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Trump Claims Memo "Totally Vindicates 'Trump'" Regarding Mueller Probe. Um No, It Doesn't

Trump Claims Memo "Totally Vindicates 'Trump'" Regarding Mueller Probe. Um No, It Doesn't

Jon Queally, staff writer

Appearing to exploit a highly controversial and misleading memo written by Congressional Republicans in the exact way many critics warned he might, President Donald Trump on Saturday morning claimed in a tweet that the contents of the document—released Friday to critical rebuke—"totally vindicated" him in terms of the ongoing probe by Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


Since Trump is so fond of applying offensive alliterative nicknames to those he deems inferior to himself, it seems only fitting to officially give him the moniker:
Delusional Donnie.


Who else in American history has anyone accepted Russian help in winning an election for president or any other government office? This is what makes Trump stand out and he keeps responding to criticism as if it is business as usual for American elections for American candidates for office accept help from a foreign government in accessing the internal private information of the opposing party. Kind of like Watergate but with Russian hackers instead of Republicans breaking into Democratic Party offices to steal information.

If this had happened to Trump and the Republicans, guess who would be screaming right now about Democrats working with the Russians to hack into their party computers and secret information. Trump by now would be the number one hysterical drama king basket case in all of the headlines in newspapers across the entire country…


Epitomizing Nixon only makes Trump look more guilty. Nunes has a history of collusion with our malevolent minority-elect president and it appears that he did it again. At what point does perpetuating Conspiracy theories and creating fake news for a fake president considered as Treason?


You would not expect Trump on the far right and people on the far left to agree on anything except their distaste for Hillary Clinton but both claim that the Russian investigation is a witch hunt. While we still don’t have the smoking gun, given that Trump has attempted to stop this investigation several times, has not released his tax returns as all presidential candidates have going back to Nixon, was in the Trump Tower when is son Donald Jr. and other associates met with some Russians because they had “dirt” on Hillary Clinton, and numerous conversations between Trump associates and Russian it seems like an obvious conclusion that something has gone on that Trump wants to hide. Of course in the left wing alternative universe this is all the work of DNC which is trying to blame the Russians for Hillary Clinton’s defeat after they rigged the primary so that the clearly most popular candidate Bernie Sanders who easily would have defeated Trump lost.


“This is an American disgrace!”…and these fucks are the psudo-masters of phony projection. It’s so blatant and above board that it becomes hilarious. Still they are absolutely ‘dangerous’ mother fuckers.

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trump sez “there was no collusion” and this memo “totally vindicates me” - clearly both those, and countless other claims are the product of a diseased and delusional mind - a sad reality people with any shred of wisdom or decency must remove from power as soon as humanly possibly, before he opens doors that cannot be shut…

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Yet another trump troll and delusional SB that joined 15 minutes ago! Just to spew ridiculous propaganda and BS! Prove your claimed history! The corruption and filth of government and alphabet agencies and both political party establishments are well recognized here at CD - mostly.

Maybe this is another persona of WantBernieInstead - another mouthpiece for R’Con/trump rubbish talking points!


I don’t care where you come from but obviously you haven’t a clue what ‘treason’ is…how can a website commit treason? That’s fucking laughable dude…and your ‘both siderism’ is just ‘deplorable’. Go ravage some other ‘treasonous rag’ because your grade school attempt at marginalizing CD is pathetic.


Wowee! You are in a deep state.


Nomi Prins - at Min 13:00 Keiser Report collusion among banksters - some of the formula for blowing bubbles

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Here is the actual memo, BTW.

Reading it with great anticipation, I was fairly underwhelmed. It is amazingly free of substance regarding the justifications for FBI surveillance on foreign communicaitons between Carter Page and shady Russian businessmen (aka gangsters), only an allegation that they used information from sources that had a political interest gathering the informaiton. But interests and motivations have nothing to do the objective substance of the informaiton.

It is really much ado about nothing - but the pro-Trump media will make a big ado about it.

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WOW, you are one hateful dude, ignorant to boot.


I do not like being made a fool, and I believe that is exactly what all this political maneuvering by players of the state is meant to do–play us all for fools. When the US presidency is at stake, there is no low too low to go anymore, by either major party. There is also no low too low to go for our intelligence and law enforcement services, either. J. Edgar Hoover’s reign at the FBI, lying us into the Iraq War, and spying on everybody–at home and abroad, are just a few examples of their lawlessness and ethical lapses.

On top of all this, the GOP is crying foul over surveillance; many are the same congress members, who forced through an expanded surveillance state post 9-11 and created a new multi-billion dollar industry to feed it (paid with our tax dollars). Meanwhile, just a few days ago, the GOP overwhelmingly voted to extend the same program, despite its clear unconstitutionality and all their tears. OMG–what the hell is going on?

This is all complicated by a corporate owned media spreading state propaganda rather than performing real investigative journalism, made worse by blatant bias for their home teams: Republicans or Democrats.

There is absolutely no way to sift truth through lies, and that happened long before the alleged Russian bots and disinformation campaign began.

There’s every reason to believe this a witch hunt. There is every reason to believe that Trump is corrupt and in position to be blackmailed. There is every reason to believe that it is easier for the Democrats to make a bruhaha rather than accept responsibility of losing to Trump in the first place. There is every reason to believe this is a big sideshow to keep us engaged in the electoral process so we don’t take actual meaningful action–in the streets.

So what is the story with the dossier–the thing in the center of this current bullshit? These two articles shed the most light on it for me. But what’s the story? Heaven only knows.

(EDIT: And why are these images so big?)


Don’t forget the Putin-flirting Left. I mean, the memo, the firings, the clearly organized effort to derail Mueller, these are the work of peace-loving people stuck in a weird warp of coincidence and happenstance.


Well, there was also the matter, never settled, of the Raygun campaign getting the assistance of the new Iran government to help his campaign by holding onto 52 hostages until after the election…


So far, I have not seen any proof of your statement, but there is certainly a plethora of circumstantial evidence to support your statement. And just asking: why doesn’t Trump ever criticize Putin? Trump acts like Putin is his best buddy!

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Hi Lobo/Laura, all the best to you and thanks for all your contributions. i also had problems with the huge images and was informed by another CD member (sorry I forgot who) that they may be brought back down to scale IF you click on and activate “hide preview” at the lower right of the reply box. It must be done lastly after all edits, as if not, the huge size returns - I think I have it down now, but…Peace to you…and us all!

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Don’t forget, the point of obstruction is to obstruct investigators from learning the truth. Money laundering and conspiracy go hand-in-hand as well.

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Delusional Donnie Strikes Again!

Note to all McDonald’s employees:

“Forget about spitting in Trumps next Big Mac. Give him something that he will never forget.”