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'Trump Death Clock' Headed to DC on July 4th to Highlight President's Horrific Pandemic Response

I agree with Seamonster about that. The problem with such comparative-future tallies is always: compared to what? UK has now decided (along with the EU) to quarantine travelers from USA – but UK is in the middle of a very fat tail, even a stubborn plateau of their own miserable failure to contain the microbe. Compared to mere public-health competence such as South Korea or New Zealand have demonstrated, nearly all USA COVID-19 deaths are unnecessary.

A brief history of USA COVID-19 cases (latest CDC numbers):

> WEEK    28 DAYS             CASES
>         ENDING          NEW       TOTAL
>   4.  02/14/2020          13          13
>   8.  03/13/2020       1,883       1,896
>  12.  04/10/2020     490,520     492,416
>  16.  05/08/2020     781,620   1,274,036
>  20.  06/05/2020     617,654   1,891,690
>  24.  07/03/2020     892,762   2,784,452

The final four-week interval of this frame races toward a million new cases per month, now that daily new cases has stuck above 50K three days in a row. The final interval will be the peak of our outbreak, ahead of all other world outbreaks, for the foreseeable. The following shows USA’s new-case rate striding firmly ahead of Brazil’s (with India and Russia filling out the four worst national outbreaks):


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That’s true. I know one of his “followers” who acts in exactly the same way. Professes to be a “genius” at everything but knows nothing except the delusions he embraces. And blames everything on others when things go wrong. Psychopaths.

I think i’ll give mountaineering a miss though. I did once climb to the top of this:

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And here in Spain 200,000 are back in lockdown in Catalonia due to an outbreak. Sigh.

“and then there is his fascist tendencies which just add fuel to the fire.”


Yes I do.

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That’s a nice looking mountain wings ! I have J.M. Synge’s “The Aran Islands” (1907), a small treasure, as I am half Irish.

There are some beautiful mountains in Spain - maybe one with your name on it ?

I was reviewing my copy of Yuval Noah Harari’s “Sapiens - A brief history of mankind” (2014). Chapter 16 is a review of our capitalist system and its origins. If you combine this chapter with Ronald Wright’s assertion that the Columbian Age, as he calls it, was the powerful propellant which enabled the world we now inhabit - it all falls into place.

The New World was pillaged and plundered and colonized by the many and varied powers in Europe, along with India, Africa, Indonesia etc… This allowed ‘growth’ in the sense that that we co-opted all ‘their’ solar powered wealth and brought it ‘home’.

With this new stolen wealth we then invented the Renaissance and the Enlightenment and the Industrial Revolution, which then co-opted stored solar power in the form of fossil fuels.

But we have been living on borrowed time so to speak, as there are a lot of peoples not overly fond of us, and the fossil fuels and all other natural resources are finite and will definitely run out.

We might find more resources in space - metals and the like, solar power with a Dyson sphere, or perfect fusion - but that will also not work unless we take care on our nest, which is now overcrowded almost beyond belief, which is why the virus is here with others to follow, and we are leaving the natural world destitute of naturalness (sixth extinction type thing).

Unless you buy in to Ray Kurzweil’s ‘coming singularity’, wherein we merge with AI - this will never work, and for the record, merging with AI is not appealing in any sense that I can conceive of. We would be extinct if this singularity comes to be, and extinct unless we learn - not to control nature - but our very own selves - as Rachel Carson so poignantly asserted (see end of Planet of the Humans).

We need to prioritize. Not ‘have it all !’

PS: The big trading companies which came to be to exploit the world following 1492 effectively merged with the big governments of the day until they were almost indistinguishable. So this predates the modern era of oligarchy by centuries. It’s just details now. That’s obviously what Smedley Butler came to see so clearly.

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