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Trump Declares He Is 'Counting on the Federal Court System' to Declare Winner on Election Night—Before Many Ballots Are Tallied

Agreed. As the late writer Gore Vidal observed the Democrats and the Republicans are wings of the same party and that would be the Property Party as well as the War Party.


Any political movement that the oligarchs see as a potential threat to their wealth is always demonized. What the Communists did in Cuba where the economic, elite lost untold billions of $$$$$$$$ to the Communists has them scared to death. Probably one reason JFK was assassinated when he curtailed the CIA’s bay of pigs invasion.


Can you IMAGINE, our K Street trolls… trying to get through Vidal, James Baldwin, Izzy Stone, or Octavia Butler… without their heads simply exploding? I’d mentioned, our watching “Idiocracy,” yet again, this weekend… right? Sorry! Trolls?





Wow, suddenly the rush to replace Ginsberg before her body is even in the ground makes sense – make it impossible to prevent a SCOTUS ruling adverse to Trump. Certainly McConnell and the rest of the criminal senate will think this is just smart politics. If the Justices have any character left they will refuse to make a ruling, if at all, until all the votes are counted. In the Gore v. Bush case, the court ruled in essence that the date of the inauguration was more important than counting all the votes. I’m not sure the republicans on the court, except for Thomas, are so ideological that they would call an election prematurely when there is plenty of time to count the votes before the inauguration.

And the most deplorable of all are to me…is the hypocritical, evangelical, Bible Trumpers They claim to believe in the 10 Commandments and Trump who they worship has broken most of them from lying to Adultery with porn stars yet the epitome of hypocrisy! Never a peep!



I’m thinking, we should delay selection of any Justices until we empty-out DC & environs, then announce: “the eating of homonid brains with pickle forks makes you WEALTHY and gets ugly, stupid people laid?” I’ll supply the forks and option all streaming rights & residuals.

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" Trump Says He Is ‘Counting on the Federal Court System’ to Declare Winner on Election Night"

So what?

It’s just a selfish wish.
True, Trump’s pumping adrenaline into the heads of the Cult, and it’ll get noisey, but…

It matters how the MSM reacts.

"New York magazine’s Ed Kilgore has argued that any effort by the president to falsely declare victory on Election Night will depend on media outlets echoing and failing to adequately debunk his “bogus claims.”

“Challenging the lies at the very point of utterance,” Kilgore wrote earlier this month, “will be essential to stopping them from developing into a contested election and possibly a constitutional crisis.”

Agreed. We need also to prepare for total, rolling, non cooperation.


There was a time in human history when people like DT were identified as obvious threats to human health and safety - and thus taken out of harm’s way.

My fantasy when he was actually still around was Gore Vidal as Prez, with Noam Chomsky as the VP.

America could have actually attempted being a functional democracy.


This is the kind of comment a trump troll makes. Biden may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, but he has Kamala Harris and the rest of his cabinet to help him make decisions. Anyone with any common decency and sense that hasn’t been asleep for the past almost four years can see we can’t afford four more years of trump and his bunch of lawless henchmen. Four more years of him and say goodbye to the environment, endangered species, Social Security, the Postal Service, etc. and say hello to more misery for millions of Americans while the rich get richer.

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Qualities I’m looking for in the high seat.

What I worry about most is that the fascists are already organizing armed gangs to storm county election offices no later than the afternoon of November 4, forcing the workers to flee and stopping the counting until the Supreme court steps in and declares Trump the winner. We already know how well this works from Palm Beach County in 2000 - and that Izod-and khaki gang knocking the doors down was not even armed!

The county election officials will make frantic calls to the police of course, but the police will stand passively by and do nothing. Cops, after all, practically to a person, are Trump-loving armed fascists too.

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Yeah, sure, and Paul von Hindenburg and Adolf Hitler were the same too! You are just a fellow traveler propagandist for fascism - and you are not even a USAn. Please keep you conspiratorial lunatic nonsense on your side of the 49th.

