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Trump Created 'Global Playbook to Attack Those Revealing Uncomfortable Truths,' Snowden Writes About Greenwald and Assange

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/01/27/trump-created-global-playbook-attack-those-revealing-uncomfortable-truths-snowden

The truth will be revealed.

By whom? Certainly the truth will never be revealed or be televised, or be seen in the Corporate, Media.


Keep in mind who was president before Trump. He was horrible on the freedom of press too, despite Democratic delusions to the contrary. He also supported mass violations of the constitution by the NSA. Trump is horrible, the neoliberals like Obama aren’t tons better on this issue (and others).


Even middle of the road, neo-liberal supporting press outlets like NPR are getting attacked. Witness Pompeo’s intimidation of NPR reporter Mary Louise Kelly. Trump then followed threatening NPR’s existence. The fragile imperfect democracy we have is imperiled. When will Americans hit the streets like in France Hong Kong Chile etc?


Keep the faith Shanti, the fact that the citizens aren’t buying the smears on Bernie is proof they are waking up to the lies MSM is putting out, and are not believable anymore. I have more faith everyday that PonyBoy is correct about this.

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For those who haven’t seen the good news for Assange, Caitlin Johnstone has a new article out (her website or Consortium News), about how his fellow prisoners helped to get him removed from solitary confinement to a new section with 40 other prisoners in Belmarsh Prison. It’s a good read (as usual from her), and shines a light on the people normally considered not ready for the free world.


Of which there are MANY!

Freedom of the press is not allowed under Fascism.


One question here is how will the country roll when we are 95% surveilled, including facial and body identifiers everywhere.
Of course the rich and powerful want anonymity, so do most people.
Another way Bin Laden won.
Citizens finding out that they can be recorded in public without giving permission is a youtube special, when 1st Amendment audits are undertaken.

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Keep positive, but we need to be pragmatic also.

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As I warned in a comment on another site, beware of this transfer. Moving Assange into a general population area of 40 other prisoners just puts him in a position of being murdered; just think Jeffrey Epstein. His murder would soon make him a forgotten soul; and, out of the news. This is all to suspicious to me.

Does it not make sense to assume that politicians who do not speak out against the persecution of people like Greenwald, Assange, Manning, and the various other whistleblowers and journalists who work with them prefer to hide their work from the public ?

The security apparatus won. Bin Laden died awhile back.

Bought Snowden’s book, then learned the government is keeping all the proceeds, so I am giving it away to keep the information flowing.