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Trump: "Comey Better Hope There Are No 'Tapes' of Our Conversations!"

Trump: "Comey Better Hope There Are No 'Tapes' of Our Conversations!"

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

President Donald Trump issued a cryptic threat to former FBI director James Comey on Friday, tweeting that the recently-fired bureau chief "better hope that there are no 'tapes' of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!"

James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!

Fake President working overtime to create more lies.


Reality is not compatible with a high level of functionality, so most people elect to ignore reality.


It’s hard -or rather, naive, to NOT expect that there are recordings of some form or another- probably going back decades.

Trump’s likely been dealing with shady and criminal elements since the 1980’s, well before the current survellience state. So… the FBI doesn’t have heaps of material?



I love it!!! Our “Moron-in-Chief” is absolutely unraveling and is UNHINGED! This dumb ass just keeps digging himself in deeper and deeper. Someone get a shovel! On a more serious note, however, the fact that he’s so unbalanced doesn’t help our national security. We as a nation are very vulnerable and appear as being weak to the global community. Embarrassing!


" Given Trump’s abysmal grasp of history, I have to wonder if he knows about Watergate and the Nixon tapes."

If he does, Trump probably still thinks Nixon did no wrong! Trump has such an abysmal grasp of history, it wouldn’t surprise me if someone asked him a question about Ralph Waldo Emerson; his reply would probably be: " DIDN’T THEY QUIT MAKING T.V.S A LONG TIME AGO" ?


Ha, Trump better hope Comey has no tapes of those conversations. I’m sure they would be very damning to Trump. Delusional, narcissist, sociopath…this is who sits in the Oval Office now.

This administration is a shit stain on the fabric of American history, and that’s being unfair to shit.


Sadly, they’ve always been this stupid. It’s very discouraging.


Of what I speculate is failure of Congressional Republicans to seek to control Trump is generating the public perception of Trump’s values being the values of the Republican Party. If I am correct, this attitude is likely to doom the Republican Party. Assuming this, however, the Democrats are little better off with the DNC continuing to harbor the Clintonian dedication to corporate interests, sacrificing the social programs serving the vast bulk of those traditionally identifying with the Democratic Party.

How’n the hell did our political system arrive at this political collapse?


Over all the years The Apprentice/Celebrity Apprentice has been on …

I think there’s also a very good possibility he’s more than just a tad senile – what struck me about the threat is that he used the word ‘tapes’ – that is a seriously outdated way to refer to possible recordings.


Reagan, Bush, Clinton and Citizen’s Untied???

How? By continuing to vote the best of the worse can only continue to lead to things getting progressively worse. The bar can no longer be set any lower. We must get rid of both of these sleazy parties, and now.


Add Obama and you get an almost perfect score.


Tapes can be very useful. Old in a technical sense doesn’t mean non-functional, either. There are many old tools still in use, especially around the First Circle in Washington, D.C.


You are way too right; and how could I forget the obadrone and all those disgusting lies he told? Thank for reminding me!


The typical American has come to reject their “getting politically involved” ever since the end of the Vietnam War era. At that time America split between the more or less disconnected (from their government) and the politically connected (typified by those who even knew how local government and state governments operated). The average American voted every four years in fewer and fewer numbers expecting that nothing would change and “it is as it always is, so why bother?”

Then one day the word gerrymandering became commonplace. Say wha’? On another day we watched as government did little to stop American corporations laying off tens of thousands one after another and moving to China and elsewhere. Then we watched corporate raiders plunder pensions and saw pensions disappear entirely for millions. Then we saw exorbitant health insurance costs become personal as a result. Then we saw Bush/Cheney give two trillion in tax cuts and then add on even more when they saw that they could get away with it. Then we saw the bail outs that foreclosed on the little guy and made him pay taxes to bail out the banks that screwed him.

How did our political system arrive at this political collapse you asked?

We have no idea is the answer!

(Sarcasm included!)


Both parties? The Pentagon likes things just the way they are, currently. Their allowance keeps going up every year when the UniParty has control of the checkbook. And, they don’t even have to show improvement. They can leave the dishes in the sink, not mow the lawn, not be nice to their sisters and still get the keys to the car. Such a deal, eh.


My god is Trump stupid.

Thing is, if he is impeached, we would likely see a Pence/Ryan Whitehouse. I am not convinced that is better. I’d much prefer that he limp to the 2020 election with a 25% approval rating and get slaughtered by a progressive worth a damn. He’ll probably limp to 2020 and will have a chance against a weak, corporate hack Democrat, which is exactly how we got here in the first place.


What next, Jabba (The Hut a l’orange)? Paying your underworld thugs to crush his kneecaps, threaten the safety of his family, and plant 2 keys of cocaine or black tar heroin inside his car? The residue from your lifelong connections to the sleazy underworld (including Goldman Sachs execs) are now exuding through your pores and out through your fingers while you become ever increasingly mentally and emotionally unhinged each and every day. You, demented demagogue, are your own WORST enemy and your evil incarnate is your undoing.

And your money will not buy you sanity.

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