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Trump Confession He Was Ready to Assassinate Assad Condemned as 'Disgusting Display' of 'Imperial Hubris'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/16/trump-confession-he-was-ready-assassinate-assad-condemned-disgusting-display

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Yes lets get outraged at Trumps bloviating but give Obama and Clinton a wing and a nod when they actually performed assassinations.

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Trump did order the murder of an Iranian official, and nobody is outraged ONLY about the fact that he lies about everything, including killing people.
Nor do any true progressives here excuse Obama and Clinton for committing war crimes and assassinations.
But Obama and Clinton aren’t president, and Trump is a dangerous monster.
That’s worth outrage, right?

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Obama and Clinton paved the way for Trump. THAT is worth outrage. BTW thank you DNC.

You forget the Iranian military officer ordered assassinated by trump. They all do it. They are all guilty. How many sit on their hands with no national health strategy while 200,000 citizens die alone, without their loved ones? Big difference.