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Trump Claims Covid-19 Testing Is 'Overrated' as Cases and Hospitalizations Surge Across US

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/19/trump-claims-covid-19-testing-overrated-cases-and-hospitalizations-surge-across-us

Take your pick, but I am just going to call him Pres. Absolute Zero from now on: IQ–273.15°C or IQ–459.67°F.


IF anyone should know about being Overrated it would be Trump


“Just a reminder that Trump and the people around him are still tested constantly to keep him safe while he repeats this utter bullshit to the public.”

While, simultaneously, they serve as vectors for spreading the disease at our expense both in lives and income as we pay their salaries. Had enough?!


As the defiant reek havoc, the fall will NOT be football season in America but a reckoning of the failure of the federal government under Trump refusing to put people before profits as this pandemic resumes it’s deadly course.


Trump distracts while McConnell gets the fascist right’s agenda through.


Chump is playing a part. The poor fool is being used as a village idiot to draw the attention of the few who like him and the many who loathe him. Meanwhile, as the public is thus distracted, the ruling class is advancing swiftly toward the final dispossession of the US people, and toward the final destruction of democracy around the world.

Make no mistake. The “liberal” elements of the ruling class – those who run the DNC wing of the GOP-DNC junta – love chump just as much as chumpian “base.” They hate his vulgarity but they love what he is doing for their bank accounts.


The DNC has their work cut out for themselves if they still want to lose to this guy! Maybe ByeDone can appoint Sarah Palin as Veep ( or a bucket of slime moss) - that would do it.

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Trump simply does not want the numbers to go higher so in his flea like mind less testing does mean lower numbers. So of course he would claim it is overrated. Remember this is the guy who actually believes that exercise reduces one’s life span because we all have a finite amount energy and exercise uses it up faster. In many ways Trump is dumber than a fly on shit, but he has just enough intelligence to know how instill fear and awe in those who enable him. I don’t understand how he does it, but there is no doubting that he does and that makes him extremely dangerous now that he as ascended to what is arguably the most powerful position on earth giving him a level of power and control that he never even dreamed of. Before he was simply a criminal conman running some real estate deals. Now he literally has the power to destroy the world.


I, I, I, me, me, me!!

Trump, just go off and fuck yourself and leave us “normal” folks alone.

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Just about every day, we hear of another cohort of USAmericans for whom COVID-19 testing is mandatory, out of whom a reliable 5% or so seem to test positive. It keeps happening with groups of pro & college athletes returning to their teams, etcetera, and it just happened with one of those fascist sheriffs (too manly to catch it) on his way to kiss Orangeman butt.

Possibly athletes and officials are more recently well-traveled than average, but I regard these almost randomized samples as an indication the SARS2 microbe is nearly endemic in USA by now.


From Neil J. Smith:

“American patriots wrap themselves in the flag as does Linus his security blanket.”


agree with the 5% testing positive.

also about 4 to 5% fatalities.

Here, people who die at home have a dumpster placed on the front lawn.
All house contents go in. No estate sale, no garage sale.
And not remodeling debrie. This is new here.

Quiet resolution? Are they testing for C-19 when widows die at home?
Going on for four weeks.

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tRump will go down in history but not in the way he wants. He’ll be remembered as the embodiment of stupidity and death!

And the Dems offer no resistance to it.

For everyone that ever knew or wondered what they would do if they were there when Hitler ( or Stalin or Pol Pot or or or) well here you are, here WE are, we 7 billion plus people, people like your family, friends, neighbors, loved ones, at the non existent mercy of evil madness in the perfect storm of pandemic, global depression.
The Orange God demands sacrifice, mute obedience, and above all, adulation, or should I say, ADULATION.
Beware those that would take this monster’s head, it will grow a forest. Some weeds can only be extinguished by the roots.