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'Trump Death Clock' Headed to DC on July 4th to Highlight President's Horrific Pandemic Response

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/07/03/trump-death-clock-headed-dc-july-4th-highlight-presidents-horrific-pandemic-response


It would be great if they could project the Trump Death Clock onto Mount Rushmore tonight.


Alongside the “doomsday” clock which is i believe 90 seconds to midnight.


Just like the Occupy movement march in NYC when the shot the 99% on the building from a spot light!


The death Clock does not count nearly enough, and here’s why.

A study at the Columbia University School of Public Health published May 21 found that if Trump had imposed the same control measures (social distancing) two weeks earlier than he did (March 1 instead of March 15), then 82.7% of the 65,284 U.S. DEATHS that occurred by May 3rd would have been avoided. In other words, already by May 3rd 53,990 lives were needlessly lost due to just two weeks worth Trump’s denialism and dawdling. (The study did not examine the possibility that he should have imposed measures even sooner, given that the first case in the U.S. was reported on January 20th.)

Even assuming that March 1 was a reasonable start date and not already irresponsibly late, the cases which would have been averted by not waiting till March 15th (960,937 of them) have continued to spread geometrically. Which means that, over time, the proportion of cases attributable to Trump’s inaction will become increasingly larger. Given that such a vast majority of CASES were avoidable – 84% of 1,144,000 cases by May 3rd were Trump’s – today at least 90% of the total cases and deaths are on him. With over 130,000 deaths in the U.S. right now, that means that Trump personally owns at least 118,000 of them. And counting.

That’s the real news. The editorial part is that he’s a one-man plague, and should be rotting in a cell in the Hague, awaiting trial for a wide range of crimes against humanity.
Links can’t be posted here, so for the Columbia study itself, search for:
Differential Effects of Intervention Timing on COVID-19 Spread in the United States
Authors: Sen Pei, Sasikiran Kandula, Jeffrey Shaman
Department of Environmental Health Sciences,
Mailman School of Public Health, Columbia University

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As of this writing, there were 128,951 total Covid-19 related deaths in the nation.

But-but-but couldn’t there please be 128,952?


Also, show the survivors that are left with dreadful residuals. Recovery doesn’t mean healed or cured. It just means they’re still alive. Show the ones who can’t walk. Or have COPD. Or need supplemental oxygen. The dead are the lucky ones. They’re beyond pain and suffering.


Hi sekhmetsdaughter:
This pandemic—maybe it’s best to compare the Trump !ack of action with the asteroid that took out a chunk of Centra America—and the dinosaurs.
The one good thing? Tiny horses became big, beautiful creatures. Many this time Gaia wi!! change the !arge humans into tiny humans where they can do much less damage.


Just wait until states begin to irresponsibly re-open schools in august and september.

I say irresponsibly because the virus will still be raging, possibly more-so, and contact tracing will still be impossible.

Then the children, the perfect asymptomatic super-spreaders, will spread the virus among themselves, their teachers, their secondary caregivers (AKA grandparents), and their parents - basically the entire society.

The fallout from the schools reopening should reach it’s apex right around election time.


I did not read a conspiracy theory - It just seems that it is becoming more and more obvious to me (and maybe you?), that Trump is purposely killing as many Americans as possible - Doing everything possible to do the opposite of what would save lives - No masks, no spacing, anywhere, especially at any and all large events. Dismantling all task forces health initiatives, created to fight a pandemic, destroying access to PPEs, not testing, demanding a decrease in testing, blocking supplies to states, etc. Purposely opening as many schools, businesses, cities, states as possible as early as possible which is obviously to opposite of what to do to save lives - This isn’t ‘just’ stupidity, it is being too consistently done. Why is he doing it?!? And who is he doing it for?!?


Welcome NYFred3! To what is in my opinion, one of the best Progressive sites on the net ( and I have been on the net since windows 95 ) because of it’s perspicacious and street smart commenters. If you agree with me, please support Common Dreams. The only pejorative ( and it may not be CD’S fault) is like Democracy Now! For some reason they are 9/11 gatekeepers.

Such a good point! Children are the perfect super-spreaders as you described. They are the least likely to die from the virus, their interaction with other kids, their parents, and other providers is imperative, they are, in child fashion, lax in issues of hygiene, get their hands and fingers touching items everywhere, and are full of energy, so likely to contact many others’ environments. I think we’re screwed.

