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Trump—Consumed With 'Narcissistic Crusade' Over Election Loss—Slammed for Silence on Surging Pandemic

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/12/04/trump-consumed-narcissistic-crusade-over-election-loss-slammed-silence-surging

Trump: " the election was rigged".

Well Trump in a sense is correct, Trump and his fellow Republicans did not do enough of a good job in rigging it!


Well they’re trying to make up for that in the GA. runoff election. The FL. lawyer talked about in this vid., will hopefully face serious legal repercussions for his action of instructing FL. voters how to register to vote in GA. so they can help the two gop Senators win reelection.

“Florida Attorney In Trouble After Telling Republicans To Rig Georgia Election”
Farron Balanced Platform


Re: Trump and surging silence about the pandemic.

Well, I don’t think MSM is doing much better.

Yes, we know more cases every day.

Yes, we know the vaccines are coming. But they are still a ways off and will take some time to deliver two doses required.

Yes, we know we should wear masks, social distance and stay home.

Yes, we are contact tracing.

Yes, we know hospitals are getting full. We know
patients with other diseases may not have attention, and may also get infected while at the hospital.

What else, oh dear, oh dear!..Well, duh, BUILD MORE HOSPITALS. COVID hospitals. That is what China did. They stopped the virus cold before vaccines came out.


Maybe trump seems detached from the covid crisis because he thinks there are only 15 cases and it will be gone in a week or two.
I don’t know how he can deny his own ignorance…


…is any of this (supposedly “new”) criticism coming from his voting base, by chance? No? Then, wtf does it matter, if he’s being criticized by the same do-the-bare-minimum people that have been criticizing him for much of the last four years? He’s still gonna get pardoned!

Ugh, quit pissin on me & telling me that it’s rain🤦


Dear fact deprived author,

Calm down. US covid response is in the middle of western countries.

Total deaths, including the initial peak, added about 10% to the normal US death rate of 230,000/mo.

Current deaths per infection, 1.6%, are about a fifth as high as they started.

If it comes to that, Trump will pardon himself. He will not be held accountable by the law. He also doesn’t actually care who coronavirus infects, as long as it keeps spreading and the chaos keeps growing.


That wasn’t him being ignorant. That was him playing us all for fools, as he continues to do. He told Bob Woodward at the time – on tape – that he knew the virus was dangerous and spreading. He didn’t want there to be a panic (just yet). We underestimate Trump at our peril, especially at this very dangerous moment.


Yeah, what’s a couple of hundreds of thousand of lives anyway. Being in wars of choice, murdering so many year after year does require a certain callousness among the population, and such attitudes can despoil a society.


Hi gandolf:
I keep referring to hisTrumpiness, as the biggest mass murderer in American history, and he is because he doesn’t care about WE the People of the United States. How many have died, because they trusted Trump?—And how many will continue to die because of him? . Covid 19 is REAL—Trump is the murderous HOAX himself. : (


Sooooo damn corrupt! Thanks for the link. Shanti


I disagree with your ad hominem, but you are right about covid. The death rate is staggering when it can still infect everyone and is on track to overwhelm the medical systems of most states long before any widespread vaccination can be done.


Gee, it looks like one of my relatives must have found Common Dreams!


Meanwhile in Sweden all high schools have been closed down for a month. 209 deaths have occurred in the last 2 days. Some people on these boards were claiming Sweden as an example as to why lock downs, social distancing and masks not needed.

Do these people believe that Doctors in Sweden are suddenly lying about why those people are dying ?


The deaths per million in the USA is 11th highest in the world. If one tosses out the statistical anomalies due to their small population size Andorra and San Marino as example) the US is in the top 10 highest of deaths per million. This is the RICHEST Country in the world.

This hardly puts them “in the middle of the pack”. There are some 220 Countries in this measurement and being on the bottom ten is not “middle of the pack”

Did you study mathematics at Trump University? You do know that operation failed miserably and was subject to class action lawsuits for fraud?


This is police state corporate media bs------the President cannot pardon himself------under law the President must follow THE LAW??? Just think about what these clowns are saying------so the President kills his whole family-----just having a bad day-----and then he pardons himself??? --------Something most people don’t seem to get the office of President is very weak-------the real power rests with Congress.

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Yet he would do it anyway, because when challenged in court, what judges will it ultimately end up in front of? After all that’s happened, you really don’t think he would try?


Well we have a President after four years-------please note we now have a President elect who is actually doing his JOB! You can be right , left, orange or blue--------but one thing needed in any President is competence------I would agrue that this virus could have been contained to China-------look how China is containing it today. The world looks to the US to deal with issues like this and we failed------

Not only has the corrupt Republican party enabled this JOKE of a President----it is the Corporate media that are the real culprits----and now they cheer Trump on in his antics.

Breaking News 400,000 no longer getting unemployment gave up looking for work.

What is the homeless population today------NOT REAL NEWS


As far as rigging goes, I wonder what they call reducing voting stations, purging registered voters, putting up road blocks like happened in a tribal community out west, and they are in essence still rigging by lawsuit after lawsuit.
Yes Donald you and your cohort rigged this election but it didn’t quite work this time.
Shame on your lying ass Donny.