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Trump Condemned for Ditching Treaty That Has 'Helped Prevent Nuclear War for Nearly Three Decades'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/21/trump-condemned-ditching-treaty-has-helped-prevent-nuclear-war-nearly-three-decades

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Tweety’s sign should read “A Really Dumb Dud.”

Corporate welfare expansion, especially for the military industrial media infotainment complex (MIMIC) are the only constructive actions the GOP has taken for more than four decades, and those actions have been constructive only for 1% special interests. Everything else the GOP has done since Saint Ron ascending the throne has been destructive to the economy, environment and the 99%.

Destruction wrought by Trump, Moscow Mitch and their organized crime syndicate disguised as a Senate are simply the logical conclusion of the GOP’s legacy.


This orange pustule stinking up the White House doesn’t have the slightest knowledge or concern about the use of nuclear weapons despite his ridiculous claim that he is a “stable genius”. From his suggestion that we could make hurricanes dissipate by exploding an A-bomb in the eye of the storm to his talk with a weapons expert in which he repeatedly asked why we can’t use our nuclear weapons. Donald Trump is an exceedingly dangerous asshole who has never had to acknowledge his disastrous mistakes or been held responsible for them. His one talent is chaos and ruin, something that he has demonstarted again and again in his appalling “career”. ALL he cares about is that nuclear weapons are a means to project his power and make him look like a strong leader. He is nothing but a profoundly ignorant egomaniac and sociopath. The world isn’t just laughing at us they are considering the possibilities that could still come from this treasonous POS and they are cringing at the possibility that he could steal the November election or actually be “elected” from our hopelessly corrupt voting system. Trump is not just a national nightmare but one for the planet. His installation as the most powerful man in the world after never being a politician but merely a corrupt and often failed businessman and “reality” TV star is further proof of what AOC said - that he is not some anomaly but rather he is a symptom of something that has gone very wrong with our country. That degradation is certainly not confined to this hideous bunch of Republican scum. It also comes from the corporate Demos who want to primary AOC after only one term because she has been outspoken and a true liberal/progressive. Can’t have any of that with the “New Democrats” with their appeasement strategies of “incrementalism”, the “Third Way” and “triangulation”. That crap started with the Clinton years and continued through Obama and anyone who believes that Biden, if elected, will be the new FDR is really fooling themselves.


We’re living in a science fiction movie where an android has taken over America and is destroying it.


The android is not the problem. The problem is his millions of cheerleaders across murka.


I also wonder why those governments who govern with a better sense of reality do not push back against this POS. Surely if united they could become a powerful force. I suppose the unknown factor is “ability to unite”

But in fact I see the need to get rid of this destructive trend as a motive which could justify the need for union.

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The most visible international push back on Trump that I recall was when Trump addressed the UN in September 2018 and was laughed off the podium by several European UN delegates.

Most world leaders lie low when dealing with a tyrant in control of a jumbo nuclear arsenal capable of destroying life on the planet.


Nothing Trump does is Trumps fault, he only ran for office, he didn’t hold a gun to our heads. The fact he is and has been a narcissistic sociopath is long established and well documented well before he ever considered running for office. The responsibility for policing the government in a democracy falls wholly on it’s people, not the government. This sociopath has a real shot at winning again, that does not qualify as policing our government.

Exactly…This administration would think nothing of applying sanctions designed to destroy the economies of any nation state that would dare to resist the will of this American regime.The United States has no friends. You are feared… certainly not respected, I have no idea what is going to become of us (the rest of the world) and you…the decent people of the United States.


Peace treaties and arms limitations look bad when the new multi trillion dollar a year cold war sop needs enemies …

Hi theseeyes:
But that sign could fit Biden too-------remember, he was a strong supporter and worked hard to get the US into the illegal and immoral and insane Iraq war. Joe’s brain doesn’t function well enough to tweet.
Neither party works anymore. : (


“blundering toward nuclear chaos” + floundering around in a pandemic + ignoring the looming climate disaster = America’s end of times diplomacy, with Pompeo leading the way.

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Once again, the US pulls out of a treaty that doesn’t suit the interests of its Rulers. Long history of this; about 250+ years. Any country who enters into a treaty with the US and trusts it will follow it needs to read up on our history that’s not written by the winners and Elites.
Now I’m wondering…why the fuck are we spending trillions of dollars on trying to tame Covid-19 when we also want to spend more trillions on weapons to kill billions of people? If our leaders have such a blood lust and death wish, I suggest we put them in an arena, with various weapons, and let 'em go at each other. No holds barred. Last man standing will be placed in a space capsule and launched into orbit, along with all of his family. No supplies. Perhaps then homo sap will be rid of this need to dominate by killing others.


Have I said how much I hate this rat bastard? This turd reaches new lows day after day. How much more can we take of this knuckle dragger?,

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Both Parties have failed to dismantle our nuclear arsenals. Both Parties have seen a massive increase in nuclear stockpile expenditures. Both parties are ‘weak on peace’. To Hell with Trump, Biden, Clinton, Bush and the rest of the Establishment!

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Vote/November 2020

And there is this to think of: given the govt’s response to multiple natural disasters (as in failing) I have no reason to believe those nuclear weapons would work properly if at all. Think of dr. Strangelove…

I agree Trump is a malignant monstrosity but even without him what do you do about all the emboldened knuckle dragging MAGAts

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Don’t forget the Oreo Prez.