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Being in charge of 150 essential workers I had to quickly develop a COVID-19 safety plan and program in March, prior to any gubmit mandates.

In view of the gubmit’s destructive messaging, the plan and program assume that all 150 employees and everybody they come within 10 yards of is a carrier. Seeing how the gubmit’s mismanagement of COVID-19 has gotten worse, not better, I do not expect to have a need to alter the plan and program prior to my retirement at the end of 2020.

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We Can Protect the Economy From Pandemics. Why Didn’t We?


Excellent article - on the human being !

For some reason, Nathan Wolfe, the Indiana Jones virus hunter, gave up his tenured position at UCLA and ended up working with giant re-insurers to mitigate the economic meltdown which he understood would accompany a pandemic.

Essentially, even though an insurance policy was available before the pandemic - no one bought it.

Reason ?

“Companies are led by humans who suffer from the same failures of sustained imagination as the rest of us - unable to truly internalize the one in 100 year disaster until it arrives on our doorsteps.”

  • Evan Ratliff, WIRED author.

This is fascinatiing stuff, tying right in to Nicholas Taleb’s ‘Black Swan’ book.

And to my own experience on a thousand mountain trips - people in general - they just don’t get it when it comes to threats which require the visceral digesting of uncertain events, an avalanche say.

As I struggle to understand my fellow human beings - these psychological insights are powerful stuff, and I return again to “Planet of the Humans” - in its entirety and especially its psychological insights, in the interview section between Jeff Gibbs and the psychologist Sheldon Solomon circa minute 48 to 50.

Since the human being cannot be changed - we need, as always we have needed, the very few imaginative leaders who have always preserved the tribe.
@raydelcamino @Shantiananda @Atlas

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Just read your link…many likes!

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I get your drift (no pun intended) as i am watching the film “touching the void” based on a true story of two mountaineers climbing the west face of “Siula Grande” in Peru. Scary.

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The mental health experts that have tried to analyze him say he suffers from malignant narcissism. Malignant narcissists have a pathological need to destroy other people’s lives - it’s what they do. This could be part of it; the other part being that he is a sociopath and and literally has no ability to empathize. The two conditions combined are very dangerous, and then there is his fascist tendencies which just add fuel to the fire.

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I could always run away and hide before.

Now - there`s no where to run to.

So one turns and fights.

Elon Musk and his ilk are assholes. Trump and his ilk - words haven`t been invented to describe - yet.

Val Kilmer has an auto out - who gives a flying f*** about his escapades - (too many unfortunately).

We scientists and intellectuals are the modern day druids - Carlos Castanedas men of knowledge(A Separate Reality) - the Greeks Cassandras and the like…

Some of us can`t stand being just intellectual, and so we climb mountains and the like.

The wild eyed dreamers - the people like Ralph Nader - who has yet to drive a car I understand - are the very epitome of the road to hell is paved with good intentions, and that includes Bernie Sanders.

No - we need, absolutely need, people leading who lead to win.

Andrew Cuomo is such a leader - as hard as nails but smart.

If your system was functional, which it is not - he would be your next President.

Here in Canada, and infantile Trudeau is being guided by unseen forces in our version of your Democratic Party.

We don`t need to re-build - what is gone was never necessary.

We need to prioritize - work only in essential services.

Come on down and work with the masses, John Gofman`s peons, and burn your bridges behind you, and absolutely magical things will begin to happen.

The managerial class is a joke - and a bad one at that.

I could go on - you understand.

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I actually saw Joe Simpson at the Banff Mountain festival years back. He maintained even then that he didn`t fault Simon Yates for cutting the rope !

Yea right !

When the shit hits the fan men emerge - or not.

No - it’s not logical.

You know what - life is not logical. Reason is only sometimes useful.

It’s not that Trump is unreasonable, doesn’t know really anything about anything.

The problem is that people who support him are so easily damaged that they can no longer read a face.

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The one silver lining here is that it makes it so much easier to spot stupid people. Uh, duh, the president don’t wear no mask so I don’t neither. Sorry to make fun of you “freedom lovers”…no, not sorry.