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Trump Condemned for 'Abhorrent' 2,000-Mile Separation of Mother and Her 7-Year-Old Child


Trump Condemned for 'Abhorrent' 2,000-Mile Separation of Mother and Her 7-Year-Old Child

Julia Conley, staff writer

Children's rights and immigrant rights advocates are incensed over the forced separation of a Congolese woman and her seven-year-old daughter who arrived in the United States last November, seeking asylum.

The woman is being held in a detention facility in San Diego while her daughter is being held 2,000 miles away in Chicago by the Office of Refugee Resettlement. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has given no reason for separating the two.


Herr Trump is “Making America Great Again”. Those venerated “fathers of the country” used to seperate child from mother with regularity on their Plantations when they needed some extra Capital. Many of them felt that if a child kept with her mother too long, the mother would worry too much about the child and shirk her duties.

Now this woman is from Africa. I have the feeling that were this a mother and child from Norway, the two would not be seperated.

Next up , In order to pay the costs of housing these refugees the woman from the Congo is to be leased to a prison farm to pick cotton. After all if you have to work to get Medicare…

The 1 percent in any country are, quite frankly socio-paths. The more entrenched they are and the more power they have, the sicker the country becomes.


May the people responsible for this burn in hell. Trump’s hair is already on fire. It’ll get to his pants soon.


If the mother and child were from Norway, they wouldn’t be seeking residence in the US to begin with!


What in the Hell do you expect in the US Fourth Reich?
*Read some history of 1930’s - '40’s Germany. We do use their playbook.


There can be no reason other than racism that would separate a Congolese mother from her child. Remember Trump’s comments on certain countries populated by people of color?


does anyone think for a minute that a government agency called ‘ICE’ would be anything other than ruthless? they should have the Waffen SS skull and cross bones as their emblem. deplorable is too mild a word… :frowning:


What would happen if the workers at these institutions were to have the level of consciousness that would lead them to take action in opposition to such reprehensible practices?

Perhaps a case could be made that folk who participate in such crimes against humanity should be brought to trial, in an international court, for the complicity in these violations of international law:


ICE is the ultimate terrorist organization…They need to be sent to Guantanamo.


Am so relieved that ACLU is suing; this has got to stop! Unconscionable to separate a 7 year old child from its mother, Why Chicago? This is outrageous. Racism, unchecked.


You need to join her on that plane. We don’t need more jerks like you, Trump is enough (actually too much)


While Trump will be blamed (rightly so–the buck stops there!), the truth is there are plenty of zombie-goons in the US ready and willing to carry out his mandates and think up some of their own brutal versions of assaulting the vulnerable. Creeps-o-rama.


Your speculations are just that–wild-ass guesses about someone you know nothing about. Since none of us will know the full story about this young woman and her child, we can sit around "supporting " her in her pain, or come up with a number of stereotypes and slurs and increase her difficulties. Which camp are you in? Oh yeah–you made that abvious. And using the word REgressives as a slur against progressives means nothing, since progressives generally are not trying to take the nation back to the 19th century and are not fear/xenophobia and hatred-driven.


I’m in the camp of understanding the broader issues of immigration and not using a teeny little keyhole (legal/illegal–white/colored "useful skills/ unskilled) with which to look at the situation. For example, Forbes posted a good article about the economic benefits of immigration for the US --we are not a “young” nation inasmuch as most of the population is over the age of 15 (if you study demographics you understand why this is critical) https://www.forbes.com/sites/stuartanderson/2016/10/02/3-reasons-why-immigrants-key-to-economic-growth/#ddae1a57dabd


This article is not really a risk - benefit analysis. It basically just means if you have more workers you have a larger GDP. It compares Japan (a small island with natural limits) to the U.S. where economic growth has reached a unhealthy, unnatural, regressive trend. There are a lot of examples of how limited that benefits immigrants or established citizens. I could use the example of places where immigrants own homes but now have no water. This is just a benefit analysis that doesn’t examine risks.


There has been a Senate intervention in this case and they have until March 9 to respond.


You are aware that the US has had its hand in the horrible conditions in which the people live in Congo, ever since the assassination of the newly elected post-colonial leader, Patrice Lumumba in 1961? His assassination was ordered by the CIA, but they couldn’t pull it off, so set up a way for him to be killed by others. Congo has been known as the jewel of Africa, due to its vast resource wealth, which the US covets. Lumumba was a pan-Africanist and nationalist, and the US didn’t want to take any chances on having to pay a fair price for Congo’s resources, something Lumumba would want, in order to make life better for his people in Congo. Since that time, Congolese have suffered terribly at the hands of various factions trying to gain control of the resources and the government. I’ve read that rape is a weapon of war there on a scale seen no place else on earth, and is destroying the lives of women and children on a massive scale. If the US had let Lumumba keep the office to which he was elected, it is likely that Congo today would be peaceful and prosperous, rather than a hell-hole, and the woman to whom you refer wouldn’t have been forced to leave her home for fear of her life and that of her child.

It is also the case that so many of the people trying to enter over the southern US border are fleeing their countries because of the horrors US intervention/policies has left in its wake in Central America.

The US is no innocent victim in the ‘immigration crisis’.


What a cruel and unnecessary act this is! If this does not look like Gestapo behavior, I don’t know what does.

We, as a supposedly civilized society, are swiftly losing all sense of empathy, morality, humanity and ethics. This will not end well for us!


The article is fairly superficial - but the National Academies report underlying it is an extremely thorough look at the knowledge in this area. It’s a bit long (643 pages) but reading an individual chapter or two on specific areas of interest is doable in an afternoon. The chapter dealing with the effect on wages is not as rosie as the Forbes article implied at all (pretty good studies do show a bigger negative impact on the wages of low education natives than I had thought before I read this). The stuff on entrepreneurship and innovation that the Forbes article describes is featured in the report and is a mark on the positive side (over 10% of immigrants are self-employed compared to under 8% of natives; immigrants started 25% of high tech companies with over $1 million in sales; they have a huge impact on U.S. exports; rates for immigrant patenting in the U.S. are extremely high and consequential, etc…). Overall, the report looks like the place to go for the science on this topic.


Heil Trumpf!