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Trump Creates 'Constitutional Crisis' as Travel Ban Enforced in Defiance of Court Orders


Trump Creates 'Constitutional Crisis' as Travel Ban Enforced in Defiance of Court Orders

Nika Knight, staff writer

Chaos reigns in the wake of President Donald Trump's sweeping executive order banning immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries and refugees from around the world.

"Obedience to specific court orders is what keeps us from being a banana republic or fascist dictatorship."
—Abner Greene,
Fordham University


I am very proud of so many good people across America, from N.Y. to Seattle standing up to this unconstitutional, order by the current tyrant in our house!


It may directly affect a small number of people, but I too am so proud of the larger numbers who will not stand for such a violation of our principles.


Just as the Oakland police department and others have been put under the control of a federal judge and required to conform to consent decrees due to their violations of and failure to uphold the law - if the immigration and naturalization service and Department of Homeland Security fail to follow the laws and ruling of our courts, they should be put under the control of the federal judiciary, required to sign consent decrees and be brought into conformity with the rule of law.

If they are allowed to run rogue over the constitution and our laws, then we are in really big trouble and on a chaotic path. They have been given police rights through the constitution and law, but they then turn around and refuse to conform to those laws. A form on anarchism from agencies created by the establishment.


Progressives: Now is the time to raise impeachment motions in the House. And keep raising them every single day. If you do not, you're complicit in President Bannon's efforts to erode and destroy our albeit imperfect and fragile democracy.

He will, working through the Narcissist in Chief, push to the alt-right extreme, ignoring the rule of law, until they're both punched out of office.


Sean Spicer: "How can we get ahead of the threats?"

Easy. Imagine them. Yes, imagine all kinds of threats. And lash out at them! And destroy them! Kill those imaginary threats!


I expected chaos, after the 70 year old toddler took office. I just did not expect it to evolve this rapidly.
The question is, who controls the enforcement of the executive orders at the airport level. People obedient to the despot or those who respect the orders of the courts? Is there a tool, which permits the state authorities to intervene?
This is truly a constitutional crisis. We cannot have an executive, which completely disrespects the courts. I hope that there is now work underway to commence impeachment procedures against this abomination of a President.


Too late! It has happened already. The card house is tumbling


In the past, when it has been pointed out how easy it would be for a tyrant to gain control of the U.S., 2nd amendment types have said that "the people" would never allow it. They would rise up and defeat tyranny, and that's why we need to have biggest civilian arsenal in the world. The military, the police, the patriotic folks in power would never, ever raise a weapon to harm a citizen, in fact they would join them in defeating tyranny.

This is an excellent example of the bankruptcy of both of those ideas: First, the "patriots" are on the side of tyranny, and second, those in power are there to maintain power for their superiors, and that's what they'll do, the law be damned.


"We must be dissatisfied until integration of all Americans is not seen as a problem but as an opportunity to participate in the beauty of diversity."


"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness"

There are no exceptions listed.


I went to the protest at San Diego International Airport, and was heartened by the turnout, enthusiasm, and diversity of the crowd protesting.

Was also impressed by support for the protest by those departing baggage claim, inconvenienced by the large raucous crowd, many of whom joined in the chants, and almost all the cars streaming past in support as well. In fact I didn't see a single person visibly not in support.

Given the obvious fascism of Trump and his right wing thuggish Administration, I thought it likely he would demand Executive Branch agencies to ignore the court order for a stay.

This truly is indicative of the deep trouble we are in. Fascism HAS come to the US.



Yeah, you see in the 'world according to Donald' some are a lot more "equal" than others.
The top of his 'equality pyramid' is securely held by wealthy white male racists. The next rung is held by other white males. I still have not figured out the sequence of the folks thereafter.


And let's be honest: When those words were written, wealthy white male was exactly what "man" meant.


DJT with his knee-jerk hubris motivated by the deepest darkest evil has effectively recruited thousands of prospective jihadists to become members of ISIL/ISIS...by targeting adherents of a religion that has more than 1.7 billion followers (22.3% of the world population with Christianity first at 2.2 billion or 31.5%) He and his execution orders (Bannon being the ghost writer and evil magician behind the gold curtains) are insane and throughout history the battle has never been won (how about those Crusades laying waste to entire regions killing and maiming all in their paths).

And laws, in the mind of Satan in a suit, are made to be broken and have never stopped him in the past.


We must not let the constitution or the law by pu... grabbed.


That was 2.5 centuries ago when there was not even a telephone, let alone radio, TV or internet. As much as I am touting for upholding the Constitution in terms separation of powers, that old relic is in dire need of a thorough 'rework'.


How to go about reworking the C is a whole 'nother question. My point was simply that citing "all men are created equal" doesn't necessarily do it for some of us who aren't wealthy white men.


Yes, very true. However, this is a new America, a smarter and more educated America, and a compassionate and diverse America. And that is what will keep America great...Our work is not yet completed and there is still much to do. We will take a stand against this illegitimate administration and we will win...


We're trying.