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Trump Cranks up the Miseries of the People of Venezuela

Trump Cranks up the Miseries of the People of Venezuela

Jesse Jackson

President Trump apparently has decided that intervention in Venezuela’s agonies can help repair an image scarred by the government shutdown debacle.

In recent days, he recognized an obscure, right-wing opposition leader when he declared himself acting president. Trump has blustered that “I am not going to rule out a military option.” Mike Pompeo, his secretary of state told the world’s nations to “pick a side” in the internal Venezuelan standoff.


Venezuela’s plight [noun] def see resource curse


Murder and mayhem is their game.

The American Duopoly is their name.


My hat is off to Jesse for picking the right side in this fight, despite the BS from US MSM, mainstream liberals, and of course the ever-treacherous Democratic Party.

Whereas 2-faced coward Bernie Sanders is one again trying to work both sides of the street.

When will liberals learn to see past his facade?


There is another important aspect here; Venezuela has developed a five branch government with a sixth yet underdeveloped still safely outside formal bureaucratic systems. After much thought, I believe Hugo would have expanded his vision to seven branches.

Hugo Chavez as chief executive also oversaw introduction of a ballot system that cannot be tampered with. Never say never, yet so far so good; Hugo Cavez’s balloting invention is hack proof.

Evolution is accelerating at an accelerating rate, in the form of ideas and knowledge. Representative democracy was purposefully designed to represent capital. Hugo Chavez broke us out of capitalist three branch representative democracy and that has led to an angry capitalist counter attack seeking to control evolution of Cosmos.

Cosmic powered biology manifest as human uses autonomous democracy to focus distributed intelligence. The yellow vests call it collective intelligence. The people enter into intense conversation on city streets nationally. They go home and talk for six days and then return for a street meeting on the seventh day. It is an intellectual pump. Controlled evolution accelerating at an accelerating rate stride by stride with accelerating cosmic expansion.

This changes into a quantum aspect when one attempts to define what accelerating evolution and Cosmos are doing. Ask any one person and the difficulty becomes visible, no one person can say what decisions about the future are being made in the streets and homes of France.

The Venezuelan army created Hugo Chavez and unleashed all this type of energy in Venezuela; The Army should ask the people what they think it should do. Venezuelans can go into solidarity for national security with their own army. They can make toilet paper and become food independent. Backed by the army, the general population can bring peace to the streets of a nation producing in solidarity for national security. That’s what Hugo Chavez would tell them to do.

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“In recent days, he recognized an obscure, right-wing opposition leader when he declared himself acting president”

Seriously Reverend? Juan Guaido is a leader of the Popular Will party that’s a member of the Socialist International. You know, Democratic Socialists like the young Progressive Goddess Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez or the more seasoned demi god Bernie Sanders US progressives can’t stop talking about.

Last week, Common Dreams published Senator Bernie Sanders’ strong opposition to US intervention in Venezuela, “Sanders Says US Should ‘Not Be in the Business of Regime Change’ in Venezuela” (January 25).

His welcome early denunciation of Trump’s policy, citing the history of illegal and immoral US interventions in Latin America, is comparable, and a nice complement, to Reverend Jesse Jackson’s commentary here.

This is perhaps a sexed up crisis to distract from Trump’s outrageous scandals about Russian collusion. Bolton and Co. decided it was too risky to start a war on Iran so they are using this to toss red meat to the base and throw a smoke screen around the Mueller Report.

Sanders gives Trump tacit approval with the following statement:

“The Maduro government has waged a violent crackdown on Venezuelan civil society, violated the constitution by dissolving the National Assembly and was re-elected last year in an election many observers said was fraudulent. The economy is a disaster and millions are migrating.”

This is classic Sanders, talking through both sides of his mouth.