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Trump Critics Call on Democrats to Heed GOP Rep. Justin Amash's 'Wake-Up Call' and Begin Impeachment Proceedings

Trump Critics Call on Democrats to Heed GOP Rep. Justin Amash's 'Wake-Up Call' and Begin Impeachment Proceedings

Julia Conley, staff writer

Trump critics on Monday pointed to what they said was the latest evidence that congressional Democrats must begin impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump: the fact that the move now has the support of at least one Republican.

Neither Democrats nor Republicans want to read the whole report. Heck, that would take time and they would have to think? All they want is their money for nothing and their chicks for free!


It is VERY RARE when I agree with a rethug BUT…I am on board for this! That insane bass turd needs to go. STAT!!!


Democratic strategy: If your house is on fire, move to the attic.


At this point, failure to begin impeachment proceedings is unconscionable. The excuse made by dimwitted dems that it would be better to wait it out for the next election is no longer tenable. It’s their job to check the power of the executive branch. What might the next administration look like if we ‘look the other way’ at Trump?

Pelosi’s lasting legacy would be smeared with orange egg all over her face.


Earlier today I called his office an thanked him for putting the Constitution before party. Maybe you all would like to do the same? Every good deed needs being recognized :)))


Thanks Barton: That sums everything up so well about the DEMS, : )

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Someone with integrity needs to be recognized.

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“How is it possible that a Republican member of Congress is willing to do more than House Democratic leadership to hold Donald Trump accountable?”

Because they are a bunch of weak, spineless cowards.

Headline should read, “Democrats need to Wake Up!” They’re playing possum on purpose because none of them want to be under any Spotlight. They’ve all became filthy rich illegally and have stolen from all of us. That’s the real deal here. This is why none of these crooks are coming forward. Do they think we don’t know what they’re all about? Hopefully they will all get what they deserve.


The House of Representatives already had enough votes to impeach, so an Amash vote has no intrinsic value.

As we learned during Watergate, bringing Pence and other Trump henchman down needs to be the highest priority prior to taking Trump out.

Republicans may be operating under the illusion that they can weather out Trump and the egregious abuses of his Administration. Some Democrats may feel the same.

But the fight is as much about the future as the present. The erosion and destruction of the rule of law is the harbinger of something much worse. For if one man can so escape the consequences of his actions now- a future leader may feel legitimately empowered to do much worse. Things even more abhorrent and unspeakable.

And, to he clear, the damage this President may cause is hardly done. It is just beginning.

We cannot afford to be Ostriches in the sand. The sand WILL bury us.

Yes they do, thanks.

Our GOP patriot, Amash, has broken the dug in republican glass ceiling. Let’s watch to see if there are any more such patriots.

If Amash had no plans to run for anything except re-election, his move would have been much more credible. As it is, it looks too much like a publicity grab for his 2020 bid, but better that than nothing.