and coal exports. A battle is being waged to save the waters of the Puget Sound where Orcas are dying off like flies due to the ongoing pollution by cruise ships, tanker/container ships, waste treatment plants, oil refineries, Boeing, etc. Salmon recovery efforts that have been uphill battles in the state will be under fire with her enthronement. The Dept of the Interior (CMR) and the EPA (Pruitt) will soon work hand-in-glove to destroy all that is natural/God-given in the quest to extract natural resources for the sake of making profits.

How about the health of one of the World's Natural Wonders, the Columbia River that traverses the state East to West? Hanford nuclear waste still seeps into this river from leaking tanks in the Tri-Cities area (home of Battelle, et alia) and clean up efforts have been sorely underfunded and abysmally behind schedule by decades. (A monumental EPA failure). Chemical agricultural runoff is another hazard emptying into this incredible river/force of nature and CMR did all in her power to make sure the corporate farms were allowed to apply chemical pesticides and fertilizers in large quantities unregulated and unobserved.

CMR will be a pox on the beauty of a state where more than five generations of my family have been born since the 19th Century.


And with McMorris-Rodgers his right hand hag serving as vice chair of the T-dump transition team.


There don't seem to be too many north of the border wanting to shut down the tar sands. It seems there is a third category: those who know AGW real, but ignore it because they like their 100k(C$) pay check working the tar sands. Judging by Trudeau's stance on the pipelines, I suspect this third group....


Note that they will soon be generating 60% of their electric power from wind.



If only we were as sane as the Danes.