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Trump Declares ‘Mission Accomplished’ on Syria Attacks — But Whose Mission?


Trump Declares ‘Mission Accomplished’ on Syria Attacks — But Whose Mission?

Andrew Bacevich

As a novice candidate for high office, Donald Trump spelled out his views on war with admirable clarity. The smart approach, he insisted, is to use maximum force in order to win quickly. If victory fails to materialize, then you cut your losses and get out. The last thing you want to do is to get bogged down in long, drawn-out, indecisive armed conflicts.


His mission of baiting the neo-liberals into another mental breakdown. Nobody can piss off a neo-liberal faster or harder then the Orange Nightmare. It is one of his true joys.

To be honest, and I simply hate the man, but it cracks me up too. How much false indignation can a person handle in one lifetime.


Obviously, the Deep State and their neoliberal and neocon friends.


It’s obvious that if a major catastrophe wiped out the District of Columbia while all of the politicians were present there that the swamp would be restocked rapidly by equally unfit criminals. In the never ending battle the people are losing ground with every passing hour, mostly subtle and ignored but highly effective.


Normally love what you write, Andrew. And most of this is spot on.

But this quote is questionable: “As if channeling Graham, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad then moved quickly to preempt any possible US disengagement. Just days after Trump announced his interest in allowing Syria to become someone else’s problem, Assad’s forces conducted a vicious attack, allegedly using chemical weapons, that killed dozens of civilians in the Syrian city of Douma.”

Doubtful that Assad actually “conducted a vicious attack.” More likely someone we paid. Call me cynical. At least you used “allegedly” concerning the chemicals, which is supposedly the whole reason we’re shocked, I tell you shocked! So we send in bombs to kill more civilians.

Assad would not be timing these things the way he is, even if he was considering it. And remember, he used to be an ally.