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Trump Declares He Is 'Counting on the Federal Court System' to Declare Winner on Election Night—Before Many Ballots Are Tallied

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/21/trump-declares-he-counting-federal-court-system-declare-winner-election-night-many

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This entire corrupted, rotted system has led us to this point. Blame Trump if you like, but he is simply the result of Democrat’s power grab and ignoring of the needs and desires of the mass of the population in favor of the privileged minority they so love. Either you at least attempt to solve the our real problems or prepare to see someone like Trump in the high seat with all the hate, fear and repression that means.


Surprised? Me neither.

From Neil J. Smith:

Donald Trump is an utterly despicable human being but, far worse, his base is more so–the deplorables of whom Hillary Clinton chides. They are far more vulgar than he is because they willingly encourage him in his perversity, enable him, and they know exactly how shameless he is and wish to be no less perverse themselves.[emphasis mine]


And the entirety of the Selected GOP (and in the state system some Elected too) judges will enthusiastically go along with this.

BEHOLD today’s GOP.

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It’s very troubling to see feckless comments like yours on every article documenting Trump’s fascist, dictatorial tendencies.
The agenda of these comments is always to say nothing bad about Trump, the GOP and the Trump cult…and to slag Democrats.
Not only are the comments factually inaccurate, they deliberately deflect attention from the dire existential threat Trump poses to what little is left of our democracy.
Why would anyone who claims to be a progressive post comments that serve only to boost Trump and demean those trying to put him out of office?


My only hope is that all this will amount to the end of a T-Rex dinosaur called The American Business Party—the beast with 2 right wings, under which lies the shadow we call democracy. GET OFF YOUR ASS AND VOTE, NOW OR NEVER: MAKE IT COUNT WHATEVER IT TAKES. Please.


if we didn’t have the recent capitulation of the Democrats that allowed a judicial coup to stop the vote count(a blatant and illegal overstep of their authority) allowing an un-elected person take the reins of power(Gore v Bush) --the action that showed the Republicans that they could role over the Democrats WITHOUT any repercussions --an action that led to the stopping of an Obama nominee and the appointment of a right wing corporate hack by Trump–do I think the Democrats will find their backbones and fight–can you say FAT CHANCE–
that said -I sincerely hope I’m wrong


If we think there will be chaos from this, perhaps we should be putting more thought into the potential for
disaster for the US and around the world that is a near certainly unless between now and November 3rd,some pariot with a spine lays bare the foolhardiness of trying to force into the Presidential office
a man who anyone of reasonable intelligence would realize has significant dementia, that
it affects his ability to communicate, his ability to think, and theappropriateness of his behavior and
remarks in all settings, and he is wholly ill-equipped to make major decisions, particular involving
weaponry, to get annoyed and blurt out at some mannered world leader that he/she is “a dog-faced pony soldier” or " I don’t work for you"… And that’s to say nothing about all the entanglements with China’s
government that were formed as soon as he was designated ‘point person’ for Chinese policy by Obama…
This is NOT rocket science surely.- that you want your head of state to be able to think clearly and have some judgment, and to be able to communnicate without a teleprompter. And sooner or later he loses it
with some foreign highly-placed guy/gal, blurts out some absurd concession or promise to that person.
Then I guess we think ‘gee, maybe we should have given some thought to whether he was ‘eligible’ to
serve as President’ - and surely there is a real issue there -whether a person significantly and obviously
in decline,with a previous intracranial bleed as well - is MENTALLY CAPABLE of - "eligible’ of competently filling the office. Before he was voted in - not after the disaster has occurred.


I think we’re going to see LOTS more victim blaming, straw-manning & pearl-clutching by those who’re going to benefit financially (as they did when Robby, Debbie & John installed Trump) while our empire gets gnawed-out from the inside? The same poster descrying profit driven “healthcare” trolling factual assessment of who just crushed Jayapal & Sanders’ plans (popular with MANY demographics and demonstrated to be as pragmatic as rectification of AGW). Funny how they still use David Brock’s “Correct The Record” IDs, like 2016? DNC’s blatantly TRYING to lose, yet again. Just don’t say it!

~https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2020/09/ilargi-why-trump-will-win.html (Yves’ commentariate needs COFFEE!)

~https://sirota.substack.com/p/where-is-bidens-ground-game (if we speak any obvious truth, we MUST be trolls?)


~https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2020/09/why-covid-19-more-deadly-people-obesity-even-if-theyre-young (if’n Trump luv’d him Murika ‘n baby Jesis, we’d see moar YOOJ ass indoor mouth-breathing pig-squealin’ FREEDUM rallies?)