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People keep forgetting he’s an old friend of the Clintons. Former president Bill Clinton admitted that he gave his run his blessing. They likely thought he would the the ideal candidate to run against Hillary “its Her Turn”

This shole situation stinks to high heaven.

I have reread the posting guidelines (~https://www.commondreams.org/commons-community-guidelines), and I don’t see how you can view anything that @SuspiraDeProfundis has written on this thread (or any other post that I have seen anyway) as violating those guidelines so it should be beneath you to suggest someone not feel free to post here regardless of what country they currently reside in (especially as we all agree that the US has a very outsized influence in the global sphere).

Now there is an Always Be Civil portion of the guidelines which as I read it falls under “These are not hard and fast rules, merely aids to the human judgment of our community”. I admit I’m guilty of this one sometimes - they don’t seem to want profanity though I’ve gotten used to using it. I suppose I could try harder. So I’m not going to be critical of Suspira for using it, I’m just going to to point out that the guidelines are there.

This site isn’t perfect, but I’ve looked at a dozen or so sites that feature political stories and this one is be far the best I’ve come across as far as the comment section goes. I hope we can keep it that way.

Note: There are a few “hard and fast rules” implied in this link:

  1. Don’t make personal attacks on authors of the articles (I try to avoid this one)

  2. Don’t post under multiple screen names (easy to follow as you are a dishonest jerk to do otherwise)

  3. Don’t use other people’s property

This one is unclear to me - I still copy paste relatively short sections of text from various sources without thinking about it - I assume that was fair use (posting half the article would not be). I’d be curious if @dpearl had a take on this rule.

On the general attitude of many posters here getting upset about expression of anti-Biden sentiment, I suggest they consider:

a) This site doesn’t have that many readers - it’s not like anything anyone says here is going to sway a national election.

b) People do have freedom to vote for whoever they want - if someone reads some information (even if I think it is false) about Biden that changes their mind and they decide to not vote for him when they would have otherwise, so be it. I’d rather Biden lose than live in a country where people don’t have free agency.

I personally did change my mind on Biden a little. From the beginning I was a never-Biden, never-Bloomberg voter. After seeing a few persuasive pieces that it’s better to be a maybe-Biden voter and encourage Biden to move left, I decided to do that (and make support of M4A my sole condition). I tried hard to get some interest here and contacted as many well known people as I could think of, but no luck.

I have no problem with people putting forth arguments of voting for Biden and many people I respect greatly like Zephyr Teachout are critical of Biden but will vote for him (she’s in NY, so I don’t know why she needs to). Likewise, I heard an argument that one thing you can say about Biden by Samuel Moyn that I found persuasive at ~https://youtu.be/9HSNaHA9tQ0 that I might consider if I lived in a swing state. He says one thing you can say about Biden is he tends to follow the center of the party and there at least some moves of the center to the left (yes, I’m not overly impressed yet).

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In a forum like this I think that part of the guidelines mainly means that you should not pass someone else’s copyrighted work off as your own. In particular, quoting someone at the level we all do here is fine with attribution.


You are, with all due respect, behind the times as this is already happening. Farron Cousins at Ring of Fire had a story today where people were blocking other people at Fairfax, Va. from voting at the polls. As Cousins advised, if those thugs ask you if you are registered to vote or if you are an American citizen then give them a wide berth by walking around them as you are not obliged to answer their questions. If they persist in trying to stop you from exercising your constitutional rights then call the police on them.

This is simply evidence that Trump’s loyal supporters are not even trying to disguise what they are doing which is why international observers should be at voting stations along with the police in order to record what is going on. But it would appear that according to Trump the rule of law does not apply to situations like this.

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It appears that he thinks that it is the Republicans who should only be condemned and not the corporate and militant Democrats. And that type of thinking is fallacious and seriously misguided.