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Trump Condemned for Ditching Treaty That Has 'Helped Prevent Nuclear War for Nearly Three Decades'

As I was reading your comment I was wondering if you would get around to suggesting that since trump got his hand slapped for wondering why he can’t use nukes. Instead he takes option B. Use them as a threatening tool.

You didn’t disappoint. You hit the puddle sloshing around in trump’s head square on.

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You are one step behind many of us my friend. We have been fed up for some time now.

One MAGAt at a time?

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Hopefully many MAGAmonsters are covidified.

Forced re-education camps?

I lay a good part of the blame for this on the part of the neoliberal establishment, who in collusion with Deep-State neocons have been goading Trump since before the election. Spreading the “Russiagate” conspiracy theories, sceaming like ninnies when he dared private face-to-face meetings with Putin (following up his campaign-time words about seeking better relations with Russia); the constant labeling of Trump as “Putin’s bitch”, etc.; all have been largely the focus of the so-called “liberal” press and punditry, widely echoed on “liberal” social media platforms.

This isn’t to suggest that Trump was actually a pacifist or had any altruistic motives for seeking to develop better relations with Russia, defuse tensions on the Korean peninsula, etc. He’s a self-interested loose cannon, after all

Yet all this pushing from his nominal “left” surely has helped give cover to dark, dangerous figures like Pompeo and others among the Deep State that have been consistent, over decades, in one agenda: to keep the world safe for the American military industry.

Sure, and those nations wanting/demanding this have expanded. SO if you want to DIE via a NUKE just like NO FENCE no LOCKS…then let em in…and let em advance NUKEs…all USA’ s enemies have em and can fire at will…\