Indeed as the American people see before them two individuals vying for the highest office in the land who have trouble putting together two sentences [if not one] in an intelligent and coherent manner.

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No one that supports the Republican party on this site can be deemed a progressive.

No one that supports the Democratic party on this site can be deemed a progressive.

Both are right wing parties. The Democrats in fact are more successful at countering the left and progressive politics because far too many on the left think the Democrats will represent them. How far left did the Democrats move after Hilary Lost to Trump? They doubled down and picked Biden who even more Corporate friendly then was Hilary. Progress in the USA will not be made just be getting rid of Trump as the Obama Presidency demonstrated. The rot that is the DNC has to be cut away as well and it not “right wing” to suggest as much.

Your comment is very much like the mainstream media at the dawn of the Iraq war where they claimed anyone that did not believe the official version of 9/11 or that Iraq did not have WMDS were on Saddams payroll.


It is becoming clearer with each passing day that the Trump administration and its supporters in Congress, the government bureaucracy and certain state capitals do not intend to let all eligible voters in the US vote in the November presidential elections. They are tampering with the mail, lying about mail-in ballots, practicing various types of voter suppression, and generally laying the foundation for a rejection of any outcome that does not give Donald Trump a popular and electoral victory.

Understanding the high stakes involved, it is time for those in the US to act. It is imperative we protest in the streets if Trump attempts to steal the 2020 election and stay in power. The 2000 election stolen by George Bush showed the limitations of a purely legal strategy which the Democrats unsuccessfully used.


If Donald Trump rejects the results of the November 3, 2020 election in any manner, and/or if he refuses to leave the White House–we call on people around the nation to gather at their local Federal Building, their parks and town squares, their campus greens and auditoriums, their churches and their schools and protest until Donald Trump and his administration leaves. We also call for a simultaneous protest and occupation of the National Mall in Washington, DC.

We should also begin now to prepare for a General Strike in case this violation of democracy occurs. In a general strike, workers go on strike and stop all production and distribution and then produce for general distribution, essential goods and services.


Hilarious, is that the best you have? Your blindness is only exceeded by your ignorance. To nominate, a term used loosely at best as the primaries were rigged, a dementia challenged candidate offering nothing but more of the same and then crying because a fascist like Trump is seriously challenging him shows total disrespect for the electorate and lack of understanding of the seriousness of what we face. More of the same is not going to work.


I would question whether the real risk to our democracy is Trump or the manipulative democrat party. The track of both is dismal at best.


I was working in Florida’s panhandle when Shrub stole the election. We were marching in NYC when Chelsea called us “jihadists” “commies” and traitors to Poppy Bush’s opium, oil & oligarchy war. These exact same 0.1% neoConfederate SKDK/ Mark Penn/ Hill+Knowlton/ Berman trolls have been spewing the exact same, CRUSH the victim agitprop, since Edward Bernays (Goebbels copied Hess, who applied it to Hitler’s rants). To those of us who grew up writing ads (tiki) Freedom Torches seemed vaguely familiar. Here in NYC, the superdelegates returned this weekend, in their Maybachs, Teslas & Maserati’s; so I’m wondering, who’s house-sitting their NY pied-à-terre, until they’ve reinstalled Trump? We’ve ~65K miracuously “vacant” apartments & homes to flip?


Yes that tactic is right out of Bernays. It was used to great effect in WW1 where any that protested US entry into that war were claimed to be traitors and German agents. This was exactly what the Government hired Bernays to do. It is very undemocratic and intended to divorce peoples from their conscience and is one of the things at the heart of the decay of Democracy and the trend towards Fascism.


…while distracting from the obscene profits these very folks’ progenitors were openly reaping from supplying the Central Powers on remarkably untouched, and pretty busy rail lines (like Ford, GM, etc. continued first Hitler & Tojo, then Stalin, throughout the FIRST McCarthy charade). Trolls in 5… 4… 3…


Precisely. The game is for them to protect the status quo through whatever means necessary so that the 1 percent can acquire ever more wealth and power. They will not be happy until the entire Earth and all of its life is deemed the “Private Property” of a small handful of peoples. No one deeming themselves a progressive should ever attack a person who is challenging that.


The Democrats don’t fight because they like it when the Republicans win. That way they can give the rich Americans they represent what they want but still tell the poor Americans that vote for them that they are trying their best. That works until you give them Obama with large majorities in congress and then they just bring out the propaganda machine …and the police


“This is an open admission that Trump hopes to use the Supreme Court to steal the election,” added Beyer.

The precedent was set when the SCOTUS did it for Bush, so no doubt Trump knows they will do it again!