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Trump Cuts Critical Services to Pay for Wealthy Tax Cuts


Trump Cuts Critical Services to Pay for Wealthy Tax Cuts

Frank Clemente

At a recent press conference at the U.S. Capitol, Marta Conner told reporters, “My daughter Caroline is alive because of Medicaid.” Caroline suffers from Rett Syndrome, a rare, debilitating neurodevelopmental disease that prevents her from using her hands, talking, and walking.


Wealth transfer from the 99% to the 1% accelerated when Saint Ron ascended the throne in 1981 and has only gotten worse each year since. The Trump regime's goal is for the 1% to own everything at the expense of the 99% who will be left with nothing.


What would happen in America if Trump and the Repubs got their way with these budget cuts/tax cuts?

I keep thinking about how Trump is an expert at making money with bankruptcy capitalism. Think Trump's casino! Trump and the wealthy would make a pretty penny from this take down of America's economy even if it all went belly up!

All this is happening in the face of climate change and approaching chaos. Grab while the grabbing is good Capitalism?

I just keep wondering at what life would be like in America if Trump and the Repubs have their way? It is like they are expecting economic collapse and view it as an opportunity. Meanwhile if we invested a fraction of the amount Trump would cut and put it into renewables it would create millions of jobs and boost revenues and the economy as a whole and make these cuts unnecessary while increasing profits to the wealthy anyway!



No,No,no--didn't you hear the great Ted Nugent----Now we all have to get along----NOW we have to get along?

These people in the Congress are criminals-they are bought and paid for.

What's scaring Washington right now is the guy that did the shootings in Washington seemed on the normal side.

Chris Hedges points out how at every turn voices on the real left have been silenced through a systematic assault by the corporate elite.

The rich right now,with Trump in the lead,are trying to figure out how they can steal more wealth without people revolting.

Trump who has been pushing HATE and VIOLENCE all through his campaign---and on the Sunday talk shows they in effect are saying that Trump is excluded from this coming together-----it needs to come from Congress---WHAT!--Corporate media conditioning.

The number one fight should be to take corporate money out of politics-----This guy who did these shootings in Washington was a scream in the night! People in this country have the power to make things right-----call out these politicians for what they are doing-----the corporate pay offs need to STOP!
The common people own this country and we need to take it back. Support the COMMONS!.


If Trump phuqs over medicaid and kids like Caroline his expected grandchild should be blessed with the same syndrome Caroline suffers from! What a worthless narcissistic retard we have running this country into the ditch!


Criminal whores! [With apologies to all 'women of the night']